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Paper: Kinematics of Gas in the Milky Way Halo
Volume: 331, Extra-Planar Gas
Page: 49
Authors: de Boer, K.S.
Abstract: The kinematics of gas seen at larger galactic latitudes is reviewed. The systematics of the radial motions are presented along with simple experiments, and from this combination one can conclude that overall the halo gas is falling onto the Milky Way (MW). Gas in the halo of the MW has various possible origins. These included thus far the "galactic fountain" and the accretion from intergalactic space and from cannibalized Dwarf Galaxies. A recently quantified new source of infalling gas is the mass shed by red-giant stars in the halo. The method to derive its size is presented. The total infall rate (or mass flux) from RG mass loss occurring at |z| > 1 kpc is ≈ 7 · 10−5 MSolar kpc−2 yr−1. This material enters the halo at small vertical and small rotation velocity.
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