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Paper: The Ionized Component of Intermediate-Velocity Cloud Complex L
Volume: 331, Extra-Planar Gas
Page: 25
Authors: Haffner, L.M.
Abstract: We present the first full map of the Hα emission from the intermediate- velocity cloud Complex L. Kinematically resolved emission components from the ionized gas reveal a close spatial and velocity correspondence to that of the neutral gas as mapped by 21 cm line observations. Using a simple Gaussian component fitting technique, we compare the details of the emission from the two phases of Complex L. The mean velocity of the Hα and 21 cm emission are strongly correlated, but we find that some of the ionized gas is systematically offset (~ −4 km s−1) relative to the neutral gas. Line widths are qualitatively comparable, but both emission components are too low signal-to-noise to study any differences between the phases. Finally, as with our previous study toward Complex K, we find I is not strongly correlated to NH I along the same lines-of-sight through Complex L.
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