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Paper: Integrating Radio Physics Projects into Education: INSPIRE and Radio JOVE
Volume: 319, NASA Office of Space Science Education and Public Outreach Conference
Page: 397
Authors: Taylor, W.W.L.; Thieman, J.R.
Abstract: INSPIRE and Radio JOVE are scientific and educational projects whose objectives are to bring the excitement of building kits and observing radio waves to students. INSPIRE radios observe natural and manmade radio waves in the Very Low Frequency (VLF, audio) region and Radio JOVE radios observe 20 MHz radio waves from Jupiter and the Sun. Underlying these objectives is the conviction that science, mathematics and technology are the underpinnings of our modern society and that only with an understanding of science, mathematics and technology can people make correct decisions in their lives, public, professional, and private. Stimulating students to learn and understand science, mathematics and technology is key to them fulfilling their potential in the best interests of our society.
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