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Paper: Observations of localized NiII emission in M82: Evidence for supernovae activity in the molecular cloud east of the nucleus
Volume: 73, Airborne Astronomy Symposium on the Galactic Ecosystem: From Gas to Stars to Dust
Page: 437
Authors: Rank, David M.; Temi, Pasquale; Bregman, Jesse D.; Dunham, Edward W.; Harker, David
Abstract: Narrow band images of M82 at wavelengths of 6.63 microns (NiII) and 6.8 microns (continuum) are discussed in terms of new evidence for supernova activity in the nuclear region of the M82 starburst galaxy. Data were recorded using a 128x128 Si:Ga array in an infrared camera on the KAO Southern Expedition in April '94.
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