Title: Blazar Variability Workshop II: Entering the GLAST Era
Volume: 350 Year: 2006 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Miller, H.R.; Marshall, K.; Webb, J.R.; Aller, M.F.
ISBN: 1-58381-218-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-284-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 350 Cover Miller, H.R.; Marshall, K.; Webb, J.R.; Aller, M.F.
Front Matter   
Volume 350 Front Matter 1 Miller, H.R.; Marshall, K.; Webb, J.R.; Aller, M.F.
Part 1.
Multifrequency Observations
Multifrequency Variability of Blazars: 25 Years and Counting! 3 Webb, J.R.
Multiwavelength Observations of 3C 66A in 2003-2004 8 Boettcher, M.
Modeling the SED and Variability of 3C 66A in 2003/2004 14 Joshi, M.; Boettcher, M.
Analysis of Simultaneous Observations of the BL Lac Object PG 1553+11 in the Radio, Optical, and X-ray Regimes 18 Osterman, M.A.; Miller, H.R.; Marshall, K.; Aller, H.; Aller, M.; Fried, R.; Kurtanidze, O.; Tornikoski, M.
Part 2. Radio — X-ray Monitoring   
Radio-Band Observations of Blazar Variability 25 Aller, M.F.; Aller, H.D.; Hughes, P.A.
Blazar Optical Variability: Past, Present and Future 33 Miller, H.R.
Variable Sources in Active Galactic Nuclei 41 Hagen-Thorn, V.A.
The Next Outburst of OJ 287 47 Nilsson, K.; Tokalo, L.O.; Sillanpaae, A.; Ciprini, S.
Characterizing X-ray Variability Processes in AGN 51 Markowitz, A.
Multicolor Microvariability in S5 0716+714 in 2003 55 Carini, M.
Long Term X-ray Variability of Markarian 509 59 Marshall, K.; Miller, H.R.
Optical Variability of the Blazar PKS 2155-304 63 Ryle, W.T.; Osterman, M.A.; Miller, H.R.
An Investigation of Intermediate Mass Black Hole Candidates 67 Sadun, A.; Boltwood, P.; Rimmer, P.; Ghosh, K.
Optical Variability of BL Lac: is it Redder-when-Fainter? 71 Benitez, E.; Ramirez, A.
Optical Monitoring of PKS 2155-304 During August-September 2004 with the KVA Telescope 75 Ciprini, S.; Lindfors, E.; Nilsson, K.; Ostorero, L.
FUI-NSF Correlative Study Progress Report: Microvariability and Short Term Variations in Blazars 79 Azarnia, G.; Webb, J.; Velazquez, H.
The Western Kentucky University Blazar Monitoring Program: The First Four Years 82 Walters, R.; Barnaby, D.; Carini, M.
High-energy Variability of Blazars 86 Sambruna, R.M.
Long Timescale X-ray Variability of 3C 273: Similarity to Seyfert Galaxies and Galactic Binary Systems 94 McHardy, I.
Blazars and the Emerging AGN/Black Hole X-ray Binary Paradigm 98 Uttley, P.
Part 3.
Gamma-ray Observations
Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei with Ground-Based Cherenkov Telescopes 105 Krawczynski, H.
Blazar Variability: A Gamma-ray Perspective 113 Thompson, D.J.
New Blazar Detections at MeV Energies by COMPTEL 120 Collmar, W.
Decelerating Flows in TeV Blazars: A Resolution to the BL Lacertae-FR I Unification Problem 124 Kazanas, D.; Georganopoulos, M.
Broadband Properties of Candidate Blazar Counterparts of Unidentified EGRET Sources 128 Bloom, S.D.
Blazar Observations with VERITAS 131 Horan, D.; de la Calle-Perez I.
Part 4.
Blazar Jets
Structure and Evolution of Blazar Jets: Recent Results from VLBI Surveys 139 Lister, M.L.
Fine-Scale Structure of Blazars 145 Kovalev, Y.Y.
Jet Kinematics of AGNs at High Radio Frequencies 149 Jorstad, S.G.; Marscher, A.P.; Lister, M.L.; Stirling, A.M.; Cawthorne, T.V.; Gomez, J.L.; Gear, W.K.; Stevens, J.A.; Robson, E.I.; Smith, P.S.; Forster, J.R.
Probing the Compact Jets of Blazars with Light Curves, Images, and Polarization 155 Marscher, A.P.
Confirmation of Apparent Speeds Exceeding 25c in the Jets of Three EGRET Blazars 163 Piner, B.G.; Bhattarai, D.; Edwards, P.G.; Jones, D.L.
Part 5.
Disk-Jet Connection 169 Vlahakis, N.
How is the Blazar GeV Emission Really Produced? 178 Georganopoulos, M.; Perlman, E.S.; Kazanas, D.; Wingert, B.
Accrection Disks, Jets and Blazar Variability 183 Wiita, P.J.
Intrinsic Curvature in the X-ray Spectra of BL Lac Objects 191 Perlman, E.S.; Daugherty, T.; Georganopoulos, M.; Koratkar, A.; Madejski, G.; Andersson, K.; Krolik, J.; Rector, T.; Stocke, J.T.; Wagner, S.; Aller, M.; Aller, H.; Allen, M.G.
Magnetically Dominated Jets and Accretion Flows 195 Meier, D.L.; Nakamura, M.
Stability and Structure in Astrophysical Jets 205 Hardee, P.E.
Part 6.
Future Missions
High Energy Observations of Blazars: the Future 215 Madejski, G.M.; Sikora, M.
QSO Astrophysics with the Space Interferometry Mission 225 Londish, D.; Wehrle, A.E.; Unwin, S.C.; Jones, D.L.; Meier, D.L.; Piner, B.G.
The Capabilities of the GLAST LAT for Studies of Blazar Variability 229 McEnery, J.
Back Matter   
Volume 350 Back Matter 233 Miller, H.R.; Marshall, K.; Webb, J.R.; Aller, M.F.