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Paper: Long Term X-ray Variability of Markarian 509
Volume: 350, Blazar Variability Workshop II: Entering the GLAST Era
Page: 59
Authors: Marshall, K.; Miller, H.R.
Abstract: We present the results of a long-term X-ray monitoring campaign of the Seyfert 1 galaxy Markarian 509, using the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer. Mkn 509 has been observed every 3 days for roughly 2 years, and shows significant variability at X-ray wavelengths. A detailed analysis of variability properties is given, including fractional variability, structure function, and the power density spectrum. Comparisons are drawn between the X-ray variability of Mkn 509 and the variability of other galaxies such as 3C 120 and Akn 120. Conclusions are drawn regarding the nature of variability in these objects, and the relation with black hole mass and accretion rate.
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