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Paper: Modeling the SED and Variability of 3C 66A in 2003/2004
Volume: 350, Blazar Variability Workshop II: Entering the GLAST Era
Page: 14
Authors: Joshi, M.; Boettcher, M.
Abstract: The BL Lac object 3C 66A was the target of an intensive multiwavelength campaign in 2003/2004. As a result of this campaign, detailed, simultaneous radio – X-ray spectral energy distributions were measured, and a possible indication for optical spectral variability, reminiscent of spectral hysterisis, was reported. Here, we use a time-dependent leptonic jet model to reproduce the SED, with the aim of modelling, in the near future, simultaneously the SED and optical spectral variability observed during our multiwavelength campaign and arriving at predictions concerning potentially observable X-ray spectral variability and gamma-ray emission.
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