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Paper: Analysis of Simultaneous Observations of the BL Lac Object PG 1553+11 in the Radio, Optical, and X-ray Regimes
Volume: 350, Blazar Variability Workshop II: Entering the GLAST Era
Page: 18
Authors: Osterman, M.A.; Miller, H.R.; Marshall, K.; Aller, H.; Aller, M.; Fried, R.; Kurtanidze, O.; Tornikoski, M.
Abstract: PG 1553+11 was the target of a multi-wavelength campaign covering about three weeks during April and May of 2003. The radio observations were obtained at 37 GHz at the Metsahovi Radio Observatory in Finland and at 14.5 GHz at the University of Michigan (UMRAO). Optical (R and B band) observations were obtained at the Abastumani Observatory in Georgia and at Braeside and Lowell Observatories in Arizona. The X-ray observations were performed with RXTE. We present the results from our multi-frequency campaign and attempt to constrain various models for blazars, e.g. shock in jet, synchrotron self-Compton, external Compton, etc.
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