Title: Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VIII
Volume: 501 Year: 2015 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Brian P. Abbott

American Museum of Natural History, New York, United States 7–12 July 2013

For millennia, the night sky has provided continuity to the ancient cultures of our forebears. Although the star-filled night sky has largely disappeared for most of us in this age of electricity, advancements in science and technology have sustained astronomy as a unifying force in our imagination. The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena (INSAP) examines how astronomy influences past and present cultures. The conference brought together experts in art, architecture, music, literature, history, and archeology, who investigate the role astronomy plays in their fields of study. INSAP participants approach these topics from a variety of directions. Some are moved to explore the minds of historical artists or scientists. Others are inspired to create original works of art, music, or literature. Still others explore relationships between these topics through science and visualization.INSAP VIII, City of Stars, brought together people who study astronomy's influence on topics as diverse as Shapley and Superman, Petra and Padua, and calendars and cathedrals. This volume demonstrates that astronomy has been, and remains, an important part of our culture, and that it enriches our heritage and experience on earth.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Book Cover
Front Matter   
Front Matter 1 Brian P. Abbott
Part I. Art   
Blinded: Modern Art, Astronomy, and the Lost Sky 3 Wells, G.
The Solar Eclipse Mural Series by Howard Russell Butler 13 Pasachoff, J. M.; Olson, R. J. M.
Landscape by Moonlight: Peter Paul Rubens and Astronomy 21 Mendillo, M.
Stars on the Ceiling 31 Krupp, E. C.
Edwin Austin Abbey's The Passage of the Hours: Astronomy as History 43 Ricci, P. L.
Astronomical Dating of Monet's Paintings on the Normandy Coast 57 Olson, D. W.
The Story Behind Asteroid 14060 Patersonewen 67 Hatch, J. G.
Edward Burne-Jones' Heavenly Conception: A Biblical Cosmos 75 Cheney, L. D. G.
Part II. Architecture   
Homage to Our Hosts: The Rose Center for Earth and Space 87 Miller, N.
Astronomy, Community, and Modern Calendar Buildings 97 Campion, N.
Cosmological Symbolism in the Decorative Cycles of Mid-Byzantine Churches 103 Shrimplin, V.
Part III. Music   
Inspiration Today: Music, Astronomy, and Popular Culture 115 Fraknoi, A.
Pleiades Visions 127 Whitehouse, M.
Part IV. Literature   
A Starry Diamond in a Veil of Light: Artistic and Literary Suggestions of a Comet 133 Gasperini, A.; Galli, D.
A Selenological History of Lunar Poetics 139 von Chamier-Waite, C. T.
Comets in Indian Scriptures 151 Das Gupta, P.
Part V. History   
Circulation of Stars 163 Boitani, P.
The Gresham Professors of Astronomy 1597–2013 173 Shrimplin, V.
Of Stars and Harlow Shapley 187 Palmeri, J.
Oh Glorious Geometry: Eclipses, Transits, and Occultations 195 Sinclair, R. M.
Eternal Rome: Guardian of the Heavenly Gates 205 Latura, G.
Part VI. Myths, Deities, and Superheroes   
Urania, the Muse of Astronomy: She Who Draws Our Eyes 221 Rossi, S.
A Distant Planet: Finding Superman's Krypton 227 Ricca, B.
The Gate of Heaven: Revisiting Roman Mithraic Cosmology 233 Assasi, R.
Part VII. Ancient Civilizations   
Sun Cities: Thebes, Hattusha, and Petra: A Landscape Story 249 Belmonte, J. A.; González-García, A. C.
What We Think We Know About Maya Mathematics and Astronomy 265 Van Stone, M.
Chasing the Shadow of the Sun: The Batammaliba's Binary System of Time 277 Ségla, D. A.
Part VIII. Astronomical Resources   
Second Star to the Right and Straight On! 289 Benacchio, L.
Unheard Voices: Resource Guides for Educators on Diversity and the Astronomy of Many Cultures 297 Fraknoi, A.
Astronomy on the Walls 299 Santascoy, J.
Part IX. Contemporary Artists   
Art, the Urban Skyscraper, and Horizon Astronomy 305 Mooney, J. D.
A Painter's View of the Cosmos In the Twenty-first Century 317 Cro-Ken, K.
Art as an Evolutionary Adaptation: Inspiration from the Visible Supernovae of AD 1054 and AD 3054 321 Corbally, C. J.; Rappaport, M. B.
Stars on Local Time: A Personal Almanac 331 Gottlieb-Roberts, M.
Back Matter   
Author Index 337 Brian P. Abbott
Back Matter 338