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Paper: Art as an Evolutionary Adaptation: Inspiration from the Visible Supernovae of AD 1054 and AD 3054
Volume: 501, Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VIII
Page: 321
Authors: Corbally, C. J.; Rappaport, M. B.
Abstract: The authors, an astronomer/priest and an anthropologist/biologist, describe their use of the dramatic arts at the INSAP VIII meeting in their performance of two short skits on the sighting of a supernova in AD 1054 (creating the beautiful Crab Nebula) and a future “Rho Cas” stellar explosion in the constellation Cassiopeia, in AD 3054. They speculate on the emergence of science, religion, and art as bona fide adaptations, responding to natural selection, which served early hominins well in their struggle for existence. They draw parallels to the continued functions of science, religion, and art in modern society.
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