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Paper: Second Star to the Right and Straight On!
Volume: 501, Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VIII
Page: 289
Authors: Benacchio, L.
Abstract: The aim of the project “Second Star to the Right and Straight On!” is to recover the relationship between man and the sky, present all over our medieval city, but virtually invisible to inhabitants and tourists nowadays. The city we are speaking of is Padua, Italy, an ancient and noble one, with its seven-century-old university, the Scrovegni Chapel, where Giotto painted a comet—probably Halley's—for the first time, and many other monuments and frescoes in which the sky plays an important role. The city also features dozens of smaller pieces of artwork, such as paintings and coats of arms, on the external walls of historical buildings in the town center that also convey the same message. The product of this research will be a guide to Padua's sky for a completely new “astronomical” city tour available to the five million tourists visiting Padua every year as well as to Italian classrooms. The resources will be available as a book (in Italian), Seconda Stella a Destra, a website1, and an interactive mobile app.
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