Title: Observing Dark Energy
Volume: 339 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Wolff, Sidney C.; Lauer, Tod R.
ISBN: 1-58381-206-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-273-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
Dark Energy and Other Models for the Accelerating Universe
Observing Dark Energy: Welcome 3 Mould, J.R.
Why is the Universe Accelerating? 4 Carroll, S.M.
Cosmokinetics 27 Blandford, R.D.; Amin, M.; Baltz, E.A.; Mandel, K.; Marshall, P.J.
Part 2.
Kinematics and Dark Energy from Supernovae at z > 1 39 Riess, A.G.
The Carnegie Supernova Project 50 Freedman, W.L.; Carnegie Supernova Project, the
SNLS -- The Supernova Legacy Survey 60 Pritchet, C.J.; SNLS Collaboration, the
A New Method to Calibrate the Magnitudes of Type Ia Supernovae at Maximum Light 69 Prieto, J.L.; Rest, A.; Suntzeff, N.B.
Absolute Magnitudes of Type Ia Supernovae in the Near-Infrared 75 Krisciunas, K.
DESTINY: The Dark Energy Space Telescope 79 Lauer, T. R.; DESTINY Science Team
Observing Dark Energy with SNAP 87 Linder, E.V.; SNAP Collaboration, the
Part 3.
Gravitational Lensing
LSST and Dark Energy 95 Tyson, A.
Weak Lensing and Supernovae: Complementary Probes of Dark Energy 107 Knox, L.; Albrecht, A.; Song, Y.S.
Part 4.
Galaxy Clusters
Direct Constraints on the Properties and Evolution of Dark Energy 117 Daly, R.A.; Djorgovski, S.G.
Constraining Dark Energy with the DEEP2 Redshift Survey 128 Davis, M.; Gerke, B.F.; Newman, J.A.; DEEP2 Team, the
Cluster Survey Studies of the Dark Energy 140 Mohr, J.J.
Dark Energy Survey and Camera 152 Wester, W.; the Dark Energy Survey Collaboration
Recent Results from the SuZIE Experiment: An Investigation of SZ Scaling Relationships 157 Church, S.E.; Benson, B.A.; Thompson, K.L.
Optimal Weighting Scheme in Redshift-Space Power Spectrum Analysis and Prospect for Measuring the Equation of State of Dark Energy 167 Yamamoto, K.
The Alcock-Paczynski Test for the Lyα Forest: First Results from Magellan and the MMT 172 Eriksen, K.A.; Marble, A.R.; Impey, C.D.; Bai, L.; Petry, C.E.
The Atacama Large Millimeter Array: Observing the Distant Universe 177 Radford, S.J.E.
GM = tc3 Space/Time Explanation of Supernova Data 181 Riofrio, L.
Part 5.
Acoustic Oscillations
Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound 187 Eisenstein, D.J.
Probing Dark Energy with Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations 195 Seo, H.; Eisenstein, D.J.
Part 6.
Cosmic Microwave Background
Can We Hope To Detect Dark Energy Perturbations? 203 Bean, R.; Dore, O.
Dark Energy Probes in Light of the CMB 215 Hu, W.
Joint Parameter Estimation for Dark Energy Models with the CMB 235 Gold, B.M.; Albrecht, A.
Conference Photograph 999 Wolff, S.C.; Lauer, T.R.