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Paper: Can We Hope To Detect Dark Energy Perturbations?
Volume: 339, Observing Dark Energy
Page: 203
Authors: Bean, R.; Dore, O.
Abstract: We review the implications of having a non-trivial matter component in the Universe and the potential for detecting such a component through the matter power spectrum and ISW effect. We adopt a phenomenological approach and consider the mysterious dark energy to be a cosmic fluid. It is thus fully characterized, up to linear order, by its equation of state and its speed of sound. Whereas the equation of state has been widely studied in the literature, less interest has been devoted to the speed of sound. Its observational consequences come predominantly from very large-scale modes of dark matter perturbations (k < 0.01hMpc−1). Because these modes have hardly been probed so far by large scale galaxy surveys, we investigate whether joint constraints can be placed on those two quantities using the recent CMB fluctuations measurements by WMAP and the recently measured CMB large-scale structure cross-correlation.
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