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Paper: LSST and Dark Energy
Volume: 339, Observing Dark Energy
Page: 95
Authors: Tyson, A.
Abstract: The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), will provide multiple precision probes of the nature of dark energy. Gravitational lens shear data over a large volume can address cosmology through the measurement of the expansion history of the universe and the growth of structure. The wide area deep coverage of an LSST survey will reach the low surface brightness required to usefully resolve several billion high redshift source galaxies. Combining a multiband hemisphere-scale weak lens survey with the expected Planck CMB data will constrain both the dark energy equation of state and its time derivative 60 times more accurately than the Planck data alone. These constraints are tighter and entirely complementary to those expected from space-based SNIa measurements. They are sensitive to different aspects of the cosmological model and involve different systematics. LSST will also follow hundreds of thousands of supernovae in a way that is also complementary to space-based surveys.
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