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Paper: A New Method to Calibrate the Magnitudes of Type Ia Supernovae at Maximum Light
Volume: 339, Observing Dark Energy
Page: 69
Authors: Prieto, J.L.; Rest, A.; Suntzeff, N.B.
Abstract: We present a new empirical method for fitting BV RI light curves of Type Ia supernovae, estimate their host galaxy extinction and calibrate their magnitudes at maximum to obtain distances. This method combines elements from two widely used techniques in the literature: the Δm15 template fitting method (Phillips et al. 1999) and MLCS (Riess, Press, & Kirshner 1996). Fitting published light curves of 47 SNe in the Hubble flow, we obtain a Hubble diagram with rms scatter σ = 0.15 mag in V (NSNe = 37).
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