Title: Hydrogen-Deficient Stars
Volume: 391 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Werner, Klaus; Rauch, Thomas
These are the proceedings of a conference on Hydrogen-Deficient Stars held at the University of Tübingen, Germany, from September 17-21 2007. This conference was the third in a series of international colloquia on this topic. The first one took place in Mysore, India in 1985, and the second one a decade alter, 1995 in Bamberg, Germany. Twelve years later it was considered useful to gather again to discuss the progress and the future directions in this field. At the conference 68 participants from 20 countries presented 25 invited talks, 27 contributed talks, and 16 posters.

Hydrogen-deficiency is exhibited by many evolved high-and low-mass stars. Therefore research on hydrogen-deficient stars is quite diverse since such stars are found in almost every region of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

The stellar classes discussed in detail at the conference were: R Coronae Borealis stars, extreme helium stars, Wolf-Rayet central stars of planetary nebulae, PG 1159 stars and related objects, white dwarfs of spectral type DO, DB, and DQ, and helium-rich subdwarf O and B stars. Also highlighted were hydrogen-deficient stars in close binary systems (AM Cvn and ultracompact low-mass X-ray binaries), massive Wolf-Rayet Stars and their relation to Type I supernovae and Gamma-ray bursts.

The different classes of objects discussed in this volume are grouped by spectral and pulsational characteristics, by evolutionary scenarios such as late helium flashes and double-degenerate mergers, and by links among the classes.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 391 Cover Werner, K.; Rauch, T.
Front Matter   
Volume 391 Front Matter 1 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.
Conference Photograph   
Volume 391 Conference Photograph 2 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.
Part 1.
Census, RCrB and EHe Stars, Pulsations
Hydrogen-Deficient Stars: An Introduction 3 Jeffery, C.S.
The Evolution of R Coronae Borealis Stars 17 Clayton, G.C.
Some Observational Aspects of R Coronae Borealis Stars 25 Rao, N.K.
Fluorine in R Coronae Borealis Stars 35 Pandey, G.; Lambert, D.L.; Rao, N.K.
Shell-Model Parameters of a Star with the R Coronae Borealis Type Variability 39 Rosenbush, A.E.
Optical Spectrum of ZUMi during its Maximum Light 43 Kipper, T.; Klochkova, V.G.
Possible Indicator of Incipient Light Minimum in a Star with the R Coronae Borealis Type Variability 45 Rosenbush, A.E.
Seasonal Variations of Radial Velocity of RY Sagittarii, a Star with the R Coronae Borealis Type Variability 47 Rosenbush, A.E.; Gorynya, N.A.
DY Per: Extremely Cool Galactic RCB Star? 49 Zacs, L.; Alksnis, O.; Mondal, S.; Chen, W.P.; Pugach, A.F.; Musaev, F.A.
18O and the Origins of HdC and R CrB Stars 51 Geballe, T.R.; Clayton, G.C.; Asplund, M.; Herwig, F.; Fryer, C.
Extreme Helium Stars: A Decade of Progress 53 Jeffery, C.S.
Model Atmospheres and Spectra for Cool Hydrogen-Deficient Stars and Peculiar Giants 65 Pavlenko, Y.V.
Radial and Nonradial Pulsations in RCB and EHe-B Stars 69 Saio, H.
Part 2. [WC], WELS, PG1159, O(He), Born-Again Stars, Pulsations, Planetary Nebulae   
Physical and Wind Properties of [WC] Stars 83 Crowther, P.A.
Determining Element Abundances of [WC]-type Central Stars for Probing Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis 95 Todt, H.; Peña, M.; Hamann, W.-R.; Gräfener, G.
WR Wind Models: [WC]-Type CSPN vs. Massive Stars 99 Gräfener, G.; Hamann, W.-R.; Todt, H.
WELS – Ultraviolet Spectra and Expanding Atmosphere Models 103 Marcolino, W.L.F.
The Nature of M 2−29 107 Gesicki, K.; Hajduk, M.; Zijlstra, A.A.
Elemental Abundances in PG1159 Stars 109 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.; Reiff, E.; Kruk, J.W.
Search for Iron, Nickel, and Fluorine in PG1159 Stars 121 Reiff, E.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J.W.; Koesterke, L.
UV and FUV Spectroscopy of the Hybrid PG1159-Type Central Star of NGC7094 125 Ziegler, M.; Rauch, T.; Reiff, E.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J.W.; Oliveira, C.M.
Transient Mass-Loss Events in the PG 1159 Central Star of Longmore 4 129 Bond, H.E.
New Light Curves and Spectra of the Close PG1159 Binary System SDSS J212531.92−010745.9 133 Schuh, S.; Nagel, T.; Traulsen, I.; Beeck, B.
O(He) Stars 135 Rauch, T.; Reiff, E.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J.W.
FG Sge, V605 Aql, Sakurai – Facts and Fictions 139 Schönberner, D.
On the Evolved Nature of CK Vul 151 Hajduk, M.; Zijlstra, A.A.; van Hoof, P.A.M.; Lopez, J.A.; Drew, J.E.; Evans, A.; Eyres, S.P.S.; Gesicki, K.; Greimel, R.; Kerber, F.; Kimeswenger, S.; Richer, M.G.
Recent Observations of V4334 Sgr and V605 Aql 155 van Hoof, P.A.M.; Hajduk, M.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Herwig, F.; van de Steene, G.C.; Kimeswenger, S.; Evans, A.
Optical Spectroscopy of V4334 Sgr in 1996 159 Savanov, I.; Jeffery, S.; Pollacco, D.; Shulyak, D.
Studying the Old Planetary Nebula of V4334 Sgr 163 Hajduk, M.; Gesicki, K.; van Hoof, P.A.M.; Lopez, J.A.; Zijlstra, A.A.
Properties of [WC] Planetary Nebulae 165 Górny, S.K.
Morphologies of the Nebulae around “Born-Again” Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae 177 Kimeswenger, S.; Zijlstra, A.A.; van Hoof, P.A.M.; Hajduk, M.; Herwig, F.; Lechner, M.F.M.; Eyres, S.P.S.; Van de Steene G.C.
Central Stars of MASH Planetary Nebulae 181 Miszalski, B.; Acker, A.; Parker, Q.A.
Hydrogen-Deficient Compact Pulsators: The GW Virginis Stars and the Variable DB White Dwarfs 183 Quirion, P.-O.; Dupret, M.-A.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.
Search for Pulsations in H-deficient Planetary-Nebula Nuclei 195 Solheim, J.-E.; González Pérez, J.M.; Vauclair, G.
Asteroseismological Modeling of PG 1159−035 199 Córsico, A.H.; Althaus, L.G.; Miller Bertolami, M.M.; Kepler, S.O.; Costa, J.E.S.
Part 3.
Formation Scenarios for Hot H-Deficient Post-AGB Stars
The Importance of the Remnant’s Mass for VLTP Born-Again Times. Implications for V4334 Sgr and V605Aql 203 Miller Bertolami, M.M.; Althaus, L.G.
[WC] and PG1159 Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae: The Need for an Alternative to the Born-Again Scenario 209 De Marco, O.
The Formation of Hydrogen Deficient Stars through Common Envelope Evolution 221 Diehl, S.; Fryer, C.; Herwig, F.
Part 4.
WD, sdO/B, CV, Massive WR, Pulsations
Hot DO and DB White Dwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 227 Liebert, J.; Krzesinski, J.; Hügelmeyer, S.; Dreizler, S.
Post Iron Group Elements in DO Stars 235 Boyce, D.D.; Barstow, M.A.; Dobbie, P.D.; Aston, J.H.; Booles, B.C.; Preval, S.P.; Laird, R.J.M.; James, F.A.; Barstow, J.K.; Forbes, A.E.
KPD0005+5106: Hottest DO White Dwarf Much Hotter Than Assumed 239 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.; Kruk, J.W.
Hot DQ White Dwarf Stars: A New Challenge to Stellar Evolution 241 Dufour, P.; Liebert, J.; Fontaine, G.; Behara, N.
Subluminous O Stars - Origin and Evolutionary Links 245 Heber, U.
The Origin of Helium-Rich Subdwarf O Stars 257 Napiwotzki, R.
Helium-Rich Subdwarf B Stars 261 Ahmad, A.; Jeffery, C.S.
Modeling He-rich Subdwarfs through the Hot-Flasher Scenario: First Results 265 Miller Bertolami, M.M.; Althaus, L.G.
Modeling the Light Curve of V445 Puppis: Helium Nova on a Very Massive White Dwarf 267 Kato, M.; Hachisu, I.; Kiyota, S.
List of Helium Novae 271 Rosenbush, A.E.
Hydrogen Deficient Donors in Low-Mass X-ray Binaries 273 Nelemans, G.
Metal Abundances in Accretion Discs of AMCVn Binaries 281 Nagel, T.; Kusterer, D.-J.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.
Accretion Disk Winds in AM CVn Binaries – a Monte Carlo Approach 285 Kusterer, D.-J.; Nagel, T.; Werner, K.
XMM-Newton Observations of Two Soft X-Ray Selected Magnetic CVs 287 Traulsen, I.; Reinsch, K.; Dreizler, S.
ULTRACAM Observations of two CV Pulsators 289 Copperwheat, C.M.; Marsh, T.R.; Dhillon, V.S.; Littlefair, S.; Woudt, P.; Gänsicke, B.
Wolf-Rayet Analyses 293 Hamann, W.-R.; Gräfener, G.; Feldmeier, A.; Oskinova, L.; Barniske, A.; Liermann, A.
The Metallicity Dependence of Wolf-Rayet Mass Loss 305 Onifer, A.; Heger, A.; Abdallah, J.
Stability and Pulsations of Wolf-Rayet Stars 307 Glatzel, W.
Non-linear Pulsations in Wolf-Rayet Stars 319 Wende, S.; Glatzel, W.; Schuh, S.
Part 5.
WR/GRB, Intermediate-Mass Binaries, SNIa
The Formation of Hydrogen-Deficient Stars in Binaries 323 Podsiadlowski, Ph.
On the Road to Understanding Type Ia Progenitors: Precision Simulations of Double Degenerate Mergers 335 Fryer, C.L.; Diehl, S.
The Progenitors of Type I SNe 347 Mazzali, P.A.; Nomoto, K.; Maeda, K.; Deng, J.; Benetti, S.; Röpke, F.; Hillebrandt, W.
Helium Stars as Supernova Progenitor 359 Waldman, R.; Yungelson, L.R.; Barkat, Z.
Part 6.
Conference Summary
HYDEF07: A Summary on the Fly 365 Liebert, J.
Back Matter   
Volume 391 Back Matter 379 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.
Volume 391 Photographs 999 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.