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Paper: Accretion Disk Winds in AM CVn Binaries – a Monte Carlo Approach
Volume: 391, Hydrogen-Deficient Stars
Page: 285
Authors: Kusterer, D.-J.; Nagel, T.; Werner, K.
Abstract: AM CVn systems are interacting binaries similar to cataclysmic variables (CVs), but more compact with orbital periods of less than 80 minutes. The primary is a white dwarf, whereas the nature of the secondary is not completely clear, yet. Abundances and composition of the outer layer of the secondary can be found by analysis of the accretion disk (presented by Nagel et al. these proceedings). Spectra from high-state AM CVn systems do not only show typical signatures of accretion disks, but also P Cygni line profiles, a sign of outflow being present in the system. Here we present the first quantitative spectral analysis of an accretion-disk wind in AM CVn systems. Emergent wind spectra are modeled with our 3-D Monte Carlo radiative transfer code WOMPAT. We show that P Cygni profiles can be reproduced with our wind models.
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