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Paper: Modeling the Light Curve of V445 Puppis: Helium Nova on a Very Massive White Dwarf
Volume: 391, Hydrogen-Deficient Stars
Page: 267
Authors: Kato, M.; Hachisu, I.; Kiyota, S.
Abstract: V445 Pup (2000) is a unique object identified as a helium nova. We present a free-free emission dominated light curve model of V445 Pup based on the optically thick wind theory. Our light curve fitting shows that (1) the white dwarf (WD) mass is very massive (MWD ≥ 1.35M), (2) a half of the accreted matter remains on the WD, suggesting that the WD mass is increasing. Therefore, V445 Pup is a strong candidate of Type Ia supernova progenitor. The estimated distance to V445 Pup is now consistent with the recent observational suggestion, d ≥ 5 kpc. We also emphasize importance of observations in the near future quiescent phase after the thick circumstellar dust fades away, especially color and magnitude to specify the nature of the companion star.
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