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Paper: XMM-Newton Observations of Two Soft X-Ray Selected Magnetic CVs
Volume: 391, Hydrogen-Deficient Stars
Page: 287
Authors: Traulsen, I.; Reinsch, K.; Dreizler, S.
Abstract: The two AMHer type systems AI Tri and QS Tel have been monitored with the X-ray satellite XMM-Newton with 20 ksec exposures each and additional optical photometry at several sites during high and intermediate high states of accretion. The light curves are dominated by highly variable soft X-ray emission arising from the accretion heated surface of the white dwarf primary in addition to a weaker hard component reflecting the contribution of the multi-temperature thermal plasma emission from the post-shock accretion column. A mildly absorbed blackbody plus MEKAL plasma emission with variable element abundances describe the associated spectra. Evident discrepancies between the observed X-ray spectrum and the blackbody approximation emphasize the need for accurate models including radiative transfer to reproduce the white dwarf’s contribution in a more realistic way.
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