Title: Mass Loss from Stars and the Evolution of Stellar Clusters
Volume: 388 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: de Koter, A.; Smith, L.J.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
In the spring of 2006 a four day international workshop was held in Lunteren, The Netherlands, in honor of the formal retirement of Prof. Henny Lamers. These proceedings provide a comprehensive overview of mass loss in massive stars and of the dynamical fate of clusters. The dynamical evolution of clusters is affected by stellar winds, mass loss outbursts and supernova explosions as well as by the loss of stars in dynamical interactions, thus linking the two central themes of the workshop.

It is becoming clear that mass loss by radiation pressure on spectral lines is not only at work in normal O, B, and A stars but also in Luminous Blue Variables and Wolf-Rayet stars. The importance of these line-driven winds relative to outbursts in the Luminous Blue Variable phase of evolution is under debate. A central issue in this discussion is the importance of small and possibly large scale structure in stellar winds and its implications for the measured mass loss rates. These proceedings report on progress establishing wind properties, on theoretical predictions of mass loss and wind structure as a function of stellar properties, and on the effects of mass loss on the evolution of massive stars.

As a result of dynamical interactions, clusters may dissolve completely over time. Observational studies of cluster dissolution timescales as a function of cluster formation history and cluster and environmental properties, are at the focus of cluster studies in the last decade. A key topic discussed in this book is whether the old globular clusters we observe today were once similar to present-day massive young clusters. The mass function of the two types of clusters is observed to be different. Is this a result of dynamical evoltuion or were the mass functions different at formation?

The 12 invited reviews, 18 contributed talks, 48 poster papers, and two discussion sessions combine to provide and in-depth assessment of both observational and theoretical issues. The book is suitable for researchers and graduate students interested in stellar astrophysics and cluster dynamics.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 388 Cover de Koter, A.; Smith, L.J.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
Front Matter   
Volume 388 Front Matter 1 de Koter, A.; Smith, L.J.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
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Volume 388 Conference Photograph 2 de Koter, A.; Smith, L.J.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
Part 1.
Mass Loss From Stars
Mass Loss and the Evolution of Massive Stars 3 Maeder, A.; Meynet, G.
Are Wolf-Rayet Winds Driven by Radiation? 21 Gräfener, G.; Hamann, W-R.
Pulsations Beneath the Winds: Unique Precise Photometry from MOST 29 Moffat, A.F.J.; Marchenko, S.V.; Lefèvre, L.; Chené, A.-N.; St-Louis, N.; Zhilyaev, B.E.; Aerts, C.; Saio, H.; Walker, G.A.H.; Matthews, J.M.; Kuschnig, R.; Cameron, C.; Rowe, J.F.; Guenther, D.B.; Rucinski, S.M.; Sasselov, D.; Weiss, W.W.
Massive Stars, Supernovae and long GRBs 37 Langer, N.; van Marle, A.-J.; Poelarends, A.J.T.; Yoon, S-C.
Pre-Supernova Mass Loss Predictions for Massive Stars 47 Vink, J.S.; de Koter, A.; Kotak, R.
Rotation and Mass Loss 57 Owocki, S.
Using Polarization to Study the Winds of Massive Stars 71 Davies, B.; Vink, J.; Oudmaijer, R.
Measuring Rotation Rates and Magnetic Fields of Wolf-Rayet Stars 79 St-Louis, N.; Chené, A.-N.; de la Chevrotière, A.; Moffat, A.F.J.
Observational Constraints on Mass Loss and Evolution of Massive Stars 87 de Koter, A.
Stellar Winds from Massive Stars - What are the REAL Mass-Loss Rates? 101 Puls, J.; Markova, N.; Scuderi, S.
Properties of Galactic B Supergiants 109 Crowther, P.A.; Lennon, D.J.; Walborn, N.R.; Smartt, S.J.
The Enigmatic Eta Carinae: Current Status 119 Hillier, D.J.
Giant Outbursts of the Eta Carinae-P Cygni Type 129 Smith, N.
X-rays and Winds in Massive Stars of Cygnus OB2 139 Albacete Colombo, J.F.; Micela, G.; Flaccomio, E.; Sciortino, S.
Radio Evidence on the Mass Loss Bistability Jump 141 Benaglia, P.; Marté, J.; Maéz-Apellániz, J.; Koribalski, B.; Johnston, S.
K-band Spectroscopy of Deeply Embedded, Young OB Stars 143 Bik, A.; Kaper, L.; Hanson, M.M.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
Radio Observations of Mass Loss in OB Stars 145 Blomme, R.
On the Evolutionary Stage of the Galactic Unclassified B[e] Star CD-42°11721 147 Borges Fernandes, M.; Lorenz Martins, S.; Kraus, M.; de Araújo, F.X.
A New LBV Candidate in M33 149 Burggraf, B.; Weis, K.; Bomans, D.J.
The ISM around WR Stars: WR152 and WR153ab 151 Cappa, C.E.; Vasquez, J.; Arnal, E.M.; Cichowolski, S.; Pineault, S.
The Early Mass Loss History of the Classical Nova V1974 Cyg 1992 153 Cassatella, A.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.
Stationary Model of a Line Driven Wind with Rotation 155 Ceniga, M.; Krticka, J.; Kubát, J.
Large-Scale Wind Variability of WR1 (HD 4004); Towards the Rotation Rate of Wolf-Rayet Stars 157 Chené, A.-N.; St-Louis, N.; Moffat, A.F.J.
Probing the Mass-Loss History of VY CMa 159 Decin, L.; Hony, S.; de Koter, A.; Justtanont, K.; Tielens, A.G.G.M.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
AGB Mass-Loss Variations: What Can We Learn from (Sub)millimetre Observations? 161 Dehaes, S.; Groenewegen, M.A.T.; Decin, L.; Hony, S.; Raskin, G.; Blommaert, J.A.D.L.
Small Magellanic Cloud Be Stars: Color-magnitude Relations and Mass-Loss 163 de Wit, W.J.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.; Marquette, J.B.; Beaulieu, J.P.
Stellar Content of Ultra-Compact HII Regions Using Spitzer/MIPS 165 Furness, J.P.; Crowther, P.A.; Rho, J.; Conti, P.S.
Ejecta of η Car: What We are Learning about Nitrogen-Rich Chemistry 167 Gull, T.R.
The Wolf-Rayet Population of Westerlund 1 169 Hadfield, L.J.; Crowther, P.A.; Negueruela, I.; Clark, J.S.; Vacca, W.D.
Do We Understand Wolf-Rayet Stars? 171 Hamann, W.-R.; Gräfener, G.; Oskinova, L.; Liermann, A.
AG Carinae: a Luminous Blue Variable with a High Rotational Velocity 173 Henrique Groh, J.; Damineli, A.; Hillier, D.J.
Wind Ram Pressures and Mass Loss Rates of Solar-like Stars 175 Holzwarth, V.; Jardine, M.
A Spitzer IRS Survey of Wolf-Rayet Stars at 10–20 Microns 177 Ignace, R.; Cassinelli, J.P.; Tracy, G.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.; Churchwell, E.B.
FUSE Observations of three Early-type, Double-lined Spectroscopic Binaries in the Magellanic Clouds 181 Iping, R.C.; Gies, D.; Sonneborn, G.; Kaper, L.
Influence of New AGB Mass Loss Rates on Stellar Models 183 Kitsikis, A.; Weiss, A.
The Winds and Disks of B[e] Supergiants 185 Kraus, M.; Borges Fernandes, M.; de Araújo, F.X.
The Influence of X-ray Emission on the Stellar Wind of O Stars 189 Krticka, J.; Kubát, A.
Influence of the Frictional Heating on the Wind Line-Profiles of SMC Stars 191 Krticka, J.; Korcáková, D.; Kubát, J.
Periodically Variable B-type Supergiants: Empirical Evidence for Non-Radial Gravity-Mode Oscillations 193 Lefever, K.; Puls, J.; Aerts, C.
Wind Diagnostic from Infrared Lines 195 Lenorzer, A.; Herrero, A.; Villamariz, M.R.; Garcia, M.
Stellar Winds from Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae: Metallicity Effects 197 Maciel, W.J.; Costa, R.D.D.
Looking for Mister Goodstar (A Preliminary Analysis of Stars with S IV, V and VI Wind Lines) 199 Massa, D.
Optical and Infrared Observations of Stellar Mass Loss in Globular Cluster Red Giants 203 McDonald, I.; van Loon, J. Th.
How Strong is Mass Loss from B[e] Stars? 205 Miroshnichenko, A.
Optically Thick Winds of Hot Stars: What Determines the Mass Flux? 207 Nugis, T.
A Conceptual Analysis of Mass Loss and Frequency Redistribution in Wolf-Rayet Winds 211 Onifer, A.J.; Gayley, K.G.
Examining O and WR Star Winds with X-rays 213 Oskinova, L.M.; Hamann, W.-R.; Feldmeier, A.
Some Considerations on the HMXRB LSI +61 303 217 Polcaro, V.F.; Viotti, R.F.; Norci, L.; Maoileidigh, C.O.; Meurs, E.J.A.
Molecular Gas Surrounding LBV Stars 219 Rizzo, J.R.; Alfonso, J.; Ortiz, E.
Radio Observations of Candidate Magnetic O Stars 221 Schnerr, R.S.; Rygl, K.L.J.; Oosterloo, T.A.; Miller-Jones, J.C.A.; Henrichs, H.F.
Mass Loss from the Central Star of NGC 7009 223 Sonneborn, G.; Iping, R.C.; Massa, D.; Herald, J.; Chu, Y.-H.
The Luminous Variable Stars in M33 227 Viotti, R.F.; Polcaro, V.F.; Rossi, C.; Montagni, F.; Norci, L.; Gualandi, R.
Multicomponent Stellar Wind of Hot Stars 229 Votruba, V.; Feldmeier, A.; Kubát, J.; Nikutta, R.
The AG Carinae Nebula – Bigger than ever? 231 Weis, K.
The Neon Abundance in WR Stars: Testing Massive Star Evolution 233 Willis, A.J.; Crowther, P.; Morris, P.; van der Hucht, K.; Smith, J.D.T.; Marston, A.P.; Hillier, J.; Williams, P.
2D non-LTE Modeling for Axisymmetric Winds 235 Zsargó, J.; Georgiev, L.N.; Hillier, D.J.
Part 1 – General Discussion 239 de Koter, A.; Smith, L.J.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
Part 2.
Mass Loss and the Evolution of Stellar Clusters
Formation and Evolution of Young Massive Clusters 249 Elmegreen, B.G.
Numerical Simulations of Star Cluster Formation 263 Clarke, C.J.
The Birth and Early Evolution of Star Clusters 271 Kroupa, P.
Observational Constraints on Cluster Evolution 279 Larsen, S.S.
Spectral Synthesis of Massive Stars in Clusters 295 Leitherer, C.
Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere Bubbles 309 Churchwell, E.
Mass Loss from Clusters 319 Smith, L.J.
Reconstructing the Initial Relaxation Time of Young Star Clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud 329 Portegies Zwart, S.F.; Chen, H.C.
The Transition from Star Cluster to Dwarf Galaxies 337 Kissler-Patig, M.; Jordán, A.; Bastian, N.
The Impact of Selective Mass Loss on the Age Determination of Star Clusters 345 Anders, P.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.; de Grijs, R.
Cluster Disruption: Combining Theory and Observations 353 Bastian, N.; Gieles, M.
Star Clusters in the Solar Neighborhood: a Solution to Oort’s Problem 367 Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.; Gieles, M.
Catching Dissolving Clusters: A New Approach 379 Pellerin, A.; Meyer, M.; Harris, J.; Calzetti, D.
Newly Born O Stars in Clusters 387 Conti, P.S.; Rho, J.; Crowther, P.A.; Furness, J.
Feedback and Clusters in the Sdm Galaxy UGC1281 395 Bomans, D.J.; Weis, K.; Georgiev, T.B.
3D Photoionization and Dust Modeling with MOCASSIN: Geometry Effects on the Spectra of Star-forming Regions 397 Ercolano, B.; Bastian, N.
On the Mass of Dense Star Clusters in Starburst Galaxies from Spectrophotometry 401 Fleck, J.-J.; Boily, Chr.M.; Lançon, A.; Deiters, S.
The Role of Tidal Forces in Star Cluster Disruption 403 Gieles, M.
Variation of the Cluster Luminosity Function Across the Disk of M51 405 Haas, M.R.; Gieles, M.; Scheepmaker, R.A.; Larsen, S.S.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.; Bastian, N.
The Impact of Red Giant Mass Loss on Star Cluster Evolution 407 van Loon, J.Th.; McDonald, I.
Reconstructing Galactic Star Formation Histories from Star Cluster Age- and Mass-Distributions 409 Maschberger, Th.; Kroupa, P.; Weidner, C.; Baumgardt, H.; Gieles, M.
Dynamical Mass of a Young Massive Cluster in NGC 1140 411 Moll, S.L.; de Grijs, R.; Mengel, S.; Smith, L.J.
Stellar Populations in the Magellanic Clouds 413 Panagia, N.; De Marchi, G.; Romaniello, M.
The Initial Mass Function of the Galactic Old Halo Cluster System 415 Parmentier, G.; Gilmore, G.
Thousands of Star Clusters in M51 with HST/ACS 417 Scheepmaker, R.A.; Gieles, M.; Haas, M.R.; Bastian, N.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.
Hard X-ray Emission Associated with High-Mass Star Formation in the Young Stellar Cluster NGC 2071 421 Skinner, S.L.; Audard, M.; Güdel, M.; Meyer, M.R.; Simmons, A.E.
Studying the Roots of the Galactic Wind in NGC 1569: IFU Observations of Cluster NGC 1569-10 423 Westmoquette, M.S.; Exter, K.M.; Smith, L.J.; Gallagher, J.S. III
Part 2 – General Discussion 425 de Koter, A.; Smith, L.J.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
Part 3.
Mass Loss Summary – a Personal Perspective 431 Vink, J.S.
Conference Summary: Mass Loss from Stellar Clusters 437 Gieles, M.
Mass Loss and Evolution of Stars and Star Clusters: a Personal Historical Perspective 443 Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.
Back Matter   
Volume 388 Back Matter 465 de Koter, A.; Smith, L.J.; Waters, L.B.F.M.
Volume 388 Photographs 999 de Koter, A.; Smith, L.J.; Waters, L.B.F.M.