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Paper: Cluster Disruption: Combining Theory and Observations
Volume: 388, Mass Loss from Stars and the Evolution of Stellar Clusters
Page: 353
Authors: Bastian, N.; Gieles, M.
Abstract: We review the theory and observations of star cluster disruption. The three main phases and corresponding typical timescales of cluster disruption are: I) Infant Mortality (∼ 107 yr), II) Stellar Evolution (∼ 108 yr) and III) Tidal relaxation (∼ 109 yr). During all three phases there are additional tidal external perturbations from the host galaxy. In this review we focus on the physics and observations of Phase I and on population studies of Phases II & III and external perturbations (concentrating on cluster-GMC interactions). Particular attention is given to the successes and short-comings of the Lamers cluster disruption law, which has recently been shown to stand on a firm physical footing.
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