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Paper: 3D Photoionization and Dust Modeling with MOCASSIN: Geometry Effects on the Spectra of Star-forming Regions
Volume: 388, Mass Loss from Stars and the Evolution of Stellar Clusters
Page: 397
Authors: Ercolano, B.; Bastian, N.
Abstract: Emission line spectra from H II regions are often used to study properties of the gas in star-forming regions, as well as temperatures and luminosities of the ionising sources. Empirical diagnostics for the interpretation of observational data must often be calibrated with the aid of photoionisation models. Most studies so far have been carried out by assuming spherical or plane-parallel geometries, with major limitations on allowed gas and dust density distributions and with the spatial distribution of multiple, non-centrallylocated ionising sources not being accounted for. We present the first results of our theoretical study of geometric effects, via the construction of 3D photoionisation models using MOCASSIN for various spatial configurations and ionisation sources. We compare integrated emission line spectra from such configurations and show evidence of systematic errors caused by the simplifying assumption of a single, central location for all ionising sources.
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