Title: Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae II: From Origins to Microstructures
Volume: 199 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Kastner, J. H.; Soker, N.; Rappaport, S.
ISBN: 1-58381-026-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-535-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
From Historical Perspectives to Some Modern Possibilities 3 Aller, Lawrence H.
A Retrospective: Interacting Winds Theory, Two Decades Later 9 Kwok, Sun
The Morphological and Structural Classification of Planetary Nebulae 17 Manchado, Arturo; Villaver, Eva; Stanghellini, Letizia; Guerrero, Martín A.
Morphology vs. Physical Properties: Some Comments and Questions 25 Corradi, Romano L. M.
Planetary Nebulae with the Hubble Space Telescope 33 Terzian, Yervant; Hajian, Arsen R.
Bipolar Planetary Nebulae: the Bêtes-Noires of Hydro Models 41 Balick, Bruce
Properties of AGB Star Progenitors 51 Wood, P. R.
On the Transition from AGB Stars to Planetaries: The Spherical Case 59 Schönberner, Detlef; Steffen, Matthias
Asymmetric Outflows in Miras 67 Karovska, Margarita; Wood, Kenny; Hack, Warren
The Transition to Axisymmetrical Mass Loss 71 Soker, Noam
VLBA Detection of Bipolar OH 1612 MHz Maser Emission Toward OH 37.1-0.8 75 Gómez, Yolanda; Rodríguez, Luis F.
Is the Outflow from RT Vir Bipolar or Rotating? 79 Yates, J. A.; Richards, A. M. S.; Gledhill, T. M.; Bains, I.
Accretion Disks Around Late AGB Stars: Restrictions and Characteristics 83 Reyes-Ruiz, Mauricio; Lopez, J. Alberto
High Resolution CO Observations of Evolved Stars Imaged with the BIMA Array and Some ISO Results 87 Fong, David; Meixner, Margaret; Sutton, E. C.; Welch, W. J.; Bujarrabal, Valentín; Castro-Carrizo, Arancha
Mid-IR Imaging of AGB Circumstellar Envelopes 91 Marengo, Massimo; Fazio, Giovanni G.; Hora, Joseph L.; Hoffmann, William F.; Dayal, Aditya; Deutsch, Lynne K.
The Effect of Grain Drift on the Structure of (Post-) AGB Winds 95 Simis, Yvonne; Dominik, Carsten; Icke, Vincent
AGB Star Polar Breakout and the Origin of Aspherical Planetary Nebulae 99 Stencel, Robert E.
Prospects for Mid-infrared Imaging and Polarimetry with Denver's TNTCAM2 101 Stencel, Robert E.
Mass Transfer/Loss from AGB Stars in Close Binaries 107 Iben, Icko, Jr.
Binarity of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae 115 Bond, Howard E.
The Formation of Very Narrow Waist Bipolar Planetary Nebulae 125 Rappaport, Saul
Properties of Proto-Planetary Nebulae 135 Meixner, Margaret
Mid-Infrared Imaging of Pre-planetary Nebulae 143 Morris, Mark; Sahai, Raghvendra
Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of the Young Planetary Nebula AFGL 618 147 Trammell, Susan R.
Imaging Linear Polarimetry of Proto-planetary Nebulae: the Origins of Asymmetry 151 Gledhill, Tim; Yates, Jeremy; Chrysostomou, Antonio
Optical Imaging of Proto-planetary Nebulae 155 Hrivnak, Bruce J.; Kwok, Sun; Su, Kate Y. L.
2-D Radiation Transfer Modeling of Non-Spherically Symmetric Dust Shells in Proto-planetary Nebulae 159 Su, Kate Y. L.; Volk, Kevin; Kwok, Sun
HST/NICMOS Observations of Proto-planetary Nebulae 163 Su, Kate Y. L.; Kwok, Sun; Hrivnak, Bruce J.; Sahai, Raghvendra
Near-Infrared Continuum, H2 Line and Polarimetric Imaging of Three Proto-Planetary Nebulae with HST 167 Sahai, Raghvendra; Su, Kate Y. L.; Kwok, Sun; Dayal, Aditya; Hrivnak, Bruce J.
The Evolutionary Status of the Frosty Leo Nebula 171 Bourke, Tyler; Hyland, A. R.; Robinson, Garry; Luhman, Kevin
Symbiotic Miras Can Do It 175 Corradi, Romano L. M.; Livio, Mario; Schwarz, Hugo E.; Munari, Ulisse
Modification of AGB Wind in a Binary System 179 Frankowski, Adam; Tylenda, Romuald
HST/NICMOS Near-IR Imaging of the Proto-planetary Nebula OH 231.8+4.2 183 Bieging, J. H.; Meakin, C. A.; Kelly, D. M.; Dayal, A.; Latter, W. B.; Hora, J. L.; Tielens, A. G. G. M.
Molecular Emission from the Shocked Bipolar Outflow in OH 231.8+4.2 187 Sánchez Contreras, C.; Bujarrabal, V.; Neri, R.; Alcolea, J.
Hα Emission Line Profiles of Selected Post-AGB Stars 191 van de Steene, Griet C.; Wood, Peter R.; van Hoof, Peter A. M.
Dual Axisymmetry in Proto-planetary Nebula Reflection Nebulosities: Results from an HST Snapshot Survey of PPN Candidates 195 Ueta, Toshiya; Meixner, Margaret; Bobrowsky, Matthew
A Debate: Single Stars or Binary Systems as Progenitors of Bipolar Planetary Nebulae? 201 Bujarrabal, V.; García-Segura, G.; Morris, M.; Soker, N.; Terzian, Y.
Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Young Planetary Nebulae 209 Sahai, Raghvendra
Low-ionization Structures in Planetary Nebulae 217 Gonçalves, D. R.; Corradi, R. M. L.; Villaver, E.; Mampaso, A.; Perinotto, M.
HST/NICMOS Observations of the Planetary Nebula NGC 7027 221 Dayal, Aditya; Latter, William B.; Bieging, John H.; Meakin, Casey; Kelly, Douglas M.; Hora, Joseph L.; Tielens, A. G. G. M.
A Paradigm Lost: New Theories for Aspherical Planetary Nebulae 225 Frank, Adam
Magnetohydrodynamic Models for Planetary Nebulae 235 García-Segura, G.; Franco, J.; López, J. A.
Jets in Planetary Nebulae 243 Livio, Mario
High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Nuclei of the Bipolar Planetary Nebulae M 2-9 and M 1-91 255 Arrieta, Anabel; Torres-Peimbert, Silvia
A Thermal Radio Jet from the Central Post-AGB Star in the Bipolar Planetary Nebula M2-9 259 Lim, Jeremy; Kwok, Sun
HST/NICMOS imaging of the Planetary Nebula BD+30o3639 263 Latter, William B.; Dayal, Aditya; Bieging, John H.; Kelly, Douglas M.; Hora, Joseph L.; Tielens, A. G. G. M.
HST/NICMOS Imaging of the Planetary Nebula Hubble 12 267 Hora, Joseph L.; Latter, William B.; Dayal, Aditya; Bieging, John; Kelly, Douglas M.; Tielens, A. G. G. M.; Trammell, Susan R.
[FeII] Bubbles in Hubble 12 271 Welch, C. A.; Frank, A.; Pipher, Judith L.; Forrest, W. J.; Woodward, Charles E.
Molecules as Tracers of Planetary Nebula Structure 277 Huggins, P. J.
Multiple Outflows in AFGL 2688 (the Egg Nebula) 285 Lucas, Robert; Cox, Pierre; Huggins, Patrick J.
Abundances and Morphology in Planetary Nebulae 289 Pottasch, Stuart R.
The Complex Ionization Structure of the Planetary Nebula Hubble 5 297 Riera, Angels; Balick, Bruce; Mellema, Garrelt; Xilouri, Kiriaki; Terzian, Yervant
On the Puzzle of the Anomalous Oxygen Recombination Lines in Planetary Nebulae 301 Dinerstein, Harriet L.; Lafon, Christine E.; Garnett, Donald R.
Theory of the Interaction of Planetary Nebulae with the Interstellar Medium 305 Dgani, Ruth
Planetary Nebula - ISM Interaction: The Observational Evidence 313 Kerber, Florian; Furlan, Elise; Rauch, Thomas; Roth, Miguel
A Spatio-Kinematic Study of the Interaction of the PN NGC 246 with the Interstellar Medium 317 Muthu, C.; Anandarao, B. G.; Pottasch, S. R.
The Formation of Asymmetries in Multiple Shell Planetary Nebulae Due to Interaction with the ISM 321 Villaver, Eva; Manchado, Arturo; García-Segura, Guillermo
Absorption Lines from Neutral Envelopes of Planetary Nebulae 325 Sirbaugh French, Rica; Dinerstein, Harriet L.; Sneden, Christopher
Abundance Patterns in Planetary Nebulae 329 Kwitter, Karen B.; Henry, Richard B. C.
Near-Infrared Observations of Molecular Hydrogen Emission in Planetary Nebulae 333 Likkel, Lauren; Kindt, Anna; Dinerstein, Harriet L.; Lester, Dan F.
NLTE Model Atmospheres for Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae 337 Rauch, Thomas; Deetjen, Jochen L.; Dreizler, Stefan; Werner, Klaus
Survey of Large Planetary Nebulae in Decay 341 Rauch, Thomas; Furlan, Elise; Kerber, Florian; Roth, Miguel
Molecular Line Observations of Proto-planetary Nebulae 347 Alcolea, J.; Bujarrabal, V.; Castro-Carrizo, A.; Sánchez Contreras, C.; Neri, R.; Zweigle, J.
Kinematics of Molecular Hydrogen Emission from Planetary and Pre-planetary Nebulae 355 Kastner, Joel H.; Gatley, Ian; Weintraub, David A.
HST/WFPC2 Observations of the Core of KjPn 8 363 López, José Alberto; Meaburn, John; Rodríguez, Luis F.; Vázquez, Roberto; Steffen, Wolfgang; Bryce, Myfanwy
Mass-loaded Jet Models of FLIERS in Planetary Nebulae 367 Dyson, J. E.; Redman, M. P.
The Kinematics of Point-Symmetric Planetary Nebulae: Observational Evidence of Precessing Outflows 371 Guerrero, Martín A.
Instabilities and the Formation of Small-Scale Structures in Planetary Nebulae 379 Dwarkadas, Vikram
Searching for Jets in Asymmetrical Nebulae with the Hubble Space Telescope 383 Harrington, J. Patrick
Kinematics of the Molecular Hydrogen in the Planetary Nebula NGC 2346 387 Arias, Lorena; Rosado, Margarita
ISO Spectroscopy and Optical Morphology of Proto-planetary Nebulae and Young Planetary Nebulae 391 García-Lario, Pedro; Manchado Torres, Arturo; Ulla, Ana; Manteiga, Minia; Suárez Fernández, Olga
Morphology and Kinematics of the High Excitation Planetary Nebula Hb 5 397 Pishmish, Paris; Manteiga, Minia; Mampaso Recio, Antonio
A 3D Morpho-kinematic Study of NGC 3132 401 Monteiro, H.; Morisset, C.; Gruenwald, R.; Viegas, S. M.
Kinematics of the Asymmetrical Planetary Nebula IC 4593 405 O'Connor, J. A.; Meaburn, J.; López, J. A.; Redman, M. P.
The Dramatic Hypersonic Knotty Outflow from MyCn 18 409 Redman, M. P.; O'Connor, J. A.; Holloway, A. J.; Bryce, M.; López, J. A.; Meaburn, J.
FLIERs as Stagnation Knots from Partially Collimated Outflows 413 Steffen, Wolfgang; López, José Alberto
X-rays from Planetary Nebulae 419 Chu, You-Hua; Guerrero, Martín A.; Gruendl, Robert A.
Do the Nuclei of Elliptical Galaxies Eat Planetary Nebulae? 423 Dopita, Michael A.; Massaglia, Silvano; Bodo, Gianluigi; Arnaboldi, Magda; Merluzzi, Paola
Observed Properties of Mass Loss in Symbiotic Binaries 431 Mikòlajewska, Joanna
The R Coronae Borealis Star - Planetary Nebula Connection 437 Clayton, Geoffrey C.
Magellanic Cloud Planetary Nebulae: A Fresh Look at the Relations between Nebular and Stellar Evolution 441 Stanghellini, L.; Shaw, R. A.; Blades, J. C.; Balick, B.
The Structure of the Circumstellar Envelope of SN 1987A1 445 Crotts, Arlin P. S.
Supernova 1987A: A Young Supernova Remnant in an Aspherical Progenitor Wind 449 Gaensler, B. M.; Manchester, R. N.; Staveley-Smith, L.; Wheaton, V.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Reynolds, J. E.; Kesteven, M. J.
The Circumstellar Matter Around OH44.8-2.3 453 Bobrowsky, M.; Greeley, B. W.; Ueta, T.; Meixner, M. M.
Conference Impression 457 Schwarz, Hugo E.