Title: Very Long Baseline Interferometry and the VLBA
Volume: 82 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Zensus, J. A.; Diamond, P. J.; Napier, P. J.
ISBN: 1-886733-02-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-418-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
I Theory 3 Clark, B. G.
Theory of Correlation 17 Romney, J. D.
Imaging Concepts 39 Cornwell, T.
VLBA Design 59 Napier, P. J.
VLBA:Antenna to Data Formatter 73 Thompson, A. R.
VLBA: Formatter to Tape 93 Rogers, A. E. E. R.
The VLBA Correlator 117 Benson, J. M.
What the VLBA Can Do For You 133 Walker, R. C.
Calibration techniques for VLBI 161 Moran, J. M.; Dhawan, V.
Fringe Fitting 189 Cotton, W. D.
Spectral-Line VLBI 209 Reid, Mark J.
VLBI Data Reduction in Practice 227 Diamond, P. J.
Practical VLBI Imaging 247 Walker, R. C.
Non-Imaging Data Analysis 268 Pearson, T. J.
Polarimetry 289 Cotton, W. D.
Multi-Frequency Synthesis 310 Conway, J. E.; Sault, R. J.
VLBI Phase-Referencing 328 Beasley, A. J.; Conway, J. E.
Geodesy 345 Shaffer, D. B.
Astrometry 364 Fomalont, E.
EVN and Global VLBI 397 Schilizzi, R. T.
VLBI Observing Strategies 411 Wrobel, J. M.