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Paper: Polarimetry
Volume: 82, Very Long Baseline Interferometry and the VLBA
Page: 289
Authors: Cotton, W. D.
Abstract: Introduction; Instrumental Response; Interaction with Total Intensity Calibration; Phase; Phase Delays and Rates; Ellipticity-Orientation Model; Leakage-Term Model; Polarization Angle; Calibration; Linearly Polarized Feeds; Circularly Polarized Feeds; Phase Rereferencing; Phase-Cals; Fringe Fitting; Parallel-Hand Fringe Fits; Right-left Delay Calibration; Right-Left Coherence; Ionospheric Faraday Rotation; External Faraday Rotation Calibration Faraday Self-Calibration Instrumental Polarization Calibration; Calibrator Polarization Model Fitting A Feed Model; Iterative Calibration; Polarization Angle Calibration; Unresolved Calibrator; Resolved Calibrator; Imaging; Asymmetric (u, v) Coverage; Complex Deconvolution; Spectro-Polarimetry; Suggested Procedure
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