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Paper: Astrometry
Volume: 82, Very Long Baseline Interferometry and the VLBA
Page: 364
Authors: Fomalont, E.
Abstract: Types of Astrometry; Absolute Astrometry; Astrometry; The Basic Array Measurement; Total Phase Delay; The Model Phase Delay; Phase (Lobe) Ambiguities; Absolute Astrometry; The Fundamental Astrometric Equation; Multi-element Arrays; Common Non-dispersive Phase-Delay Terms; Tropospheric Refraction; Clock Errors; Instrumental Path Lengths; Common Dispersive Phase Delay Terms; Ionospheric Phase Delay; Visibility Phase; Phase Changes; Multi-Frequency Observations; Terrestrial Coordinate Frame;Earth Orientation; Polar Motion; Time and Earth Rotation; Plate Tectonics; Earth Orbital Parameters; VLBI Observations; Phase Derivatives with Time and Frequency; Solution Using the Phase Rate; Solution Using the Group Delay; Measuring the Group Delay; Measuring the Ionosphere Delay; Relative Accuracies of Phasas and Delays; Analyzing VLBI Data: SOLVE; Relative Astrometry; Nodding Observations; Groups of Calibrators; Nodding Errors and Supportive Astrometric Observations; Simultaneous Observations of Source and Calibrators
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