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Paper: VLBA: Formatter to Tape
Volume: 82, Very Long Baseline Interferometry and the VLBA
Page: 93
Authors: Rogers, A. E. E. R.
Abstract: Introduction; Why Magnetic Tape?; VLBI Recording Systems; The VLBA Data Format; Longitudinal Format; Transverse Track Format; Data and Non-Data Replacement; Track Width and Track Structure; The VLBA Formatter; Switch Board; Header Control Board; Transport Driver Board; Timing and Control Board; DataBuffer Board; Analysis Board; Magnetic Recording Fundamentals; Recording Losses; Wavelength Response; Head-to-Tape Contact and Tribology; The VLBA Recorder; The Tape Transport; The Headstack; The Headstack Positioner; Control Electronics; Signal Electronics and Eye Pattern; Characteristics and Limitations; Error Rate Versus Bit Density; Tape Thickness Interchange; Head Flying; Overwrite; Tracking Errors; Headlife and Humidity; Thin Tape and Edge Damage by Frictional Heating; Tape Reel and Shipping Canister; Future VLBI Recording Systems; Expansion Paths for the VLBA Formatter; Recorder Improvements; Thinner Tape; Higher Data Rates; Next Generation of Heads; Mark IV; Summary and Conclusions
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