Title: Radio Astronomy at the Fringe
Volume: 300 Year: 2003 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Zensus, J. Anton; Cohen, Marshall H.; Ros, Eduardo
ISBN: 1-58381-147-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-243-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
History of VLBI   
A Review of the History of VLBI 1 Clark, B.G.
Very Long Baseline Interferometry in the USSR 9 Matveyenko, L.I.
Early Work in Imaging 17 Hogbom, J. A.
CTD 93 - Spanning the Years 21 Shaffer, D. B.
VLBI Results   
The 2cm VLBA Survey 27 Zensus, J.A.; Ros, E.; Kadler, M.; Kellermann, K.I.; Lister, M.L.; Homan, D.C.; Cohen, M.H.; Vermeulen, R.C.
Jet Collimation: 3C 279 Caught in the Act 35 Homan, D.C.
Motion Statistics in the CJ Survey - The Status in October 2002 43 Vermeulen, R.C.; Britzen, S.; Taylor, G.B.; Pearson, T.J.; Readhead, A.C.S.; Wilkinson, P.N.; Browne, W.A.
Studying Circular Polarization with the VLBA 49 Homan, D.C.; Wardle, J.F.C.
What We've Learned from VSOP Polarization Observations 57 Gabuzda, D.C.
Compact Structures in Flat-Sprectrum Extragalactic Radio Sources 65 Kovalev, Y.Y.
Gigahertz Peaked Spectrum Radio Sources 71 Lister, M.L.
Radio Source Evolution on Small Scales 81 Fanti, C.; Fanti, R.
VLBI Properties of Gamma-Ray Blazars 89 Jorstad, S.G.; Marscher, A.P.
VLBI Imaging of Seyfert Galaxies 97 Ulvestad, J.S.
Microquasars 105 Dhawan, V.
3C 84 113 Walker, R.C.
Ionised, Atomic, and Molecular Gas around the Twin Radio Jets of NGC 1052 119 Vermeulen, R.C.; Ros, E.; Zensus, J.A.; Kellermann, K.I.; Cohen, M.H.; van Langevelde, H.J.
Sagittarius A* as an AGN 123 Goss, W.M.
Relativistic Jets in Blazars: Where the Action Is 133 Marscher, A.P.
Thermal Electrons in the Helical Magnetic Field of 3C 273 141 Inour, M.; Asada, K.; Uchida, Y.
Magnetic Field Structures in Parsec Scale Jets: Oblique Shocks 143 Aller, H.D.; Aller, M.F.; Hughes, P.A.
What Can We Learn about Extragalactic Radio Jets from X-Ray Data? 151 Harris, D.E.
Variability and Brightness Temperature   
Survey of Variability 159 Aller, M.F.; Aller, A.D.; Hughes, P.A.
Variability and Brightness Temperature 169 Valtaoja, E.; Savolainen, T.; Wiik, K.; Lahteenmaki, A.
Variability and Velocity of Superluminal Sources 177 Cohen, M.H.; Russo, M.A.; Homan, D.C.; Kellermann, K.I.; Lister, M.L.; Vermeulen, R.C.; Ros, E.; Zensus, J.A.
Variability, Brightness Temperatures, Superluminal Motion, Doppler Boosting, and Related Issues 185 Kellermann, K.I.
Space VLBI and high Brightness Temperature Observations 193 Hirabayashi, H.
Interstellar Scintillation and Radio Intra-Day Variability 199 Jauncey, D.L.; Bignall, H.E.; Lovell, J.E.J.; Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Tzioumis, A.K.; Macquart, J.-P.; Rickett, B.J.
Seeing the Cores of Active Galaxies in the Sharpest Detail 211 Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Rickett, B.J.; Bignall, H.E.; Jauncey, D.L.; Lovell, J.E.J.; Tzioumis, A.K.; Macquart, J.-P.
The Energetics and Apparent Superluminal Motions of Extragalactic Radio Sources 219 Burbidge, G.
The KelPau Limit and Sources of Cosmic Rays 235 Kardashev, N.S.
Self-Stark Limit on Brightness Temperature in Cosmic Masers 239 Slysh, V.I.
Population and Cosmology   
The Space Distribution and Evolution of Radio Sources 243 Condon, J.J.
Cosmology from the NRAO VLA Sky Survey 251 Wall, J.V.; Blake, C.A.
The Radio and Optical Morphologies of Micro-Jansky Radio Sources 259 Fomalont, E.B.; Kellermann, K.I.; Cowie, L.L.; Berger, A.J.; Capak, P.; Partridge, R.B.; Windhorst, R.A.
High-Redshift Radio-Loud QSOs: Unification and the Space Density Turnover 267 Jackson, C.A.; Wall, J.V.; Shaver, P.A.; Kellermann, K.I.; Hook, I.M.
Observations at the Edge 275 Shaver, P.A.
Radio Galaxies as Probes of Distant Proto-clusters 281 Miley, G.
Milliarcsecond Radio Structures in AGN as Cosmological Probes 285 Gurvits, L.I.
Radio Galaxies and the Magnetization of the IGM 293 Gopal-Krishna; Wiita, P.J.
Astronomy at the Fringe 301 Ekers, R.D.