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Paper: Jet Collimation: 3C 279 Caught in the Act
Volume: 300, Radio Astronomy at the Fringe
Page: 35
Authors: Homan, D.C.
Abstract: We analyze a change in trajectory in a jet component of the quasar 3C 279. The component changes in speed and direction, and we find it to be moving with a Lorentz factor γ ≥ 15 at an initial angle of ≤ 1.2° to the line of sight. The new trajectory of the component parallels that of the original superluminal feature from the early 1970s. We argue that the trajectory change is a collimation event occurring at ≥ 1 kiloparsec (deprojected). Comparison to independent constraints on the Doppler factor suggest this component is near equipartition values for magnetic field and particle energy.
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