Title: Celebrating Science: Putting Education Best Practices to Work
Volume: 500 Year: 2015 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Schultz, G.; Buxner, S.; Shore, L.; Barnes, J.

Burlingame, California, USA
2–6 August 2014

In August 2014, a community of science education and public outreach (EPO) professionals, astronomy instructors, scientists,
formal and informal educators, science communicators, and others gathered at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, California, to share their knowledge and experiences around seven major conference themes: (1) Engaging with 21st Century Media and Technology, (2) Enhancing Science Communication Skills and Practices, (3) Evaluating, Assessing and Documenting EPO Impacts, (4) Improving Our Professional Practice, (5) Promoting Multicultural Diversity and Gender Equity, (6) Supporting the Next generation Science Standards
(NGSS), and (7) Using Authentic Science and Citizen Science.

This gathering of experts in science communication, college teaching, education research and policy, public science engagement, and K-12 science teacher professional development shared best practices, metrics, challenges, opportunities, and results. This volume serves as a record of the meeting and includes the transcripts and summaries of many of the presentations given at the conference.
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Federal STEM Policy and Politics and Their Impact on Astronomy EPO: Reflections and Provocations 5 Schultz, G.; Storksdieck, M.; Canright, S.
Increasing Diversity in Earth and Space Sciences 7 Meinke, B. K.; Ali, N. A.; Shackelford, R.; Mendez, B.; Acevedo, S.; Basri, G.; Kenney, K.; Lee, A. S.
Working with Scientists Who Interact with Public Audiences 13 Schatz, D.; Witzel, L.; Gurton, S.; McCann, S. E.
The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): How to Support Students, Teachers, and Districts 15 Shore, L.; Plummer, J.; Cheung, C.
Weighing the Balance of Science Literacy in Education and Public Policy 17 Buxner, S.; Impey, C.; Johnson, B.
Making the Case for the Total STEM Learning Ecosystem: Why Message Matters and Why the Old Ones are Killing Us 19 Bartels, D.
The Great Society: An Introduction to Stereotype Threat and Social Perceptions 23 Shackelford, R.; Ali, N. A.; Mendez, B.; Meinke, B. K.
Tested Tools and Techniques for Promoting STEM Programming in Libraries: Fifteen Years of the Lunar and Planetary Institute's Explore Program 27 LaConte, K.; Shipp, S.; Shupla, C.; Shaner, A.; Buxner, S.; Canipe, M.; Jaksha, A.
Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Space Scientists in EPO—Survey Results, Responses, and Strategies 37 Grier, J.; Buxner, S.; Schneider, N.
Preparing for and Observing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse 43 Pasachoff, J.
The New ISO Standard for Solar Filters 51 Chou, B. R.
The Great American Eclipse of 2017: An Outreach Opportunity and Challenge 55 Fraknoi, A.; Schatz, D.; Shore, L.
Methods of Engaging Preschool-age Children in Science Practices During Astronomy Activities 61 Plummer, J. D.
Getting the Most Bang from Your Volunteer Hour: Easy Assessments in the Dark Skies, Bright Kids Program 67 Beaton, R. L.; Sokal, K. R.; Liss, S. E.; Johnson, K. E.
Using Authentic Science in the Classroom: NASA's Coordinated Efforts to Enhance STEM Education 75 Lawton, B.; Schwerin, T.; Low, R.
NASA's Coordinated Efforts to Enhance STEM Education: Bringing NASA Science into the Library 85 Meinke, B. K.; Thomas, C.; Eyermann, S.; Mitchell, S.; LaConte, K.; Hauck, K.
Full STEAM Ahead with the NASA Opportunities in Visualization, Art, and Science (NOVAS) Program 93 Zevin, D.; Croft, S.; Thrall, L.; Fillingim, M.; Cook, L. R.
Communities of Practice: Professional Development Through Fostering Connections 105 Ali, N. A.; Raftery, C.; Shackleford, R.; Nelson, A.; Turney, D.
Music Inspired by Astronomy: A Great Outreach Tool 107 Fraknoi, A.
NASA Science Mission Directorate Science Education and Public Outreach Forums Informal Educator National Survey Results 117 Bartolone, L.; LaConte, K.; Gurton, S.; Soeffing, C.
NASA SMD Education and Public Outreach Forums K–12 Working Group: Key Findings from the National K–12 Educator Needs Assessment Survey 123 Soeffing, C.; Bartolone, L.; Nelson, A.; Paglierani, R.; Burck, L.; Klug-Boonstra, S.; Zimmerman-Brachman, R.; Davey, B.
Best Practices in NASA's Astrophysics Education and Public Outreach Projects 127 Hasan, H.; Smith, D.
Flying the Infrared Skies: An Authentic SOFIA Educator Experience 133 Manning, J. G.
Digital Planetariums and Immersive Visualizations for Astronomy Education 137 Yu, K. C.; Sahami, K.
A Community Discussion about Sharing and Publishing Space Science Education Research and Evaluation 143 Buxner, S.; Bartolone, L.; Fraknoi, A.; Plummer, J.; Brinkworth, C.; Schultz, G.
The Nature of Astronomy: Addressing the Nature of Science within NGSS 149 Shupla, C.; Buxner, S.; Cobb, W.; Lebofsky, L.; Weeks, S.
Native Skywatchers: Kapemni. As it is Above, It is Below. . . A Hands-On STEM + Art + Culture Experience. 155 Lee, A. S.
Studying Students' Science Literacy: Non-Scientific Beliefs and Science Literacy Measures 167 Impey, C.; Buxner, S.
Online Classrooms: Powerful Tools for Rapid-Iteration Pedagogical Improvements 177 Horodyskyj, L.; Semken, S.; Anbar, A.; Buxner, S.
The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures: Ongoing Institutional Cooperation for Public Outreach 183 Fraknoi, A.
Building Worlds and Learning Astronomy on Facebook Part III: Testing, Launch, and Evaluation 187 Harold, J.; Hines, D.; Vidugiris, E.; Goldman, K. H.
Combining Real World Experiences with WorldWide Telescope Visualization to Build a Better Parallax Lab 191 Ladd, E. F.; Gingrich, E. C.; Nottis, K. E. K.; Udomprasert, P.; Goodman, A. A.
From Picas to Pixels: An Astro 101 e-Book 195 Shawl, S.; Byrd, G.; Deustua, S.; LoPresto, M.
Investigating Undergraduate Students' Science Literacy: Responses Related to Radiation and DNA 199 Impey, C.; Buxner, S.; Nieberding, M.; Romine, J.
Communication and Shared Practices are Bringing NASA STEM Resources to Camp Youth 203 LaConte, K.; Shaner, A.; Shipp, S.; Garst, B.; Bialeschki, M. D.; Netting, R.; Erickson, K.
Investigating the Relationship between Students' Science Knowledge and Their Reported Sources of Information 207 Buxner, S.; Romine, J.; Impey, C.; Nieberding, M.
Defining, Enhancing, and Documenting Impact of STEM Education and Public Outreach Projects Through a Quantitative Collaborative Impact Analysis Evaluation Method 211 Davis, H. B.; Scalice, D.
The NASA Galileo Educator Network: Using Astronomy to Engage Teachers in Science Practices 223 Kruse, B.; Bass, K. M.; Schultz, G.
NASA Astrophysics EPO Community: Enhancing STEM Instruction 227 Bartolone, L.; Manning, J.; Lawton, B.; Meinke, B. K.; Smith, D. A.; Schultz, G.; NASA Astrophysics EPO community
Cross-Forum Five-Year Professional Development Review 233 Davey, B.; Davis, H.; Bartolone, L.; Buxner, S.
Careers in Astronomy 239 Harvey, J.
NASA Astrophysics EPO Community: Increasing and Sustaining Youth and Public Engagement in STEM 241 Lawton, B.; Smith, D. A.; Bartolone, L.; Meinke, B. K.; Schultz, G.; Manning, J.; NASA Astrophysics EPO Community
NASA Astrophysics EPO Community: Enhancing STEM Experience of Undergraduates 247 Manning, J.; Meinke, B. K.; Lawton, B.; Smith, D. A.; Bartolone, L.; Schultz, G.; NASA Astrophysics EPO Community
NASA Astrophysics EPO Community: Serving Groups Historically Underrepresented in STEM Fields 255 Meinke, B. K.; Smith, D. A.; Lawton, B.; Bartolone, L.; Schultz, G.; Manning, J.; NASA Astrophysics EPO Community
Snapshots of the Universe: A Multilingual Astronomy Book 261 Beaton, R. L.; Sokal, K. R.; Liss, S. E.; Johnson, K. E.
Art in Science Promoting Interest in Research and Exploration (ASPIRE) 265 Fillingim, M.; Zevin, D.; Thrall, L.; Croft, S.; Raftery, C.; Shackelford, R.
The Size, Scale, and Structure Concept Inventory (S3CI) for Astronomy 269 Gingrich, E. C.; Ladd, E. F.; Nottis, K. E. K.; Udomprasert, P.; Goodman, A. A.
Frontier Fields: A Cost-Effective Approach to Bringing Authentic Science to the Education Community 275 Eisenhamer, B.; Lawton, B.; Summers, F.; Ryer, H.
Astronomy Festival on the National Mall 279 Lubowich, D.
Introducing “The MOOSE,” the Menu of Outreach Opportunities for Science Education 287 Fraknoi, A.
A Resource Guide to Exploring Eclipses in General and the August 21, 2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun 289 Fraknoi, A.
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