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Paper: Investigating the Relationship between Students' Science Knowledge and Their Reported Sources of Information
Volume: 500, Celebrating Science: Putting Education Best Practices to Work
Page: 207
Authors: Buxner, S.; Romine, J.; Impey, C.; Nieberding, M.
Abstract: Building on a 25 year study of undergraduate students' science literacy, we have been investigating where students report getting information about science. In this study, we investigated the relationship between students' basic science knowledge, responses about studying something scientifically, and where they report gaining information about science. Data for this study was collected through an online survey of astronomy courses during 2014. Responses were collected from a total of 400 students through online surveys. Most survey respondents were non-science majors in the first two years of college who had taken 3 or fewer college science courses. Our results show a relationship between students who report online searches and Wikipedia as reliable sources of information and lower science literacy scores, although there was no relationship between science knowledge and where students report getting information about science. Our results suggest that information literacy is an important component to overall science literacy.
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