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Paper: Native Skywatchers: Kapemni. As it is Above, It is Below. . . A Hands-On STEM + Art + Culture Experience.
Volume: 500, Celebrating Science: Putting Education Best Practices to Work
Page: 155
Authors: Lee, A. S.
Abstract: In D(L)akota star knowledge there is one overlying idea, “kapemni.” Imagine two tipis lined up vertically so that the tops are touching. The top triangle represents the spirit world or the star world; the bottom triangle is the material world or physical world. The idea is when a mirroring of the star world is created with what's happening on Earth (or vice versa), a doorway is created and opened between the worlds. There is a flow. This workshop will use the D(L)akota star map, “Dakota Makọce Wicaƞngḣpi Wowapi,” to teach participants the native constellations that are visible in tonight's sky. Then participants will visually communicate their connection to the stars and the seasons.
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