Title: Chemical Enrichment of Intracluster and Intergalactic Medium
Volume: 253 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Fusco-Femiano, Roberto; Matteucci, Francesca
ISBN: 1-58381-093-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-589-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Chemical Enrichment of the ICM with BeppoSAX.(I) 3 de Grandi, Sabrina; Molendi, Silvano
The Large Scale Structure of the ICM as Observed with XMM.(I) 15 Arnaud, Monique
Cluster Cores as Observed with Chandra. (I) 23 Ettori, Stefano; Fabian, Andrew C.
Chandra Observations of Cluster Abundances and Other Matters. (I) 35 Loewenstein, Michael
Energy and Metals in Groups of Galaxies. (I) 43 Ponman, Trevor J.; Helsdon, Stephen F.; Lloyd-Davies, Ed J.; Grego, Laura; Vrtilek, Jan; Finoguenov, Alexis
Intra-Cluster Medium Enrichment and the Dynamical State of Galaxy Cluster. (I) 55 Schindler, Sabine
Recovering True Metal Abundances of the ICM. 65 Pellegrini, Silvia; Ciotti, Luca
On the Connection between Formation and Enrichment of Galaxy Clusters. (I) 71 Finoguenov, Alexis
Inhomogeneous Metallicities and Cluster Cooling Flows. 85 Morris, R. Glenn; Fabian, Andrew C.
Observations of Galaxies with Chandra. (I) 93 Fabbiano, Giuseppina
Metal Enrichment of the Intergalactic Medium.(I) 107 Ferrara, Andrea
Molecular Hydrogen and the CMBR Temperature at z = 3.025 Toward QSO 0347-3819. 119 Levshakov, Sergei A.; Dessauges-Zavadasky, Miroslava; D'Odorico, Sandro; Molaro, Paolo
The Impact of Dust and Ionization Effects on Abundance Measurements of Damped Lyα Systems.(I) 125 Vladilo, Giovanni
The [α/Zn] Ratios in the DLA System at Zabs = 3.025 : Evidence for a Halo Milky Way Like Abundance Pattern. 137 Dessauges-Zavadsky, Miroslava; D'Odorico, Sandro; Levshakov, Sergei A.; Molaro, Paolo
The Ionic Abundances of the Lyα Forest at 1.5 < z < 2.4. 143 Kim, Tae-Sun; Carswell, Robert F.; D'Odoric, Sandro; Cristiani, Sergio
Inhomogeneous Metal Enrichment at z ~ 1.9: the Lyman Limit Systems in the Spectrum of the HDF-S Quasar. 151 D'Odorico, Valentina
The DLAs Contribution to the Metal Content of the High z Universe. 159 Lanfranchi, Gustavo A.; Friaça, Amancio C. S.
The Metallicity of 0.5 < z < 1 Field Galaxies. 167 Carollo, C. Marcella; Lilly, Simon J.; Stockton, Alan
Evolution of X-ray Luminous Clusters from z=0.3 to z=0.8. 173 Gioia, Isabella
The Impact on the Intergalactic Medium by Galaxies at Redshift z = 3. 181 Pettini, Max
Clustering of High-Redshift Sources as Tracer of Their Star-Formation Activity 189 Magliocchetti, Manuela; Moscardini, Lauro; Panuzzo, Pasquale; Danese, Luigi; Granato, Gian Luigi; de Zotti, Gianfranco
High Redshift Galaxy Clusters as Probes of Cosmology. 195 Sommer-Larsen, Jesper; Götz, Martin
Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae. (I) 205 Thielemann, Friedrich-K.; Argast, Dominik; Brachwitz, Franziska; Martinez-Pinedo, Gabriel; Rauscher, Thomas; Liebendörfer, Matthias; Mezzacappa, Anthony; Höflich, Peter; Iwamoto, Koichi; Nomoto, Ken'ichi
Hypernova Nucleosynthesis and Early Chemical Evolution. (I) 221 Nomoto, Ken'ichi; Umeda, Hideyuki
The Yields Produced by the First Stellar Generation. (I) 231 Chieffi, Alessandro; Limongi, Marco; Dominguez, Inma; Straniero, Oscar
Explosive Yields of Zero Metal SNII and the Abundances in Extremely Metal Poor Stars. 241 Limongi, Marco; Chieffi, Alessandro
Gamma-Ray Lines as Probe of Heavy Elements De-Excitation in Young Open Clusters. 251 Giovannelli, Franco
Backwards Galaxy Formation with Only a Few Parameters. (I) 263 Ferreras, Ignacio; Silk, Joseph
Disruption of Satellites in Cosmological Haloes. 273 Taffoni, Giuliano; Mayer, Lucio; Colpi, Monica; Governato, Fabio
Galaxy Formation with Two-Phase ISM. 279 Monaco, Pierluigi
Formation and Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies. (I) 285 Chiosi, Cesare
Chemical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies as a Constraint to Galaxy Formation Scenarios. 299 Romano, Donatella; Matteucci, Francesca; Danese, Luigi
The Epoch of Galaxy Formation. (I) 309 Jimenez, Raul
Mg2-σ in Early-Type Galaxies and Spiral Bulges. 321 Chiappini, Cristina; Pellegrini, Paulo S.; Rité, Charles; Maia, Marcio A. G.; Ogando, Ricardo; Ramos, Beatriz; Schiavon, Ricardo P.; Willmer, Cristopher N. A.; da Costa, Luiz; Bernardi, Mariangela; Alonso, Maria V.; Wegner, Gary
An Empirical View to the Early Chemical Evolution of Bulge/Disk Galaxies. (I) 331 Renzini, Alvio
Modelling the Chemical Enrichment of the ICM. 341 Matteucci, Francesca
A Chemical Evolution Model for Galaxy Clusters. 349 Portinari, Laura; Moretti, Alessia; Chiosi, Cesare
Chemical Enrichment and Energetics of the ICM with Redshift. 355 Pipino, Antonio; Matteucci, Francesca; Borgani, Stefano; Biviano, Andrea
Hot Gas in the Milky Way. (I) 365 Jenkins, Edward B.
Enrichment of the Intergalactic Medium by the Milky Way Subgroup. 373 Carigi, Leticia
Enrichment of the High-Redshift IGM by Galactic Winds. 381 Aguirre, Anthony
Starburst-Driven Galactic Superwinds. (I) 387 Strickland, Dave
Galactic Winds in Starburst Irregular Galaxies. 397 Recchi, Simone; Matteucci, Francesca; D'Ercole, Annibale
Probing Scale-Variance from Clusters to Groups of Galaxies. (I) 407 Cavaliere, Alfonso; Lapi, Andrea; Menci, Nicola
The Heating of the Intra Cluster Medium. 421 Tozzi, Paolo
Hierarchical Galaxy Formation and the Heating of the Intra-Cluster Gas. 429 Menci, Nicola; Cavaliere, Alfonso
Feedback and the Intra-cluster Medium. (I) 435 Bower, Richard G.; Quilis, Vicent; Balogh, Michael L.
Heating of Gas in Galaxy Groups and Clusters. 445 Brighenti, Fabrizio; Mathews, William G.
Non Gravitational Heating of the ICM in High-Resolution Hydrodynamical Simulations. 453 Borgani, Stefano
Numerical Convergence of Hydrodynamical SPH Simulations of Cooling Clusters. 461 Valdarnini, Riccardo
Simulations of Galaxy Clusters Observed by Chandra. 469 Gardini, Alessandro
History of Star Formation in the Universe. (I) 477 Elmegreen, Bruce G.
Metals in the Universe and Diffuse Background Radiation. (I) 489 Pagel, Bernard E. J.
Statistical Properties of DLAs and Sub-DLAs. 501 Peroux, Celine; Irwin, Mike J.; McMahon, Richard G.; Storrie-Lombardi, Lisa J.
Concluding Remarks. (I) 509 Pagel, Bernard E. J.