Title: The Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium in Turkey
Volume: 205 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Livingston, W.; Özgüç, A.
ISBN: 1-58381-032-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-541-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
Eclipse Science Results: Past and Present (Invited review) 3 Livingston, W.; Koutchmy, S.
Observations of Coronal Oscillations and Waves 11 Ichimoto, K.; Singh, J.
Shape and Structure of the White-Light Corona over Solar Cycles (Invited review) 17 Rusin, V.
Comparison Between the White-Light and Green Emission Coronae 32 Minarovjech, M.
What Can We Learn About the Corona from Polarization Measurements? (Invited review) 41 Stenflo, J. O.
Eclipse Polarimetric Observations of Prominences 51 Kim, I. S.; Alexeeva, I. V.; Bougaenko, O. I.; Divlekeev, M. I.; Popov, V. V.; Belinski, A. A.; Seleznev, D. A.; Mjagkov, G. A.; Park, Y. D.
Electropolarimetry of the Solar Corona 59 Kulijanishvili, V.; Lominadze, J.; Özkan, M. T.; Ökten, A.
Eclipse Spectra of the Coronal Velocity Field (Invited Review) 69 Kim, I. S.
Spectroscopic Observations of Polar Plumes with SOHO/SUMMER 83 Hassler, D. M.
Quantitative Color Photometry of the Solar Corona 91 Park, Y. D.; Kim, I. S.; Kroussanova, N. L.; Baskaran, D.
Eclipse Curves of Ca H, K, and Hε Structures 97 Makita, M.
Digital Compositing Techniques for Coronal Imaging (Invited review) 101 Espenak, F.
Density Structure of the Coronal Loops Derived from the 1991 Total Eclipse Observation 113 Takeda, A.; Kurokawa, H.; Kitai, R.; Ishiura, K.
Large-Scale Distribution of Coronal Temperature Observed at the Total Solar Eclipse on 26 February 1998 121 Takahashi, N.; Yoneshima, W.; Hie, E.
Study of an Active Prominence and Its Emission Lines in the Coronal Enviornment 127 Khetsuriani, Ts. S.; Tetruashvili, E. I.; Gigolashvili, M. Sh.
An Emerging Flux Region Observed With TRACE 133 Yashiro, S.; Shibata, K.
The Occurrence Probability of X-rays Plasma Ejections by Solar Flares 137 Akiyama, S.; Hara, H.
SunBlock '99- An Educational Resource 141 Pike, C. D.; Mason, H. E.; Walsh, R. W.
Propagation and Dissipation of Slow Magnetosonic Waves in Coronal Plumes 147 Ofman, L.
Hanle Effect of Weak Solar Magnetic Fields 156 Faurobert, M.
Predicting the Structure of the Solar Corona During the 11 August 1999 Total Solar Eclipse 162 Mikic, J. A.; Linker, Z.; Riley, P.; Linello, R.
Estimating the Characteristic Size of Coronal Fine Structure 173 Karovska, M.; Zaccheo, S.
Results of the Observations of the Total Solar Eclipses of 1994 1995, 1997 1998, and 1999 181 Hiei, E.; Takahashi, N.; Iizuka, Y.; The Eclipse Group Of Meisei University
Observations of the Total Solar Eclipse August 11, 1999 184 Özgüç, A.; Rusin, V.; Rybanský, M.; Livingston, W.
Objectives of the Georgian-Turkish Joint Group at Solar Eclipse in Elazig 190 Gigolashvili, M. Sh.; Khetsuriani, Ts. S.; Khutsishvili, E. V.; Kiladze, R. I.; Salukvadze, G. N.; Gheonjan, L. A.; Mayer, A. K.; Japaridze, D. R.; Kapanadze, Z.; Ökten, A.; Özkan, T.; Özisik, T.; Gülseçen, H.; Al, N.; Gülseçen, S.; Kilçik, A.; Özgür, B.; Bostanci, F.
Internet Relaying of Total Solar Eclipse on 11 August,1999 196 Nagai, T.; Takahashi, N.; Okyudo, M.; Suginaka, M.; Matsumoto, N.; Team Of Live! Eclipse
Variation of Cosmic Ray Intensity During the Solar Eclipse August 11, 1999 202 Kandemir, G.; Güçlü, M. C.; Geçkinli, M.; Firat, C.; Boydag, S.; Özgüç, A.; Yasar, T.
Monitoring of the Telluric Currents Originated by Solar Related Atmospheric Events in Northwestern Turkey 208 Çaglar, Í.; Eryildiz, C.