Title: Frontiers of Stellar Evolution: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of McDonald Observatory (1939-1989)
Volume: 20 Year: 1991 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lambert, David L.
ISBN: 0-937707-39-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-356-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
50 Years of McDonald Observatory 1 Smith, H. J.
The Mcdonald Observatory and i way Back then 19 Popper, D. M.
Star formation - A theoretician's view 23 Shu, Frank H.
Star formation - Observations 45 Evans, Neal J., II
Spectroscopic constraints on the evolution of massive stars 97 Kudritzki, Rolf-Peter
Very low mass stars and brown dwarfs 125 Liebert, James
The sun and asteroseismology 139 Brown, Timothy M.
Globular clusters as tests of stellar evolution 185 Hesser, James E.
Observational tests of stellar evolution - The Magellanic Clouds 213 Wood, Peter R.
Death and transfiguration - Mass loss from cool evolved giant stars and evolution to planetary nebulae 229 Knapp, Gillian R.
Astro-archaeology - The white dwarfs and hot subwarfs 265 van Horn, Hugh M.
Neutron stars and black holes 299 Lamb, F. K.
Supernovae from single stars 389 Arnett, David
Close binaries with evolved components 403 Iben, I., Jr.; Tutukov, A. V.
Accretion disks in interacting binary stars 427 Lin, D. N. C.
Interacting binaries containing compact components 451 Warner, Brian
Supernovae in binary systems 483 Wheeler, J. C.
Stellar evolution and galactic chemical evolution 539 Matteucci, Francesca
Galactic evolution 571 Larson, Richard B.