Title: Frontiers of Astrophysics: A Celebration of NRAO's 50th Anniversary
Volume: 395 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Bridle, Alan H.; Condon, James J.; Hunt, Gareth C.
In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the NRAO hosted a science symposium highlighting the most important questions that can be addressed by astronomers. The universe is a unique laboratory yielding historical data on the creation of the universe, the formation of the first stars and galaxies, the production of the elements, the assembly of molecules and the building blocks of life in interstellar space, how and where planets form, and possible changes in fundamental physical constants on cosmological time scales. This “laboratory” contains black holes, neutron stars, and gravitational radiation for studying extreme gravity and extremely dense matter. It is filled with the mysterious dark energy and dark matter that control the expansion and destiny of the universe, and whole nature is a critical unsolved problem for physics. This symposium brought together leading scientists to address the most important questions in these areas, the major contributions to astronomy enabled by NRAO instruments—past, present, and future—and to suggest future directions for research involving radio observations and techniques.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 395 Cover Bridle, A.H.; Condon, J.J.; Hunt, G.C.
Front Matter   
Volume 395 Front Matter 1 Bridle, A.H.; Condon, J.J.; Hunt, G.C.
Conference Photograph   
Conference Photograph 2 Bridle, A.H.; Condon, J.J.; Hunt, G.C.
Part 1.
NRAO at 50! 3 Lo, K.Y.
Part 2.
Early Universe
Cosmic Microwave Background Observations in the Era of Precision Cosmology 21 Readhead, A.
The Richness and Beauty of the Physics of Cosmological Recombination 35 Sunyaev, R.A.; Chluba, J.
First Light – Centimeter/Millimeter Observations 49 Walter, F.; Carilli, C.
The First Billion Years: Probing Reionization as well as the Inflationary Initial Conditions 59 Loeb, A.
Galaxies at High Redshift and Reionization 73 Bunker, A.; Stanway, E.; Ellis, R.; Lacy, M.; McMahon, R.; Eyles, L.; Stark, D.; Chiu, K.
Part 3.
Galaxies, Star Formation, and the Local Universe
The Black Hole Accretion Disk in NGC4258: One of Nature’s Most Beautiful Dynamical Systems 87 Moran, J.
Investigating Dark Energy with Observations of H2O Megamasers 103 Braatz, J.A.; Reid, M.J.; Greenhill, L.J.; Condon, J.J.; Lo, K.Y.; Henkel, C.; Gugliucci, N.E.; Hao, L.
Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Luminous IR Galaxies and QSO Hosts 113 Evans, A.S.
HI Cosmology in the Local Universe with ALFALFA 125 Haynes, M.P.
Mapping Mass in the Local Universe 137 Masters, K.L.
Radio Continuum Surveys 147 Fomalont, E.B.
AGN and the Faint Radio Population 157 Barger, A.J.
Part 4.
Milky Way — Stars, Interstellar Medium, and Planets
Extreme Neutron Stars 171 Stairs, I.H.
Discovering CO and Other Interstellar Molecules with the NRAO 36 Foot Antenna 183 Wilson, R.W.
Disks, Young Stars, and Radio Waves: The Quest for Forming Planetary Systems 193 Chandler, C.J.; Shepherd, D.S.
The Search for Rocky Planets Around the Nearest Stars 203 Butler, R.P.
SETI - The Early Days and Now 213 Drake, F.
Axes of Discovery: The Time Domain and the Radio Synoptic Survey Telescope 225 Cordes, J.M.
Part 5.
The New Science of Gravitational Waves 239 Hogan, C.J.
Strong-field Gravity with the Double Pulsar and in the Future 249 Kramer, M.
Gravitational-Wave Astronomy with a Pulsar Timing Array 261 Backer, D.C.; Demorest, P.B.
Three-dimensional Nanosecond Radio Imaging of Cosmic Rays and Other Things 271 Falcke, H.
M31 and a Brief History of Dark Matter 283 Roberts, M.S.
The Search for Axions: Non-Conventional Radio Astronomy 289 Bradley, R.F.
Probing Fundamental-Constant Evolution with Radio Spectroscopy 297 Kanekar, N.
Part 6.
NRAO: Origins, History, and Future
The Origins and Early History of the NRAO 311 Heeschen, D.S.
ZAPPED! . . . by Hostile Space Aliens! 323 Condon, J.J.
Technology for the Next Fifty Years 335 Weinreb, S.
NRAO: The Next Fifty Years 347 Blandford, R.
Part 7.
Abstracts of Posters
Coordinated Science with the VLBA and the VLTI 361 Boboltz, D.A.; Wittkowski, M.
CARMA: Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy 362 Bock, D.C.-J.; Carpenter, J.M.
Resonance Rings in Early SB Galaxies: Estimating Bar Strength, Disk Star-Formation, Mass Density and M/L 363 Byrd, G.; Freeman, T.; Buta, R.
VIVA (VLA Imaging of Virgo in Atomic gas): HI Stripping in Virgo Galaxies 364 Chung, A.; van Gorkom, J.H.; Crowl, H.; Kenney, J.D.P.; Vollmer, B.
ASTE and APEX CO(J = 3 → 2) Detection in the Southern Interacting Pair NGC1326A–B 365 Cortés, J.R.; Cortés, P.C.; Hardy, E.
The Proper Motion of 4C 39.25 Revisited 366 Fey, A.L.; Boboltz, D.A.; Ojha, R.
Radio Properties of the Merging Cluster Complex A3128/A3125 367 Fleenor, M.C.; Johnston-Hollitt, M.; Rose, J.A.; Christiansen, W.A.; Hunstead, R.W.
Towards the Long Wavelength Array 368 Kassim, N.E.; Erickson, W.C.
HI Observations of the Virgo Cluster: Catalog Statistics, Optically Inert Detections, and HI Streams 369 Kent, B.R.
The VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey (VLSS) 370 Lane, W.M.; Cohen, A.S.; Cotton, W.D.; Perley, R.A.; Condon, J.J.; Lazio, T.J.W.; Kassim, N.E.; Erickson, W.C.
Past, Present, and Future NRAO Spacecraft Tracking 371 Langston, G.; MIT/Lincoln Laboratory Collaboration
Milliarcsecond Observations of Microarcsecond AGN 372 Lazio, J.; Ojha, R.; Fey, A.L.; Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Cordes, J.M.; Jauncey, D.L.; Lovell, J.E.
A Search for the Polarization of Spinning Dust in the Dark Cloud LDN 1622 373 Mason, B.; Robishaw, T.; Finkbeiner, D.
First Light with MUSTANG: A 90 GHz Bolometer Array for the Green Bank Telescope 374 Mason, B.; Dicker, S.; Korngut, P.; Benford, D.; Chervenak, J.; Devlin, M.; Figueroa, E.; Forgione, J.; Irwin, K.; Mello, M.; Maher, S.; Moseley, H.; Norrod, R.; Staghun, J.; White, S.
Redshift Studies of Scintillating and Non-scintillating Extragalactic Radio Sources: Direct Detection of the Ionized Intergalactic Medium? 375 Ojha, R.; Pursimo, T.; Jauncey, D.L.; Lovell, J.E.; Macquart, J.-P.; Dutka, M.S.
Star-Formation History and ISM Feedback in Nearby Galaxies: A VLA Large Project 376 Ott, J.; Skillman, E.; Dalcanton, J.; Walter, F.; West, A.; Koribalski, B.
Observations and Chemical Modelling of Edge Cloud 2 377 Ruffle, P.M.E.; Millar, T.J.; Roberts, H.; Lubowich, D.A.; Henkel, C.; Pasachoff, J.M.; Brammer, G.
From Molecular Oxygen to Primordial Molecules with the Odin Satellite 378 Persson, C.; Encrenaz, P.; Hjalmarson, Å .; Sandqvist, Aa.; Odin Team
On the Existence of an Observable Intrinsic Magnetic Moment Inside the Central Compact Object Within the Quasar Q0957+561 379 Schild, R.E.; Leiter, D.J.; Robertson, S.L.
WHIM Environment of Giant Radio Galaxies 380 Subrahmanyan, R.; Saripalli, L.; Safouris, V.; Hunstead, R.W.
Radio Source Counts at 30 GHz 381 Weintraub, L.; Mason, B.; Sievers, J.; Pearson, T.J.; Readhead, A.C.S.
Observing the Future: Simulating Next-Generation Radio Telescopes with MeqTrees 382 Willis, A.G.
Theoretical Modeling and Observations of FIR/submm/mm Line Emission of Nearby Starburst Galaxies 383 Yao, L.; Seaquist, E.R.
The SMA Observations of CO Line Emission from Arp 220: Super Clusters of Giant Molecular Clouds in the Merging Nuclei 384 Zhao, J.-H.; An, T.
Back Matter   
Volume 395 Back Matter 385 Bridle, A.H.; Condon, J.J.; Hunt, G.C.
Volume 395 Photographs 999 Bridle, A.H.; Condon, J.J.; Hunt, G.C.