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Paper: The Search for Axions: Non-Conventional Radio Astronomy
Volume: 395, Frontiers of Astrophysics: A Celebration of NRAO's 50th Anniversary
Page: 289
Authors: Bradley, R.F.
Abstract: The strong-CP problem in particle physics can be resolved quite elegantly when one ponders the ramifications of a hypothetical particle known as the axion. In this paper, a plausible argument for the axion is viewed from a historical perspective and its physical properties are presented within a cosmological framework. The detection of axions through enhanced Primakoff conversion is described along with details of the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX), where NRAO’s contribution is highlighted. Other search experiments are also summarized. The paper concludes with a short discussion of how the technology of radio astronomy might be used to enable other experiments that are designed to further our understanding of fundamental physics.
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