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Paper: Past, Present, and Future NRAO Spacecraft Tracking
Volume: 395, Frontiers of Astrophysics: A Celebration of NRAO's 50th Anniversary
Page: 371
Authors: Langston, G.; MIT/Lincoln Laboratory Collaboration
Abstract: The NRAO has contributed to spacecraft-tracking projects for Space VLBI and MIT’s Lincoln Laboratories Ionospheric studies. The NRAO has made significant contributions to the science goals of these missions using existing antennas and a combination of re-used and re-designed control systems. NRAO’s Antenna Operations Engineering, Programming, Management and Scientific services groups have each contributed the success of these projects.

These national and international collaborations have led to automatic, web-based, schedule exchanges and real-time displays of the tracking station system. These technologies have important application for other NRAO projects.

The NRAO has contributed to the Japanese VSOP project and supports the science goals of the future Russian RadioAstron and Japanese VSOP-II Space VLBI projects.

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