Title: Bioastronomy 2007: Molecules, Microbes and Extraterrestrial Life
Volume: 420 Year: 2009 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Meech, K. J.; Keane, J. V.; Mumma, M. J.; Siefert, J. L.; Werthimer, D. J.
The 9th International Bioastronomy conference: Molecules, Microbes and Extraterrestrial Life was organized by Commission 51 (Bioastronomy) of the International Astronomical Union. The meeting was held in San Juan Puerto Rico, and hosted 234 participants, 19 invited talks, 57 contributed oral talks, and 113 poster presentations.

The series of IAU Bioastronomy meetings have played an important role in integrating the broader interests and techniques of both astronomy and biology to understand the origin and evolution of life in our solar system, and of living systems in the universe. The theme of the 2007 meeting, Molecules, Microbes, and Extraterrestrial Life, deals with topics relevant both to solar system origins as well as to the NASA Vision of the Moon, Mars, and Beyond. The meeting location was selected because it is the site of one of the world's premier radio observatories at Arecibo, and because Puerto Rico is an astrobiologically relevant environment rich in biodiversity and well-suited for extremophile (halophile) studies. The meeting was held at a critical time for important science milestones, with recent commissioning of the CARMA millimeter array and the Allen Telescope Array in California , and coincident with (or just prior to) several planetary mission launches relevant to the NASA Vision and Bioastronomy (several international lunar launches, the NASA Dawn mission to the asteroid belt, the Phoenix mission to Mars in 2007, and the orbiting planet-finder Kepler in 2008).

The conference was organized around four broad themes: the origin of prebiotic material in space and delivery to the Earth; investigation of habitable worlds in the solar system and the building blocks of life; the origin of early life and its co-evolution with the environment; and extrasolar planets and biosignatures.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Volume Cover Meech, K. J.; Keane, J. V.; Mumma, M. J.; Siefert, J. L.; Werthimer, D. J.
Front matter 1 Meech, K. J.; Keane, J. V.; Mumma, M. J.; Siefert, J. L.; Werthimer, D. J.
Part 1. Introduction   
Overview of the Bioastronomy 2007 Meeting 3 Meech, K. J.; Irvine, W. M.
Part 2. How Early Could Life Originate in the Universe?   
Observing the Molecular Composition of Galaxies 19 Martín, S.
Theoretical Models of Complex Molecule Formation on Dust 29 Charnley, S. B.; Rodgers, S. B.
Searching for the Precursors of Life in External Galaxies 35 Lawton, B.; Churchill, C. W.; York, B. A.; Ellison, S. L.; Snow, T. P.; Johnson, R. A.; Ryan, S. G.; Benn, C. R.
Simple Organic Chemistry in the Horsehead Nebula 43 Goicoechea, J. R.; Pety, J.; Gerin, M.; Hily-Blant, P.; Teyssier, D.; Roueff, E.
Organic Molecules in the Orion KL Hot Molecular Core 49 Wang, K.-S.; Kuan, Y.-J.; Liu, S.-Y.; Huang, H.-C.; Charnley, S. B.
Part 3. The Nature of Interstellar Organics   
Establishing the Synthetic Contingencies for Life: Following the Carbon from AGB Stars to Planetary Surfaces 59 Ziurys, L. M.; Halfen, D. T.; Woolf, N. J.
White Dwarf Debris Disks: The Fate of Planetary Systems? 71 von Hippel, T.; Reach, W. T.; Mullally, F.; Kilic, M.; Kuchner, M. J.
The Near-Star Environment: Spectropolarimetry of Herbig Ae/Be Stars 77 Harrington, D. M.; Kuhn, J. R.
Comparing the Chemical Compositions of the Sun and Earth 83 Lineweaver, C. H.; Robles, J. A.
Towards Quantifying the Prevalence of Primitive Membranes in the Galaxy: The Millimeter-Wave Rotational Spectrum of Pyruvic Acid 87 Kisiel, Z.; Pszczólkowski, L.; Bailkowska-Jaworska, E.; Charnley, S. B.
Part 4. Organic Material in Comets, Meteorites, and IDPs   
Application of the Organic Synthetic Designs to Astrobiology 97 Kolb, V. M.
Imaging of Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner 103 Pittichová, J.; Kelley, M. S.; Woodward, C. E.; Meech, K. J.
Organics in the Samples Returned by the Stardust Spacecraft from Comet 81P/Wild 2 113 Sandford, S. A.
Part 5. Mars as a Setting for Life   
CO2 Clathrates on Mars and the CH4 Question: A Laboratory Investigation 123 Trainer, M. G.; McKay, C. P.; Tolbert, M. A.; Toon, O. B.
Production of Phyllosilicates and Sulfates on Mars Through Acidic Weathering: The Río Tínto Mars Analog Model 129 Fernández-Remolar, D. C.; Prieto-Ballesteros, O.; Amils, R.; Gómez, F.; Friedlander, L.; Arvidson, R.; Morris, R. V.; Gómez, D.
Methane Production on Rock and Soil Substrates by Methanogens: Implications for Life on Mars 137 Kozup, H. A.; Kral, T. A.
Radiation Environments on Mars and Their Implications for Terrestrial Planetary Habitability 149 Schneider, I.; Kasting, J. F.
Part 6. Prebiotic Chemistry   
Enigmatic Isovaline: Investigating the Stability, Racemization, and Formation of a Non-Biological Meteoritic Amino Acid 157 Hudson, R. L.; Lewis, A. S.; Moore, M. H.; Dworkin, J. P.; Martin, M. P.
Oscillating Type of Prebiotic Models as an Intermediate Step to Life 163 Kompanichenko, V. N.
Prussian Blue as a Prebiotic Reagent 171 Ruiz-Bermejo, M.; Menor-Salván, C.; Osuna-Esteban, S.; Veintemillas-Verdaguer, S.
Organic Material by Irradiation of HCN Solutions 175 Colin-García, M.; Negrón-Mendoza, A.; Ramos-Bernal, S.
Plausible Organic Synthesis on Titan’s Surface 183 Abbas, S. H.; Schulze-Makuch, D.
The Radiowave Synthesis in the Droplets of a Thunderstorm Cloud as a Precursor of Photosynthesis 187 Gusev, V. A.
Part 7. Origins of Viruses and Cellular Function   
The Earliest Ion Channels 197 Pohorille, A.; Wilson, M. A.; Wei, C.
Theoretical Studies of Glutamate Enantiomers at Different pH Conditions 203 González, J.; Corredor, C. F.; Lareo, L. R.
Part 8. Life in Extreme Environments   
Sulfate Reduction: A Model for Subsurface Martian Life 213 Denson, J.; Chevrier, V.; Sears, D.; Ivey, D. M.
A Hot Climate on Early Earth: Implications to Biospheric Evolution 221 Schwartzman, D. W.; Knauth, L. P.
Survival of Purines and Pyrimidines Adsorbed on a Solid Surface in a High Radiation Field 229 Guzman-Marmolejo, A.; Ramos-Bernal, S.; Negrón-Mendoza, A.
Patterned Growth in Extreme Environments 233 Curnutt, J.; Gomez, E.; Schubert, K. E.
Planetary Habitability Under Dynamic Temperatures 239 Méndez, A.
Chromatic Complementary Adaptation (CCA) for the Exploration of Exoplanetary Life 243 Tarasashvili, M. V.; Alexidze, N. G.
Exobiology at Southern Brazil: Spore Dosimetry and the UV Solar Radiation 247 Rampelotto, P. H.; Rosa, M. B.; Schuch, N. J.; Pinheiro, D. K.; Schuch, A. P.; Munakata, N.
Astrobiology in the Environments of Main-Sequence Stars: Effects of Photospheric Radiation 253 Cuntz, M.; Gurdemir, L.; Guinan, E. F.; Kurucz, R. L.
Biological Evolution on the Earth Influenced by Astronomical Objects: Especially Gamma-ray Sources 259 Ponert, J.; Príhoda, P.
Determination of Oxygen Production by Cyanobacteria in Desert Environment Soil 263 Bueno Prieto, J. E.
Evaluation of Biological and Enzymatic Activity of Soil in a Tropical Dry Forest: Desierto de la Tatacoa (Colombia) with Potential in Mars Terraforming and Other Similar Planets 267 Moreno Moreno, A. N.
Part 9. Co-Evolution of Life and the Environment on Early Earth   
Bistability of Atmospheric Oxygen and the Great Oxidation: Implications for Life Detection 277 Goldblatt, C.; Watson, A. J.; Lento, T. M.
Non-sparse Sampling of the Genomic Phase-Space of a Proto-cell in the Young Earth 287 Mullan, D. J.
Part 10. Extrasolar Planets / Planet Formation   
Toward Earth-Like Planets 297 Latham, D. W.
Observable Differences Between Core Accretion and Disk Instability 305 Jang-Condell, H.
Preliminary Results in Dynamical Simulations of Water Origins for Earth-Like Planets 311 de Souza Torres, K.; Cabo Winter, O.
Transiting Extrasolar Planets and SuperWASP 317 Anderson, D. R.; SuperWASP Consortium
Transit Spectroscopy of the Extrasolar Planet HD 209458b 321 Rojo, P.; Harrington, J.; Deming, D.; Fortney, J.
Stellar Properties and Rocky Planet Habitability: Is There a Correlation? 325 Robles, J. A.; Lineweaver, C. H.
Part 11. Habitable Planets and Their Stars   
Extreme Habitability: Formation of Habitable Planets in Systems with Close-in Giant Planets and/or Stellar Companions 333 Haghighipour, N.
Dynamic Habitability of Extrasolar Planetary Systems 341 Franck, S.; von Bloh, W.; Bounama, C.
Astrobiologically Interesting Stars Near the Sun: Galactic Orbits and Mass Extinctions 349 Porto de Mello, G. F.; Lépine, J. R.; da Silva Dias, W.
Dynamical Stability of Habitable Planets in Astrobiologically Interesting Binary Stars 353 Michtchenko, T.; Porto de Mello, G. F.
Orbital Stability of Earth-Type Planets in Binary Systems 357 Eberle, J.; Cuntz, M.; Musielak, Z. E.
Characterizing Other Earths: Why and How 361 Quirrenbach, A.
Part 12. Biosignatures and Life Beyond Earth   
Search For Chiral Signatures in the Earthshine 371 Sterzik, M. F.; Bagnulo, S.
Detection of Endolithes Using Infrared Spectroscopy 377 Dumas, S.; Dutil, Y.; Joncas, G.
Interplanetary Transport of Microorganisms: Survival, Growth, and Adaptation 381 Nicholson, W. L.; Fajardo-Cavazos, P.; Schuerger, A. C.
Part 13. SETI   
The Lifetime of Technological Civilizations and their Impact on the Search Strategies 393 Lemarchand, G. A.
New Strategies for SETI 403 Shostak, S.
Cultural Evolution and SETI 409 Dick, S. J.
Progress on IRAS-based Whole-Sky Dyson Sphere Search 415 Carrigan, R. A., Jr.
Anthropological Contributions to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 421 Vakoch, D. A.
Von Neumann’s Probes And Their Implications For SETI 429 Musso, P.
SETI with Help from Five Million Volunteers: The Berkeley SETI Efforts 431 Korpela, E. J.; Anderson, D. P.; Bankay, R.; Cobb, J.; Foster, G.; Howard, A.; Lebofsky, M.; Marcy, G.; Parsons, A.; Siemion, A.; Von Korff, J.; Werthimer, D.; Douglas, K. A.
Sustainability: A Tedious Path to Galactic Colonization 439 Dutil, Y.; Dumas, S.
Spin-Off Successes of SETI Research at Berkeley 443 Douglas, K. A.; Anderson, D. P.; Bankay, R.; Chen, H.; Cobb, J.; Korpela, E. J.; Lebofsky, M.; Parsons, A.; Von Korff, J.; Werthimer, D.
Astropulse and Fly’s Eye: SETI Searches for Transient Radio Signals Using Distributed Computing 447 Von Korff, J.; Siemion, A.; Korpela, E.; Werthimer, D.; McMahon, P.; Cobb, J.; Lebofsky, M.; Anderson, D.; Bankay, B.; Bower, G.; Foster, G.; van Leeuwen, J.; Mallard, W.; Wagner, M.
Spectral Line Measurements in Exceptionally Low SNR Achieved by Virtue of the KLT (Karhunen-Loève Transform) 453 Maccone, C.; Pluchino, S.; Schillirò, F.
Part 14. Education and Public Outreach   
Astrobiology as a Context for High School Science: Teachers’ Professional Development 463 Harman, P. K.; DeVore, E. K.
Astrobiology for Knowledge Transfer 467 Price, C. A.
Development, Evaluation, and Dissemination of an Astrobiology Curriculum for Secondary Students: Establishing a Successful Model for Increasing the Use of Scientific Data by Underrepresented Students. 471 Arino de la Rubia, L.; Butler, J.; Gary, T.; Stockman, S.; Mumma, M.; Pfiffner, S.; Davis, K.; Edmonds, J.
The NASA Astrobiology Institute - Minority Institution Research Support Program: Strengthening the Astrobiology Community 477 Gary, T.; Butler, J.; Arino de la Rubia, L.; Myles, E. L.; Bradford, K.; Kirven-Brooks, M.; Ceballos, M.; Taylor, L.; Bell, B.; Coulter, G.
Part 15. Astrobiology Glossary   
An Evolving Astrobiology Glossary 489 Meech, K. J.; Dolci, W. W.
Back matter   
Indexes 527 Meech, K. J.; Keane, J. V.; Mumma, M. J.; Siefert, J. L.; Werthimer, D. J.
Conference Photos 999 Meech, K. J.; Keane, J. V.; Mumma, M. J.; Siefert, J. L.; Werthimer, D. J.