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Paper: Dynamic Habitability of Extrasolar Planetary Systems
Volume: 420, Bioastronomy 2007: Molecules, Microbes and Extraterrestrial Life
Page: 341
Authors: Franck, S.; von Bloh, W.; Bounama, C.
Abstract: We estimate the likelihood to find habitable Earth-like planets on stable orbits for 86 selected extrasolar planetary systems, where luminosity, effective temperature and stellar age are known. For determining the habitable zone (HZ) an integrated system approach is used taking into account a variety of climatological, biogeochemical, and geodynamical processes. Habitability is linked to the photosynthetic activity on the planetary surface. We find that habitability strongly depends on the age of the stellar system and the portion of land / ocean coverages. The conditions for orbital stability are estimated with the help of a method based on the Hill radius. Almost 60% of the investigated systems could harbour habitable Earth-like planets on stable orbits. In 18 extrasolar systems we find even better prerequisites for dynamic habitability than in our own solar system.
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