Title: Massive Star Formation: Observations Confront Theory
Volume: 387 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Beuther, Henrik; Linz, Hendrik; Henning, Thomas
These proceedings of an international conference held in Heidelberg, Germany, in September 2007, provide a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art of current research on high-mass star formation. Massive stars are very important. They synthesize heavy elements and shape the energy budget of the interstellar medium throughout their entire lifetime. Even so, the actual high-mass star-forming processes are still poorly understood. The associated problems are difficult and complex both from a theoretical and from an observational point of view. Therefore, the conference was specifically meant to foster discussions between theorists and observers so that new approaches and strategies to jointly tackle these problems can emerge.

More than 230 researchers gathered from around the globe. This volume contains contributions covering important questions in massive star formation research. These include: What are the initial conditions for massive star formation? What are the properties of massive young stellar objects and how do they evolve? How do massive (proto)stars accrete? Do they have accretion disks, and if so, what are their properties? How does clustering affect massive star formation? How important are turbulence and feedback processes like strong (ionizing) radiation fields or powerful jets and outflows? How does high-mass star formation affect the Galaxy as a whole? What can we infer for external galaxies with our local knowledge of massive star formation?

This book is suitable for researchers and graduate students interested in massive star formation and its associated physical processes. It contains 54 individual articles from distinguished international researchers. Summaries and transcripts of the two panel discussions are also included. It provides an up-to-date compendium of the current state of research and serves as a guideline for future research.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 387 Cover Beuther, H.; Linz, H.; Henning, Th.
Front Matter   
Volume 387 Front Matter 1 Beuther, H.; Linz, H.; Henning, Th.
Conference Photo   
Volume 387 Conference Photograph 2 Beuther, H.; Linz, H.; Henning, Th.
Part 1.
The Initial Conditions for Massive Star Formation
Initial Conditions for Massive Star Formation 3 Wyrowski, F.
Flow-Driven Formation of Massive Cores: Rapid & Efficient? 15 Heitsch, F.; Hartmann, L.
Massive Infrared-Quiet Dense Cores: Unveiling the Initial Conditions of High-Mass Star Formation 22 Motte, F.; Bontemps, S.; Schneider, N.; Schilke, P.; Menten, K.M.
Searching for Massive Pre-Stellar Cores through Observations of N2H+ and N2D+ 30 Fontani, F.
Cold Supersonic Turbulence in Massive Cores 38 Redman, M.P.; Khanzadyan, T.; Loughnane, R.M.; Carolan, P.B.
Infrared Dark Clouds 44 Jackson, J.M.; Chambers, E.T.; Rathborne, J.M.; Simon, R.; Zhang, Q.
From Stellar Protoclusters to Infrared Dark Clouds 50 Peretto, N.; Fuller, G.A.; André, P.; Hennebelle, P.
Determining the Relative Evolutionary Stages of Very Young Massive Star Formation Regions 58 Longmore, S.N.; Burton, M.G.; Purcell, C.R.; Barnes, P.; Ott, J.
Part 2.
Observational Constraints and Feedback Processes
Infall and the Formation of a Massive Star 71 Beltrán, M.; Cesaroni, R.; Moscadelli, L.; Testi, L.; Codella, C.; Furuya, R.S.; Goddi, C.
An Infrared View of (Candidate Accretion) Disks around Massive Young Stars 78 Bik, A.; Lenorzer, A.; Thi, W.F.; Puga Antolín, E.; Waters, L.B.F.M.; Kaper, L.; Martin-Hernández, N.L.
Angular Momentum and the Formation of Massive Stars 86 Wolff, S.C.; Strom, S.E.
Binaries in Massive Star Formation 93 Gies, D.R.
Recent Astrochemical Results on Star-Forming Regions 101 van der Tak, F.
Southern Surveys of Hot Cores 109 Walsh, A.J.
Maser Polarization and Magnetic Fields during Massive Star Formation 117 Vlemmings, W.H.T.
Periodic Variations in Class II Methanol Masers 124 Goedhart, S.; Gaylard, M.; van der Walt, J.; Elitzur, M.
Dissecting Massive YSOs with Mid-Infrared Interferometry 132 Linz, H.; Henning, Th.; Stecklum, B.; Men’shchikov, A.; van Boekel, R.; Follert, R.; Feldt, M.
The Innermost Circumstellar Environment of Massive Young Stellar Objects Revealed by Infrared Interferometry 140 Preibisch, T.; Kraus, S.; Ohnaka, K.
Feedback Processes: A Theoretical Perspective 148 Mac Low, M.M.
Outflows from Massive Stars 158 Bally, J.
Outflow and Accretion in Massive Star-Forming Regions 170 Klaassen, P.D.; Wilson, C.D.
Dynamic Evidence of Triggered Star Formation 177 Lee, H.-T.; Lim, J.
Part 3.
Theoretical Concepts
Theoretical Developments in Understanding Massive Star Formation 189 Yorke, H.W.; Bodenheimer, P.
Collapse, Fragmentation, and Accretion in Massive Cores 200 Krumholz, M.R.
The Conditions for Competitive Accretion 208 Clark, P.C.; Klessen, R.S.; Bonnell, I.A.; Smith, R.J.
Filaments, Collapse and Outflows in Massive Star Formation 216 Banerjee, R.; Pudritz, R.E.
Ionized Accretion Flows in Massive Star Formation 224 Keto, E.; Klaassen, P.D.
Hypercompact HII Regions 232 Lizano, S.
Massive Star-Forming Regions: Turbulent Support or Global Collapse? 240 Vázquez-Semadeni, E.; Ballesteros-Paredes, J.; Klessen, R.S.; Jappsen, A.K.
Stellar Collisions in Young Clusters: Formation of (Very) Massive Stars? 247 Freitag, M.
Evolution of Massive Protostars with High Accretion Rates 255 Hosokawa, T.; Omukai, K.
Embedded, Accreting Disks in Massive Star Formation 262 Kratter, K.M.; Matzner, C.D.; Krumholz, M.R.
Evidence for Disks around Young Massive Stars from 3D Radiative Transfer Image Modeling 270 Steinacker, J.; Chini, R.; Nielbock, M.; Nürnberger, D.E.A.; Hoffmeister, V.; Hure, J.-M.; Semenov, D.; Scheyda, C.M.; Siebenmorgen, R.
SPH Simulations of Clustered Star Formation with Dust and Gas Energetics 276 Urban, A.
Primordial Mass Segregation in Starburst Stellar Clusters 282 Dib, S.; Shadmehri, M.; Gopinathan, M.; Kim, J.; Henning, Th.
SED Modeling of Young Massive Stars 290 Robitaille, T.P.
Models for Dust and Molecular Emission of High-Mass Protostars 298 Osorio, M.
The Future of Theory and Simulation in High-Mass Star Formation 306 Klein, R.I.
Part 4.
Clustered Star Formation and Massive Star Formation Throughout the Galaxy
Spitzer-IRAC GLIMPSE of High-Mass Protostellar Objects 323 Kumar, M.S.N.; Grave, J.M.C.
Probing the Early Evolution of Young High-Mass Stars 331 Puga, E.; Bik, A.; Waters, L.B.F.M.; Henning, Th.; Kaper, L.; van den Ancker, M.; Lenorzer, A.; Churchwell, E.; Kurtz, S.; Rodón, J.A.; Vasyunina, T.; Kouwenhoven, M.B.N.; Beuther, H.; Linz, H.; Horrobin, M.; Stolte, A.; de Koter, A.; Thi, W.F.; Martín-Hernández, N.L.; Acke, B.; Comeron, F.; van der Plas, G.; Waelkens, Ch.; Dominik, C.; Feldt, M.
Massive Star Formation triggered by Galactic HII Regions 338 Deharveng, L.; Zavagno, A.
Turmoil in Orion: The Nearest Massive Protostar 346 Tan, J.C.
X-Ray Properties of Very Young Massive Stars in the Orion Trapezium Cluster 355 Schulz, N.S.; Huenemoerder, D.P.; Testa, P.; Canizares, C.R.
Massive Star Formation Near Sgr A* and Bimodal Star Formation in the Nuclear Disk 361 Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Wardle, M.
The Starburst Cluster Westerlund 1 and its Galactic Siblings – Observation Confronts Theory 369 Brandner, W.
The Spiral Structure of the Galaxy: Something Old, Something New... 375 Benjamin, R.A.
The RMS Survey: A Galaxy-wide Sample of Massive Young Stellar Objects 381 Urquhart, J.S.; Hoare, M.G.; Lumsden, S.L.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Moore, T.J.T.
The CORNISH Survey of the Galactic Plane 389 Purcell, C.R.; Hoare, M.G.; Diamond, P.; the CORNISH team
Part 5.
Extragalactic Star Formation
The Properties of Dense Molecular Gas in the Milky Way and Galaxies 401 Shirley, Y.L.; Wu, J.; Shane Bussmann, R.; Wootten, A.
Star Formation in The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey 408 Leroy, A.; Bigiel, F.; Walter, F.; Brinks, E.; de Blok, W.J.G.; Madore, B.
Were All Massive Stars Born in OB Associations and Clusters? . 415 Chu, Y.-H.; Gruendl, R.A.
Part 6.
Panel Discussions, Poster-Award Talks, and Summary
Panel Discussion I: What is a Massive Protostar? Theoretical Definitions, Observational Criteria, and Evolutionary Sequence 425 Evans, N.
Summary of Panel Discussion II: Theoretical Models and Observational Constraints in High-Mass Star Formation 438 Zinnecker, H.; Beuther, H.
VLTI / MIDI Observations of the Massive Protostellar Candidate NGC3603 IRS 9A 444 Vehoff, S.; Nürnberger, D.E.A.; Hummel, C.A.; Duschl, W.J.
Suzaku X-ray Spectroscopy of a Peculiar Hot Star Near the Galactic Center 448 Hyodo, Y.; Tsujimoto, M.; Koyama, K.; Nishiyima, S.; Nagata, T.; Sakon, I.; Murakami, H.; Matsumoto, H.
Conference Summary 452 Henning, Th.
Part 7.
List of Posters
List of Posters 461 Beuther, H.; Linz, H.; Henning, Th.
Back Matter   
Volume 387 Back Matter 469 Beuther, H.; Linz, H.; Henning, Th.
Volume 387 Photographs 999 Beuther, H.; Linz, H.; Henning, Th.