Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Volume: 351 Year: 2006 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Gabriel, Carlos; Arviset, Christophe; Ponz, Daniel; Solano, Enrique
ISBN: 1-58381-219-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-285-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 351 Cover ESA-VO; Gabriel, C.; Arviset, C.; Ponz, D.; Solano, E.
Front Matter   
Volume 351 Front Matter 1 Gabriel, C.; Arviset, C.; Ponz, D.; Solano, E.
Conference Photo   
Volume 351 Conference Photo 2 Gabriel, C.; Arviset, C.; Ponz, D.; Solano, E.
Part 1.
Birds of a Feather Sessions
Common Astronomical Software Environment for Data Analysis 3 Grosbol, P.; Tody, D.
Which Unix Is Right For You? 4 Daly, P.N.
Part 2.
Demonstration Sessions
ESA Science Archives 7 Parrilla, E.; Arviset, C.; Barbarisi, I.; Dowson, J.; Fajersztejn, N.; Freschi, M.; Guainazzi, M.; Hernandez, J.; Marin, D.; Olabarri, B.; Ortiz, I.; Osuna, P.; Salgado, J.; Stebe, A.
ESA VO Activities and Services 11 Barbarisi, I.; Arviset, C.; Ortiz, I.; Osuna, P.; Salgado, J.; Stebe, A.
Building an Astronomical Database with Saada 15 Nguyen, H.N.; Michel, L.; Motch, C.
The Spanish Virtual Observatory (SVO) 19 Gutierrez, R.; Rodrigo, C.; Solano, E.
Part 3.
Focused Demonstrations
How to Publish Local Data Into the VO with Saada 25 Michel, L.; Ngoc Nguyen, H.; Motch, C.
VisIVO: Interoperable Visualization and Data Analysis for the VO 29 Gheller, C.; Comparato, M.; Becciani, U.
Part 4.
Solar Eclipses
There (70°S @ 10,177 m) and Back Again, An Umbraphile's Tale 35 Schneider, G.
Part 5.
Space-Based Science
X-ray Astronomy and the Analysis of X-ray Data 47 McDowell, J.C.
ChIPS - CIAO's New Visualization Plotting Package 57 Germain, G.; Milaszewski, R.; McLaughlin, W.; Miller, J.; Evans, J.D.; Evans, I.; Burke, D.
Specsim: The MIRI Medium Resolution Spectrometer Simulator 61 Lorente, N.P.F.; Glasse, A.C.H.; Wright, S.
Building the Chandra Source Catalog 65 Evans, I.; Doe, S.; Evans, J.; Fabbiano, G.; Glotfelty, K.; Grier, J.; Hain, R.; Karovska, M.; McCollough, M.; Plummer, D.; Primini, F.; Rots, A.; Slavin, J.; Wise, M.
An Image Display Package for Herschel DP based on Jsky 69 Meester, W.D.; Huygen, R.
Effectiveness of the Gregory-Loredo Algorithm for the Detection of Temporal Variability in Chandra Data 73 Rots, A.H.
Sherpa: Goals and Design for Chandra and Beyond 77 Doe, S.; Nguyen, D.; Stawarz, C.; Siemiginowska, A.; Burke, D.; Evans, I.; Evans, J.; McDowell, J.; Refsdal, B.; Houck, J.; Nowak, M.
The Chandra Source Catalog Automatic Data Processing System 81 Grier, J.D. Jr.; Plummer, D.; Glotfelty, K.
Producing the 2XMM Catalogue 85 Page, C.G.
TableViewer for Herschel Data Processing 89 Zhang, L.; Schulz, B.
Where Do the Data Go? An Analysis of Chandra Data Dissemination 93 Winkelman, S.; Rots, A.; Duffy, A.; Blecksmith, S.; Jerius, D.
The UK Swift Science Data Centre 97 Tyler, L.; Page, K.; Goad, M.; Osborne, J.
Part 6.
Optical Surveys
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope 103 Axelrod, T.S.
Automatic Astrometric and Photometric Calibration with SCAMP 112 Bertin, E.
From Handicraft to Industry: Supporting Surveys at ESO Telescopes 116 Chavan, A.M.; Comeron, F.; Peron, M.; Canavan, T.; Dorigo, D.; Nunes, P.
The NASA Navigator Program Ground Based Archives at the Michelson Science Center: Supporting the Search for Habitable Planets 120 Berriman, G.B.; Ciardi, D.R.; Good, J.C.; Laity, A.C.; Zhang, A.
Part 7.
Tools & Techniques
Astrostatistics: Goodness-of-Fit and All That! 127 Babu, G.J.; Feigelson, E.D.
GLAST Offine Software's Use of Gaudi and ROOT 137 Kelly, H.
Uncovering Small Scale Structures in Near-Infrared Adaptive Optics Images 141 Stickel, M.; Klaas, U.
BUCS: An Engine For Generating Realistic Imaging Data for Deep Galaxy Fields 145 Bouwens, R.J.; Illingworth, G.D.; Magee, D.K.
A Turing-Influenced Sub-System for Instrument Control 149 Shortridge, K.
Wavelet-Based Image Deconvolution for Wide Field CCD Imagery 153 Merino, M.T.; Fors, O.; Otazu, X.; Cardinal, R.; Nunez, J.; Hildebrand, A.R.
CARMA Correlator: Reconfiguration and Signal Processing 157 Rauch, K.P.; Hawkins, D.W.; Hobbs, R.
Bayesian Classifiers for Variable Stars 161 Lopez, M.; Bielza, C.; Sarro, L.M.
Adapting NBODY4 with a GRAPE-6a Supercomputer for Web Access, Using NBodyLab 165 Johnson, V.; Aarseth, S.
Position Refinement of Spitzer-Space-Telescope Images 169 Laher, R.; McCallon, H.; Masci, F.; Fowler, J.
Data Mining the Multiwavelength Data 173 Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.
Survey on the State of the Art in Lossless Compression of Astronomical Images 177 Grunler, C.; Weghorn, H.; Chibelushi, C.C.
New Statistical Insights of Globular Cluster Systems 181 Lee, H.
OPSO - The OpenGL based Field Acquisition and Telescope Guiding System 185 Skoda, P.; Fuchs, J.; Honsa, J.
The DataCapturer Component for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array 189 Hafok, H.; Caillat, M.; McMullin, J.
Stochastic Approximation of Visibility Functions for VLBI Imaging 193 Likhachev, S.; Ladygin, V.; Guirin, I.
OCA - A Flexible Rule Engine for Data Organisation, Classification & Association 196 Zampieri, S.; Chuzel, O.; Ferguson, N.; Hanuschik, R.; Nunes, P.; Peron, M.
APECS - The Atacama Pathfinder Experiment Control System 200 Muders, D.; Hafok, H.; Wyrowski, F.; Polehampton, E.; Belloche, A.; Konig, C.; Schaaf, R.
WCSTools 4.0: Building Astrometry and Catalogs into Pipelines 204 Mink, D.
Java Message Service (JMS) use in the Telescope Automation and Remote Observing System (TAROS) 208 Czezowski, A.; Green, A.; Hovey, G.; Jarnyk, M.; Nielsen, J.; Roberts, B.; Sebo, K.; Smith, D.; Vaccarella, A.; Wilson, G.; Young, P.
Cosmological Simulations in a Relational Database: Modelling and Storing Merger Trees 212 Lemson, G.; Springel, V.
FLY: a Code for LSS Cosmological Simulations for a PC Linux Cluster 216 Comparato, M.; Becciani, U.; Antonuccio-Delogu, V.; Costa, A.
A Java Library for Describing Binary Data Structures 220 Huygen, R.; Vandenbussche, B.; Wieprecht, E.
The Besançon Model of our Galaxy: a simulation tool towards the Virtual Observatory 224 Debray, B.; Robin, A.C.; Reyle, C.; Schultheis, M.
TFIT: A Photometry Package for Mixed-Resolution Datasets 228 Laidler, V.G.; Grogin, N.; Clubb, K.; Ferguson, H.; Papovich,C.; Dickinson, M.; Idzi, R.; MacDonald, E.; Ouchi, M.; Mobasher, B.
Using a Novel Hybrid Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Model of Brightness Profiles in Elliptical and Spiral Galaxy Images 232 Gomez, J.C.; Fuentes, O.
Project EFIGI: Automatic Classification of Galaxies 236 Baillard, A.; Bertin, E.; Mellier, Y.; McCracken, H.J.; Geraud, T.; Pello, R.; LeBorgne, J.-F.; Fouque, P.
Search for New Open Clusters in Huge Catalogues 240 Zolotukhin, I.; Koposov, S.; Glushkova, E.
Search of Distant Radio Galaxies as a Subject Mediator Example 244 Zhelenkova, O.; Vitkovskij, V.V.; Briukhov, D.; Kalinichenko, L.A.
Enhancing Supernova Remnant Imaging Signatures using PSF-matching Techniques 248 Tuairisg, S.O.; Shearer, A.
Part 8.
Pipeline & Work-Flows
First Results From the VISTA Data Flow System and WFCAM 255 Lewis, J.R.; Irwin, M.J.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.A.; Bunclark, P.S.; Hodgkin, S.T.; Evans, D.W.; McMahon, R.G.
ACS as the Framework for Offline Data Reduction in ALMA 259 Harrington, S.; DeBonis, D.; McMullin, J.; Young, W.; Chiozzi, G.; Jeram, B.
Definition of Astronomical Data Analysis Workflows on a Service-oriented Grid Architecture using Business Process Execution Language 263 Manna, V.; Cascone, E.; Capasso, G.; Tortone, G.
Painless Access to Interferometry Images Comes Closer 267 Richards, A.M.S.; Diamond, P.J.; Garrington, S.T.; Holloway, A.J.; Muxlow, T.W.B.; Winstanley, N.; Harrison, P.A.; Walton, N.A.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Rixon, G.T.; Venturi, T.; Reynolds, C.
Data Flow System for the VLT Interferometer 271 Ballester, P.; Licha, T.; Percheron, I.; Sabet, C.
Analysis of Space Coronagraphic Images : Application to Ten Years of SOHO/LASCO Data 275 Burtin, M.; Llebaria, A.; Lamy, P.
Data Reduction Pipeline for EMIR, the Near-IR Multi-Object Spectrograph for GTC 279 Pascual, S.; Gallego, J.; Cardiel, N.; Zamorano, J.; Gorgas, F.J.; Garca-Dabo, C.E.; Gil de Paz, A.
Introducing Slits in Slitless Spectroscopy: Reducing FORS2-MXU data with aXt 283 Kuemmel, M.W.; Kuntschner, H.; Larsen, S.S.; Walsh, J.R.
Planck LFI Data Processing During Instrument Calibration Tests 287 Morisset, N.; Rohlfs, R.; Tuerler, M.; Maris, M.; Fogliani, S.; Dupac, X.; Zacchei, A.; Mennella, A.; Maino, D.
LOFAR Self-Calibration using a Local Sky Model 291 Nijboer, R.J.; Noordam, J.E.; Yatawatta, S.B.
New data reduction challenges on the VLT with SINFONI and VISIR 295 Jung, Y.; Lundin, L.K.; Modigliani, A.; Dobrzycka, D.; Hummel, W.
Accuracy and Stability of Fringe Measurements in SIM 299 Pan, X.; Shao, M.
A Custom Data Server for GLAST LAT Event and Photon Data 303 Stephens, T.E.
Detection of transit events during CoRoT operations 307 Quentin, C.; Cautain, R.; Barge, P.
MeqParm: Parameter Handling in the MeqTree System 311 Mevius, M.; Smirnov, O.M.; Noordam, J.E.
ALMA Pipeline Heuristics 315 Lightfoot, J.; Wyrowski, F.; Muders, D.; Boone, F.; Davis, L.; Shepherd, D.; Wilson, C.
AIPS++ Framework Migration 319 McMullin, J.P.; Shiebel, D.R.; Young, W.; DeBonis, D.
Work Around Distributed Image Processing and Workflow Management 323 Schaaff, A.; Bonnarel, F.; Claudon, J.-J.; Louys, M.; Pestel, C.; David, R.; Genaud, S.; Louys, M.; Wolf, C.
The ALMA Pipeline Infrastructure 327 Davis, L.E.
An Open Architecture and Framework for Astronomical Data Processing and Analysis 331 Tody, D.; Grosbol, P.; Garilli, B.; Cotton, W.; Linde, P.; Ponz, D.; Hook, R.; Banse, K.; Reinsch, K.
Abstracting Science-Calibration Relations for Multi-Instrument Telescopes 335 Starr, D.; Winge, C.; Aspin, C.
Correcting for the Geometric Distortions on the COS FUV Detector 339 Beland, S.; Penton, S.V.
PyMidas – A Python Interface to ESO-MIDAS 343 Hook, R.N.; Maisala, S.; Oittinen, T.; Ullgren, M.; Vasko, K.; Savolainen, V.; Lindroos, J.; Anttila, M.; Solin, O.; Moller, P.; Banse, K.; Peron, M.
The MUSE Data Reduction Software Pipeline 347 Weilbacher, P.M.; Roth, M.M.; Pecontal-Rousset, A.; Bacon, R.; the MUSE team
OSIRIS Mask Designer for Multi-Object Spectroscopy 351 de Miguel Ferreras, D.; Gonzalez-Serrano, J.I.; Sanchez-Portal, M.; Castaneda, H.; Cepa, J.; Aguiar, M.; Quirk, R.
Implementing Arbitrary Measurement Equations With The MeqTree Module 355 Smirnov, O.M; Noordam, J.E.
Part 9.
VO Standards & Services
Theoretical Support to Observational data in VO Context 363 Osuna, P.; Salgado, J.; Barbarisi, I.; Guainazzi, M.; Arviset, C.
SkyBoT, a New VO Service to Identify Solar System objects 367 Berthier, J.; Vachier, F.; Thuillot, W.; Fernique, P.; Ochsenbein, F.; Genova, F.; Lainey, V.; Arlot, J.-E.
Handling 3D data in the Virtual Observatory 371 Chilingarian, I.; Bonnarel, F.; Louys, M.; McDowell, J.
Development of Japanese Virtual Observatory (JVO) : Experience on Interoperation with other Virtual Observatories and its Future Plan 375 Ohishi, M.; Shirasaki, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Honda, S.; Yasuda, N.; Masunaga, Y.; Ishihara, Y.; Tsutsumi, J.; Nakamoto, H.; Kobayashi, Y.
AusVODownload: A Tool for Using the Virtual Observatory within Existing Astronomy Software 379 Wayth, R.; Beeson, B.; Lancaster, M.; Manson, K.
A Software System with VSO 383 Lin, G.; Su, J.
The Development of the Heterogenic Geographical Distributed System for the Celestial Object Monitoring 387 Vitkovskij, V.V.; Zhelenkova, O.; Kalinina, N.; Chernenkov, V.; Shergin, V.
VO Access to BASECOL Database 391 Moreau, N.; Dubernet, M.L.
VO Paris Federation 394 Simon, G.; Dubernet, M.L.; LeSidaner, P.; Aboudarham, J.; Barache, C.; Berthier, J.; Boone, F.; Borsenberger, J.; Caillat, M.; Chilingarian, I.; Crovisier, J.; Dantel-Fort, M.; Debatz, B.; Dedieu, C.; Egret, D.; Gontier, A.M.; Guibert, J.; Guillaume, D.; Haigron, R.; Hennebelle, P.; Jegouzo, I.; Lainey, V.; LeBourlot, J.; LePetit, F.; Martin, J.M.; Micheneau, P.; Moreau, N.; Pelat, D.; Perault, M.; Prugniel, P.; Renie, C.; Roques, F.; Royer, F.; Schneider, J.; Tajahmady, F.; Theureau, G.; Thuillot, W.; Tran-Minh, F.; Vachier, F.; Vetois, J.; Viallefond, F.; Baillard, A.; Bertin, E.; Desert, J.M.; Ferlet, R.; Hebrard, G.; Magnard, F.; Malapert, J.-C.; Marquette, J.B.; Marmo, C.; Mellier, Y.; McCracken, H.; Sarkissian, A.; Didelon, P.; Lesquoy, E.
EN.V.O.L : ENvironment Virtual Observatory at LAM 398 Surace, C.; Savalle, R.; Moreau, C.; Meunier, J.-C.; Garrido, O.; Fenouillet, T.; Burtin, M.
Implementing a VOStore Interface for NGAS 402 Harrison, P.; Knudstrup, J.; Wicenec, A.; Dolensky, M.
Concept for the Hubble Legacy Archive 406 Jenkner, H.; Doxsey, R.E.; Hanisch, R.J.; Lubow, S.H.; Miller, W.W. III; White, R.L.
Status of the VOTech Design Study about User Tools 410 Dolensky, M.; Pierfederici, F.; Allen, M.; Boch, T.; Bonnarel, F.; Derriere, S.; Fernique, P.; Noddle, K.; Smareglia, R.
Multi-Purpose Metadata Repository for a Real & Virtual Observatory 414 Leoni, M.C.; Dolensky, M.; Padovani, P.; Rosati, P.; Wicenec, A.; Micol, A.
Naming Data for Efficient, Secure Archival Retrieval 418 Cooke, A.; Plante, R.
CARNIVORE: an Open Source VO Registry 421 Graham, M.J.; Williams, R.D.
Feeding VO Data Products into the ESO Archive 425 Slijkhuis, R.; Delmotte, N.; Dolensky, M.; Retzlaff, J.; Rite, C.; Rosati, P.; Wicenec, A.
The Nançay Radio Telescope Archive 429 Theureau, G.; Martin, J.-M.; Cognard, I.; Borsenberger, J.
Python VO Tools 433 Pierfederici, F.
ST-ECF Archive: a SIAP Service in the Path towards the VO 437 Sforna, D.; Micol, A.; Albrecht, R.
ESO Advanced Data Products for the Virtual Observatory 441 Retzlaff, J.; Delmotte, N.; Rite, C.; Rosati, P.; Slijkhuis, R.; Vandame, B.
VisIVO: a Visualization Toolkit towards Grid Environment 445 Costa, A.; Becciani, U.; Comparato, M.; Gheller, C.
UCDs and Ontologies 449 Derriere, S.; Preite-Martinez, A.; Richard, A.; Napoli, A.; Nauer, E.
A VO-Compatible Spectral Container for HST and other Missions 452 Thompson, R.; Levay, K.; Smith, M.; Durand, D.; Kamp, I.; Micol, A.
Japanese Virtual Observatory (JVO): Implementation of VO Standard Protocols 456 Shirasaki, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Honda, S.; Kawanomoto, S.; Yasuda, N.; Masunaga, Y.; Ishihara, Y.; Tsutsumi, J.; Nakamoto, H.; Kobayashi, Y.
Web Service Interface and Workflow Mechanism for JVO 460 Tanaka, M.; Shirasaki, Y.; Kawanomoto, S.; Honda, S.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Yasuda, N.; Ishihara, Y.; Tsutsumi, J.; Nakamoto, H.; Kobayashi, Y.; Sakamoto, M.
Towards IVOA-Standard Access Control 463 Rixon, G.; Morris, D.
Making and Caching Associations in the Virtual Observatory 467 Taylor, J.D.; Taylor, E.; Mann, R.G.; Prina Ricotti, D.; Bose, R.
New Features in the Spectrum Services for the Virtual Observatory 471 Dobos, L.; Budavari, T.; Csabai, I.; Szalay, A.S.
The IAP FUSE Database: a Virtual Observatory Interactive Web Tool 475 Desert, J.-M.; Hebrard, G.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Ferlet, R.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Chilingarian, I.
Part 10.
Parallel & Distributed Computing
Using the Parallel Virtual Machine for Everyday Analysis 481 Noble, M.S.; Houck, J.C.; Davis, J.E.; Young, A.; Nowak, M.
Agent-Based Scientific Workflow Composition 485 Barker, A.; Mann, B.
Big Science with a Small Budget: Non-Embarrassingly Parallel Applications in a Non-Dedicated Network of Workstations 489 de Vicente, A.; Rodriguez, N.
Large-Scale Query and XMatch, Entering the Parallel Zone 493 Nieto-Santisteban, M.A.; Thakar, A.R.; Szalay, A.S.; Gray, J.
ParselTongue: AIPS Talking Python 497 Kettenis, M.; van Langevelde, H.J.; Reynolds, C.; Cotton, B.
ALMA Binary Data Transport Mechanism using VOTable Headers 501 Wicenec, A.; Meuss, H.; Pisano, J.
Automated Code Compilation Via the Release Manager 505 Golpayegani, N.
Grid Data Source Engine: Grid Gateway to the Virtual Observatory 508 Taffoni, G.; Vuerli, C.; Barisani, A.; Smareglia, R.; Volpato, A.; Pastore, S.; Baruffolo, A.; Pasian, F.; Benacchio, L.; Ambrosi, E.; Ghiselli, A.
GBTIDL: A New Package for Reduction and Analysis of GBT Spectral Line Data 512 Marganian, P.; Garwood, R.W.; Braatz, J.A.; Radziwill, N.M.; Maddalena, R.J.
The Herschel Data Processing System 516 Ott, S.; Bakker, J.; Brumfitt, J.; de Candussio, N.; Dwedari, L.; Heras, A.M.; Leeks, S.; Marston, A.P.; Mathieu, J.-J.; Pizarro, J.; Siddiqui, H.; Ali, B.; Latter, B.; Morris, P.; Rector, J.; Schulz, B.; Corrales Garcia, J.; De Meester, W.; Huygen, R.; Vandenbussche, B.; Guest, S.; Kemp, J.; Kester, D.; Shipman, R.; Zaal, P.; Lorenzani, A.; Sturm, E.; Wetzstein, M.; Wieprecht, E.
Optimizing SAS tasks for Grid Architectures 520 Ibarra, A.; Tapiador, D.; Felix, F.; Gabriel, C.; Arviset, C.; Hoar, J.; Ansari, S.
The HERSCHEL/PACS Early Data Products 524 Wieprecht, E.; Wetzstein, M.; Huygen, R.; Vandenbussche, B.; de Meester, W.
Monitoring and Remote Control of Scientific Instrumentation through the Grid 528 Vuerli, C.; Taffoni, G.; Barisani, A.; Capasso, G.; Cascone, E.; Coretti, I.; Occhioni, M.; Santin, P.; Smareglia, R.; Pasian, F.; Pucillo, M.
Grid-enabled Distributed Data Mining With WebCom-G 532 Voisin, B.; Cunniffe, J.; Browne, M.; Shearer, A.
Accessing the EGSO Grid through a WSRF-Enabled API 536 Csillaghy, A.; Soldati, M.; Kunz, P.; Bentley, R.D.; Scholl, I.
IDP3, An IDL-based Interactive Astronomical Data Analysis Package 540 Stobie, E.; Ferro, A.
FITS Image Analysis Software for Education: Makali`i 544 Horaguchi, T.; Furusho, R.; Agata H.; the paofits WG
Part 11.
Data Quality & Fidelity
A Framework for Telescope Data Quality Management 551 Radziwill, N.M.; DuPlain, R.F.
Validation and Verification of Chandra Data: Combining Pipelines, a Graphical Application and the Human Factor 555 DePonte Evans, J.; Calderwood, T.J.; Evans, I.N.; Glotfelty, K.J.; Hall, D.M.; Miller, J.B.; Plummer, D.A.
The GTC Telescope Control and Data Reduction Systems 559 Gomez-Alvarez, P.; Garcia-Dabo, C.E.; Osinde, J.; Macias, R.
Testing of Chandra Interactive Analysis of Observations (CIAO) 563 Karovska, M.; Evans, J.D.; the CIAO Testing Team
AWeb-based Hardware Configuration Tracking System for Herschel-PACS 567 Vanautgaerden, J.; Huygen, R.; Vandenbussche, B.
User Interface for the ESO Advanced Data Products Image Reduction Pipeline 570 Rite, C.; Delmotte, N.; Retzlaff, J.; Rosati, P.; Slijkhuis, R.; Vandame, B.
New Features of SAOImage DS9 574 Joye, W.A.
Advanced Science Analysis Package and the prototype DALIA 577 Boone, F.; Muders, D.; Schilke, P.; Comito, C.; Leurini, S.; Parise, B.; van der Tak, F.; Menten, K.M.
An ETC and Image Simulation Suite for Any Ground Based Camera & Telescope 581 Sheehan, B.; Lane, C.; Butler, R.
Self-Consistent Data Quality Recovery - A Study of the DENIS Photometric Calibration Archive 585 Cunniffe, J.; Golden, A.; Simon, G.
The D4A Digitiser 587 DeCuyper, J.-P.; Winter, L.
Implementation of -TAB coordinates in WCSLIB 591 Calabretta, M.R.
Interactive User Interface for Spacecraft Data Processing 594 Anderson, C.S.; Morgan, D.L.; Mendygral, P.J.; Nichols, J.S.
Part 12.
VO Science
Astronomy in the Framework of the Virtual Observatory 601 Solano, E.
Massive Science with VO and Grids 610 Nichol, R.; Smith, G.; Miller, C.; Freeman, P.; Genovese, C.; Wasserman, L.; Bryan, B.; Gray, A.; Schneider, J.; Moore, A.
Exploring the High Redshift Universe using VO Tools 620 Gonzalez-Solares, E.A.; Walton, N.
Part 13.
Information Systems
The Alma Science Data Model 627 Viallefond, F.
VOEvent: Information Infrastructure for Real-Time Astronomy 637 Williams, R.D.; Seaman, R.
Tools and Services for Education and Outreach: Accessing Real Astronomical Data 641 Christian, C.A.
Transforming the Way VLBI is Done 649 van Langevelde, H.J.; Szomoru, A.; Verkouter, H.; Kettenis, M.; Kramer, B.; Olnon, F.; Anderson, J.; Reynolds, C.; Garrett, M.
Intelligent Information Retrieval 653 Kurtz, M.J.; Eichhorn, G.; Accomazzi, A.; Grant, C.; Henneken, E.; Murray, S.S.
The SIMBAD Database: Lessons Learned from 30 years of Experience 662 Wenger, M.; Ochsenbein, F.; Bonnarel, F.; Lesteven, S.; Oberto, A.
STILTS - A Package for Command-Line Processing of Tabular Data 666 Taylor, M.B.
The CARMA Project 670 Scott, S.L.; Pound, M.W.
Documenting CIAO: the Command-line and Web-based Help System 674 Burke, D.J.; Fruscione, A.; Galle, E.; Milaszewski, R.M.; Stawarz, C.
T-LECS: The Control Software System for MOIRCS 678 Yoshikawa, T.; Omata, K.; Konishi, M.; Ichikawa, T.; Suzuki, R.; Tokoku, C.; Katsuno, Y.; Nishimura, T.
NASA/IPAC Infrared Archive's General Image Cutouts Service 682 Alexov, A.; Good, J.C.
VLBI Data Editing 686 Guirin, I.A.; Likhachev, S.F.; Chuprikov, A.A.
ESO Science Archive Interfaces 690 Delmotte, N.; Dolensky, M.; Padovani, P.; Retzlaff, J.; Rite, C.; Rosati, P.; Slijkhuis, R.; Wicenec, A.; Fernique, P.; Micol, A.
The GAVO Cross-Matcher Application 695 Adorf, H.-M.; Lemson, G.; Voges, W.
ISOC Science Data Archive 699 Williams, O.R.; Arviset, C.; Dowson, J.; Hansson, L.; Hernandez, J.; Marin, D.; Parrilla, E.; Salgado, J.
SIMBAD 4: a new Release with new Possibilities 703 Oberto, A.; Wenger, M.; Lejal, J.-P.; Jaehn, S.; Baranne, B.; Hatt, M.; Dellicour, O.; Deprez, J.
The GOODS/FORS2 Spectroscopy Archive at ESO 707 Haase, J.; Kuntschner, H.; Rosati, P.; Vanzella, E.
Data Versioning in the Chandra Data Archive 711 Zografou, P.; Harbo, P.; Patz, A.; Tibbetts, M.; Van Stone, D.
Bibliographic Classification using the ADS Databases 715 Accomazzi, A.; Kurtz, M.J.; Eichhorn, G.; Henneken, E.; Grant, C.S.; Demleitner, M.; Murray, S.S.
The Astronomer's Integrated Desktop: A Unified Suite of Applications for Scheduling-Block Based Observing with the GBT 719 O'Neil, K.; Shelton, A.L.; Radziwill, N.M.; Prestage, R.M.
Gemini PI Electronic Transfer and Distribution (PIETD) 723 Gaudet, S.; Bohlender, D.; Damian, A.; Goliath, S.; Hill, N.; Melnychuk, G.; Aspin, C.
Design of the Telemetry Control System for the Large Binocular Telescope 727 De La Pena, M.D.; Axelrod, T.
Image Quality Assessment Using Web Services 731 Malapert, J.-C.; Magnar, F.
Q3C, Quad Tree Cube – The New Sky-indexing Concept for Huge Astronomical Catalogues and its Realization for Main Astronomical Queries (Cone Search and Xmatch) in Open Source Database PostgreSQL 735 Koposov, S.; Bartunov, O.
Infrared Observations from Antactica: the AMICA Project 739 Di Rico, G.; Ragni, M.; Dolci, M.; Valentini, G.; Straniero, O.; Di Varano, I.; Pelusi, D.; Magrin, D.; Giro, E.; Fantinel, D.; Bonoli, C.; D'Alessandro, M.; Bortoletto, F.; Corcione, L.
The WFCAM Science Archive 743 Collins, R.; Cross, N.; Hambly, N.; Mann, R.G.; Read, M.; Sutorius, E.; Williams, P.; Bond, I.
The GALEX Science Data Archive, and the Discovery Potential from Multi-wavelength Surveys 747 Conti, A.; Bianchi, L.; Rodriguez, L.; Shiao, B.
Autonomous Observing and Control Systems for PAIRITEL, a 1.3m Infrared Imaging Telescope 751 Bloom, J.S.; Starr, D.L.; Blake, C.H.; Skrutskie, M.F.; Falco, E.E.
The Digitation of the Astronomical Plates of Catania Astrophysical Observatory 755 Massimino, P.; Catalano, S.; Cigna, M.; Greco, V.; Mangano, A.; Marilli, E.; Blanco, C.
Development of the Control System for the 40m OAN Radiotelescope with the Alma Common Software 758 de Vicente, P.; Bolano, R.; Barbas, L.
Part 14.
VO in transition
The Virtual Observatory in Transition 765 Hanisch, R.J.
The AVO to EURO-VO Transition 771 Padovani, P.
Science in VOTECH 775 Walton, N.A.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Allen, M.G.; Guainazzi, M.; Longo, G.; Richards, A.M.S.; Wicenec, A.
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Volume 351 Back Matter 779 Gabriel, C.; Arviset, C.; Ponz, D.; Solano, E.