Title: Workshop on Astrophysical Opacities
Volume: 515 Year: 2018 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Claudio Mendoza, Sylvaine Turck-Chi├Ęze, James Colgan
Workshop on Astrophysical Opacities
Western Michigan University,
Kalamazoo, Michigan
1-4 August 2017

Reliable atomic and molecular opacity tables are essential to a wide variety of astrophysical models such as solar and stellar interiors, stellar and planetary atmospheres, stellar evolution, pulsating stars, and protoplanetary disks, to name a few. With the advent of powerful observational techniques such as helio and asteroseismology, solar neutrino-flux measurements, and exoplanet probes, new 3D hydrodynamic photospheric simulations that include non-LTE and granulation effects, high-performance atomic and molecular computing, and innovative plasma experiments, the accuracy and completeness of the opacity tables are being taken to unprecedented levels.
The Workshop on Astrophysical Opacities gathered opacity data producers and consumers from both the atomic and molecular sectors to contribute to solving outstanding problems and to develop more effective and integrated interfaces. It was held during the week 1-4 August 2017 at Western Michigan University in the very welcoming town of Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Volume Cover
Front Matter 1
Stellar Opacities and the Solar Abundance Problem   
Stellar Atomic Opacities 3 Turck-Chièze, S.
Helioseismic Tests of Stellar Equations of State and Opacities 13 Basu, S.
Equations of State for Opacity Calculations 23 Kilcrease, D. P.; Colgan, J.; Hakel, P.; Fontes, C. J.; Sherrill, M. E.
The Dark Side of the Sun 29 Trampedach, R.
Computation and Measurement of Atomic Opacities   
Detailed Opacity Calculations for Stellar Models 35 Pain, J.-C.; Gilleron, F.; Comet, M.
Including All the Lines: Data Releases for Spectra and Opacities through 2017 47 Kurucz, R. L.
New Los Alamos Opacities 55 Colgan, J.; Kilcrease, D. P.; Magee, N. H.; Sherrill, M. E.; Fontes, C. J.; Hakel, P.
STAR: A New STA Code for the Calculation of Solar Opacities 63 Krief, M.; Gazit, D.
A Quantitative Comparison of Opacities Calculated Using the Distorted-Wave and R-Matrix Methods 69 Delahaye, F.; Badnell, N. R.; Ballance, C. P.; Palmeri, P.; Preval, S.; Quinet, P.; Ramsbottom, C.; Smyth, R. T.; Turkington, M.; Zeippen, C. J.
Recalculation of Astrophysical Opacities: Overview, Methodology, and Atomic Calculations 79 Pradhan, A. K.; Sultana N. N.
Converged R-Matrix Calculations of the Photoionization of Fe xvii in Astrophysical Plasmas: from Convergence to Completeness 89 Zhao, L.; Eissner, W.; Nahar, S. N.; Pradhan, A. K.
The IRON Project: Photoionization of Fe Ions 93 Sultana N. N.
Progress on a Double Ablation Front Scheme for Iron Spectral Opacity Measurements in Solar Conditions 104 Colaïtis, A.; Ducret, J.-E.; Turck-Chièze, S.; Pennec, M. L.; Jacquet, L.; Blancard, C.
Update on the Iron Opacity Experiments on the NIF 115 Perry, T. S.; Heeter, R. F.; Opachich, Y. P.; King, J. A.; Dodd, E. S.; DeVolder, B. G.; Sherrill, M. E.; Wilson, B. G.; Iglesias, C. A.; Kline, J. L.; Flippo, K. A.; Cardenas, T.; Emig, J. A.; Archuleta, T. N.; Huffman, E. J.; Ahmed, M. F.; Schneider, M. B.; Liedahl, D. A.; Urbatsch, T. J.; Bailey, J. E.; Rochau, G. A.
Computation and Measurement of Molecular Opacities   
An Overview of Molecular Opacities 125 Bernath, P.
Molecular Line Lists and Absorption Cross Sections Based on Laboratory Measurements 132 Bernath, P.
The ExoMol Project: Molecular Opacity Calculations at University College London 137 Tennyson, J.
The Los Alamos National Laboratory Molecular Opacity Project and the Photodissociation Isotopic Effects of H2+ and D2+ 145 Zammit, M. C.; Savage, J. S.; Colgan, J.; Fursa, D. V.; Bray, I.; Leiding, J.; Nisoli, C.; Fontes, C. J.; Kilcrease, D. P.; Hakel, P.; Timmermans, E.
Accurate and Consistent Prediction of Molecular IR Line Lists Based on Ab Initio Theory and High-Resolution Experimental Data 155 Huang, X.; Schwenke, D. W.; Lee, T. J.
Stellar Atomic Diffusion   
On the Importance of Atomic Data and Opacities in Evaluating the Effects of Atomic Diffusion in Stars 169 Alecian, G.
Opacity Enhancement Due to Diffusion-Induced Element Accumulation inside B-Type Stars 176 Hui-Bon-Hoa, A.; Vauclair, S.; Deal, M.
Hydrodynamical Instabilities Induced by Atomic Diffusion in F and A Stars 181 Deal, M.; Richard, O.; Vauclair, S.
Stellar Models   
The Role of Opacities in Stellar Pulsation 189 Kanbur, S. M.; Marconi, M.; Bhardwaj, A.; Kundu, R.; Singh, H. P.
Testing Opacities Using the SED Variability of Chemically Peculiar Stars 195 Krtička, J.; Huang, L.; Lüftinger, T.; Mikulášek, Z. M.; Niemczura, E.; Prvák, M.; Silvester, J.; Wade, G.; Zverko, J.
METUJE Global Hot Star Wind Models 201 Kubát, J.; Krtička J.
Rayleigh Scattering as an Opacity Source in Stellar Atmospheres 207 Fišák, J.; Kubát, J.; Krtička, J.
The Bedisk and Beray Circumstellar Disk Codes 213 Sigut, T. A. A.
Brown Dwarfs, Exoplanets, and Protoplanetary Disks   
Opacities from Molecules and Aerosols in Exoplanet and Brown Dwarf Atmospheres 221 Morley, C. V.
The Role of Opacities in Calculating the Structure and Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks 231 Calvet, N.
ATMOS: Towards Resolving Ambiguities in the Spectroscopic Detection of Life 241 Sousa-Silva, C.; Petkowski, J. J.; Seager, S.
Monte Carlo Simulations of Biophysical Factors for Viability of Life in Exoplanetary Atmospheres 249 Westphal, M. S.; Pradhan, A. K.
Astrophysical Processes and Atomic Data   
The Belgian Repository of Fundamental Atomic Data and Stellar Spectra: Atomic Line Data Validation 255 Lobel, A.; Royer, P.; Martayan, C.; Laverick, M.; Merle, T.; van Hoof, P. A. M.; Van der Swaelmen, M.; David, M.; Hensberge, H.; Thienpont, E.
The Belgian Repository of Fundamental Atomic Data and Stellar Spectra: An Insight into Systematic Line Selection 263 Laverick, M.; Lobel, A.; Royer, P.; Martayan, C.; Merle, T.; van Hoof, P. A. M.; Van der Swaelmen, M.; David, M.; Hensberge, H.; Thienpont, E.
Dielectronic Recombination Calculations for Si-like Ions and the S2+ Orion Nebula Abundance Conundrum 269 Kaur, J.; Gorczyca, T.W.
X-Ray Absorption by Interstellar Atomic Gases near the K Edges of C, O, Ne, Mg, and Si and the L Edge of Fe 275 Hasoglu, M. F.; Gorczyca, T. W.
The Problem of the High Iron Abundance in Accretion Disks around Black Holes 282 García, J. A.; Kallman, T. R.; Bautista, M.; Mendoza, C.; Deprince, J.; Palmeri, P.; Quinet, P.
Plasma-Environment Effects on the Atomic Structure and K Lines of He- and Li-like Oxygen Ions 289 Deprince, J.; Palmeri, P.; Quinet, P.; Fritzsche, S.; Bautista, M.; Mendoza, C.; Kallman, T. R.; García, J. A.
On the Light-Curve Anomalies of Radio Pulsars 295 Hakobyan, H. L.; Philippov, A. A.; Beskin, V. S.; Galishnikova, A. K.; Novoselov, E. M.; Rashkovetskyi, M. M.
Current State of Astrophysical Opacities: A White Paper 301 Lynas-Gray, A. E.; Basu, S.; Bautista, M. A.; Colgan, J.; Mendoza, C.; Tennyson, J.; Trampedach, R.; Turck-Chièze, S.
A Modelers' Opacity Wish List 319 Trampedach, R.
Back Matter 323