Title: Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Volume: 499 Year: 2015 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Iono, D.| Tatematsu, K.| Wootten, A.| Testi, L.

Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan
8–11 December 2014

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has been producing a growing number of impressive and scientifically compelling results as the most powerful millimeter and submillimeter wavelength interferometer in the world. Held in central Tokyo, the aim of this four-day conference was to highlight the most recent science results from ALMA obtained during the first three years of science operations, and to motivate future collaboration among researchers around the world. The science topics included all fields of astronomy, from cosmology and galaxies in the distant universe, to nearby galaxies and the Galactic Center, the ISM and star formation in our own galaxy, astrochemistry, stellar evolution, circumstellar disks, exoplanets, the solar system, and the Sun. Results reported by the approximately 300 astronomers who attended may be found within this volume.
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Book Cover
Front Matter   
Front Matter 1 Iono, D.; Tatematsu, K.; Wootten, A.; Testi, L.
Conference Photos 2 Iono, D.; Tatematsu, K.; Wootten, A.; Testi, L.
Part I. Cosmology and the High Redshift Universe   
The ISM at High Redshifts: ALMA Results and a Look to the Future 3 Blain, A. W.
On the Triggering Mechanisms of Bright Submillimeter Galaxies 13 Chen, C.-C.; ALESS and ALMA-S2CLS consortia
ALMA Reveals a Compact Starburst Around a Hidden QSO at z∼5 17 Gilli, R.; Norman, C. A.; Vignali, C.
Resolving the Extragalactic Background Light with Multi-field Deep ALMA Data 21 Fujimoto, S.; Ouchi, M.; Ono, Y.; Shibuya, T.; Ishigaki, M.; Momose, R.
Protocluster Survey at z = 2.23: from Herschel to ALMA 25 Kato, Y.; Matsuda, Y.; Smail, I.; Swinbank, M.; Alexander, D.; Geach, J.; Lehmer, B.; Tamura, Y.; Umehata, H.; Kohno, K.; Kubo, M.; Yamada, T.; Hayashino, T.; Erb, D.; Steidel, C.
Dusty, Intensively Star Forming Hα Emitters (HAEs) in Protocluster 4C23.56 27 Lee, M.; Suzuki, K.; Kohno, K.; Tamura, Y.; Iono, D.; Hatsukade, B.; Nakanishi, K.; Tanaka, I.; Kodama, T.; Tadaki, K.; Ikarashi, S.; Ueda, J.; Umehata, H.; Saito, T.; Kawabe, R.
Dusty Starbursts within a z=3 Large Scale Structure 29 Umehata, H.; Kohno, K.; Iono, Y. T. D.; Nakanishi, K.; Hatsukade, B.; Ikarashi, S.; Izumi, T.; Matsuda, Y.; Ivison, R.; Yun, M.; Wilson, G.; Hughes, D.
Overdensities of SMGs Around WISE-Selected, Ultra Luminous, High Redshift Galaxies 31 Jones, S. F.; Blain, A. W.
ALMA Detected Overdensity Around z∼2 Dusty Quasars 33 Silva, A.; Sajina, A.; Lonsdale, C.; Lacy, M.
Cosmological Galaxy Formation Model with New Dust SED Model 35 Makiya, R.; Totani, T.; Nagashima, M.; Kobayashi, M. A. R.; Takeuchi, T. T.
ALMA as a Probe of Cold Dark Matter Subhalos 37 Asadi, S.; Zackrisson, E.; Freeland, E.
Modelling the Sub-mm Emission of Galaxies Over Cosmic Time 39 Popping, G.; Pérez-Beaupuits, J. P.
HATLAS J142935.3-002836, a lensed major merger at z=1.027 41 Messias, H.; Dye, S.; Nagar, N.; Orellana, G.; H-ATLAS team
Properties of Molecular Gas in Star-Forming Galaxies at z∼1.4 with ALMA 43 Seko, A.; Ohta, K.; Hatsukade, B.; Yabe, K.
Gamma-ray Bursts from Dusty Regions with Little Molecular Gas 47 Hatsukade, B.; Ohta, K.; Endo, A.; Nakanishi, K.; Tamura, Y.; Hashimoto, T.; Kohno, K.
ALMA and PKS 1830–211: the Molecular Absorption and the Background Blazar 51 Muller, S.; PKS1830 Team
CH+(1-0) Line Detection in a High-z Hyper-Luminous Galaxy SDP17b: the First Probe of a Massive Turbulent Region 55 Falgarone, E.; Zwaan, M.; Godard, B.; Bussmann, S.; Bergin, E.; Omont, A.; Bournaud, F.; Elbaz, D.; Andreani, P.
Constraints on the CO Luminosity Function at z∼1 Using ALMA Archival Data 61 Yamaguchi, Y.; Kohno, K.; Tamura, Y.; Matsuda, Y.
Expected Evolution of Gas Fractions and Metallicity Against Observations 63 Bouché, N.; Blandin, S.
Nobeyama Molecular Gas Observations of Distant Bright Galaxies 65 Kurahashi, T.; Iono, D.; Hatsukade, B.; Matsuda, Y.; Ueda, J.; Saito, T.; Kato, Y.; Michiyama, T.; High-z Legacy Team
Constraining the First Dust Enrichment by Supernovae in Lyα Emitters 67 Hirashita, H.; Ferrara, A.; Dayal, P.; Ouchi, M.
Resolved ALMA Detections of [CII] Emission in Galaxies at z = 4.8 71 Williams, R.; De Breuck, C.; Maiolino, R.; Wagg, J.
[CII] Emission from Low Redshift Analogs of Epoch of Reionization Galaxies 75 Chary, R.; Shim, H.
The ALMA Patchy Deep Survey: A Blind Search for [CII] Emitters at z∼ 4.5 77 Matsuda, Y.; APDS team
Detectability and Statistical Properties of the [CII] Emitter in Cosmological Hydrodynamic Simulations 79 Hayatsu, N.; Yoshida, N.; Matsuda, Y.; Shimizu, I.
Stacking of Interferometric Data: New Tools for Stacking of ALMA Data 81 Knudsen, K. K.; Lindroos, L.; Vlemmings, W.; Conway, J.; Martí-Vidal, I.
Part II. Galaxies and Galactic Nuclei   
Galaxies and Galaxy Nuclei: From Hot Cores to Cold Outflows 85 Aalto, S.
An ALMA Spectral Scan of the Obscured Luminous Infrared Galaxy NGC 4418 95 Costagliola, F.; Sakamoto, K.; Aalto, S.; Muller, S.; Martín, S.
Distribution of Molecules in the Circumnuclear Disk and Surrounding Starburst Ring in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 1068 Observed with ALMA 99 Takano, S.; Nakajima, T.; Kohno, K.; Harada, N.; Herbst, E.; Tamura, Y.; Izumi, T.; Taniguchi, A.; Tosaki, T.
The Molecular Gas Outflow of NGC 1068 Imaged by ALMA 103 García-Burillo, S.
Spatial Distribution of CO Isotopologue Abundance Ratios in the Center of NGC 1068 107 Taniguchi, A.; Kohno, K.; Tamura, Y.; Izumi, T.; Takano, S.; Nakajima, T.; Tosaki, T.
High-Resolution Imaging in 3-mm and 0.8-mm Bands and Abundances of Shock/Dust Related Molecules Toward the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 1068 Observed with ALMA 109 Nakajima, T.; Takano, S.; Kohno, K.; Harada, N.; Herbst, E.; Tamura, Y.; Izumi, T.; Taniguchi, A.; Tosaki, T.
Chemical Classification of Nearby Active Galaxies 111 Aladro, R.; Martín, S.; Kramer, C.
Submillimeter ALMA Observations of the Dense Gas in the Type-1 Active Nucleus of NGC 1097 and NGC 7469 for a Robust Energy Diagnostic 113 Izumi, T.
Ionized Gas Observation Toward a Nearby Starburst Galaxy NGC 253 117 Nakanishi, K.; Sorai, K.; Nakai, N.; Kuno, N.; Matsubayashi, K.; Sugai, H.; Takano, S.; Kohno, K.; Nakajima, T.
How Do You Drive Molecular Outflows? Gas Chemistry as a Probe of AGN Feedback with ALMA 121 Davis, T. A.
Radio Jets Clearing the Way Through a Galaxy: Watching Feedback in Action in the Seyfert Galaxy IC 5063 125 Morganti, R.; Oosterloo, T. A.; Oonk, J. B. R.; Frieswijk, W.; Tadhunter, C. N.
The Jet of the BL Lac Object PKS 0521-365 in the mm-Band: ALMA Observations 129 Liuzzo, E.; Nagai, H.; Giovannini, G.; Mignano, A.
Extragalactic Sub-millimeter H2O Maser - Detection of a 321 GHz Water Maser in Circinus Galaxy 131 Hagiwara, Y.; Horiuchi, S.; Doi, A.; Miyoshi, M.
Diffuse and Dense Gas in Nearby Luminous Merging Galaxies 133 Saito, T.; Iono, D.; Ueda, J.; Yun, M. S.; Nakanishi, K.; Imanishi, M.; Hagiwara, Y.; Kaneko, H.; Komugi, S.; Espada, D.; Motohara, K.; Sugai, H.; Yamashita, T.; Tateuchi, K.; Lee, M.; Michiyama, T.; Kawabe, R.
Extreme Star-Formation Laws and Feedback in the LIRG NGC 1614 137 Usero, A.; García-Burillo, S.
CO(3-2)/CO(1-0) Ratio of Molecular Gas Outflow in NGC 3256 139 Michiyama, T.; Iono, D.; Ueda, J.; Saito, T.
Around the Ring We Go: The Cold, Dense Ring of Molecular Gas in NGC 1614 141 Sliwa, K.; Wilson, C. D.; Iono, D.; Peck, A. B.; Matsushita, S.
Investigating the Properties of Molecular Gas in Merger Remnants 143 Ueda, J.; Merger Remnant CO Study Team
The Detection of Giant Molecular Associations at a Colliding Region by an Interaction of Galaxies 147 Kaneko, H.; Kuno, N.; Saito, T. R.
Molecular Gas Properties in M83 from PDFs 149 Egusa, F.; Hirota, A.; Baba, J.; Muraoka, K.
Spectral Line Survey Toward Spiral Arm of M51 151 Watanabe, Y.; Sakai, N.; Sorai, K.; Nishimura, Y.; Yamamoto, S.
HCN(1-0) Maser Emission by IR Pumping from Unresolved AGN Disk/Torus Toward the Seyfert 2 Nucleus of M51? 153 Matsushita, S.; V-Trung, D.; Boone, F.; Krips, M.; Lim, J.; Muller, S.
Feeding and Feedback in the Starbust Galaxy NGC 1808 Revealed with ALMA and ASTE 155 Salak, D.; Nakai, N.; Miyamoto, Y.
CO Emissions from Optically Selected Galaxies at z∼0.1–0.2: Tight Anti-Correlation Between Molecular Gas Fraction and 4000 Angstrom Break Strength 157 Morokuma-Matsui, K.; Baba, J.; Sorai, K.; Kuno, N.
The Velocity Vectors of Gas in Spiral Galaxies and Influence of the Dynamics on Giant Molecular Associations 159 Miyamoto, Y.; Nakai, N.; Kuno, N.; Seta, M.; Salak, D.; Kaneko, H.; Nagai, M.; Ishii, S.
A Measurement of the Black-Hole Mass in NGC 1097 using ALMA 161 Onishi, K.; Iguchi, S.; Sheth, K.; Kohno4, K.
Circumnuclear Molecular Gas Reservoirs in Mrk 590, a Seyfert Galaxy in Transition 163 Koay, J. Y.; Vestergaard, M.; Casasola, V.; Peterson, B. M.
Spectral Line Survey Toward Quiescent Giant Molecular Clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud 165 Nishimura, Y.; Shimonishi, T.; Watanabe, Y.; Sakai, N.; Aikawa, Y.; Kawamura, A.; Yamamoto, S.
ALMA and VLA Measurements of Frequency-Dependent Time Lags in Sagittarius A*: Evidence for a Relativistic Outflow 167 Brinkerink, C. D.
Deep Mapping Observations of the Galactic Circumnuclear Disk with Two Single-dish Telescopes 171 Takekawa, S.; Oka, T.; Tanaka, K.
Millimeter-wave Spectral Line Surveys Toward the Galactic Circumnuclear Disk and Sgr A* 173 Takekawa, S.; Oka, T.; Tanaka, K.; Matsumura, S.; Miura, K.; Sakai, D.
Spectral Line Survey and Mapping Observations toward the HVCC CO–0.40–0.22 175 Oka, T.; Mizuno, R.; Miura, K.; Takekawa, S.; Tanaka, K.
Part III. ISM, Star Formation, and Astrochemistry   
EMoCA: Exploring Molecular Complexity with ALMA 181 Belloche, A.; Garrod, R. T.; Müller, H. S. P.; Menten, K. M.
The Fundamental Structure of UV-Irradiated Cloud Edges: Combined ALMA and IRAM-30m Observations of the Orion Bar 185 Goicoechea, J.; Cuadrado, S.; Pety, J.; Ag'undez, M.; Cernicharo, J.; Chapillon, E.; Dumas, G.; Fuente, A.; Gerin, M.; Joblin, C.; Marcelino, N.; Müller, H.S.P.; Pilleri, P.
Thermal Starless Ammonia Core Surrounded by CCS in the Orion A Cloud 189 Tatematsu, K.; Hirota, T.; Ohashi, S.; Choi, M.; Lee, J.E.; Yamamoto, S.; Umemoto, T.; Kandori, R.; Kang, M.; Mizuno, N.
The Chemical Variation in the Orion A Cloud Cores 191 Ohashi, S.; Tatematsu, K.; Choi, M.; Kang, M.; Umemoto, T.; Lee, J.-E.; Hirota, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Mizuno, N.
Extensive Surveys of Dense Cores in Taurus in High Density Molecular Tracers 193 Tokuda, K.; Osaki, S.; Maezawa, H.; Onishi, T.; Saigo, K.; Kawamura, A.; Fukui, Y.; Tachihara, K.
Taming the Dragon: Automatic Line Fitting of ALMA data 195 Schilke, P.; Möller, T.; Comito, C.; Sánchez-Monge, Á.; Schmiedeke, A.; Zernickel, A.
Magnetic Fields in Star-Forming Regions in the pre-ALMA Era: The SMA View 197 Girart, J.; Zhang, Q.; Frau, P.; Qiu, K.; Liu, H.-B.; Tang, Y.-W.; Koch, P.
Protostellar Disk Formation Traced by Chemistry 199 Sakai, N.
The HH212 Protostar as Observed by ALMA: the Jet, the Cavity, and the Forming Disk 205 Codella, C.; Cabrit, S.; Gueth, F.; Bachiller, R.; Gusdorf, A.; Lefloch, B.; Leurini, S.; Nisini, B.; Podio, L.; Santangelo, G.; Tafalla, M.; Yvart, W.
The Jet and the Disk of the HH 212 Protostar Imaged by ALMA 209 Podio, L.; Codella, C.; Gueth, F.; Cabrit, S.; Bachiller, R.; Gusdorf, A.; Lee, C.; Lefloch, B.; Leurini, S.; Nisini, B.; Tafalla, M.
ALMA Observations of a High-density Core in Taurus: Dynamical Gas Interaction at the Possible Site of a Multiple Star Formation 211 Onishi, T.; Tokuda, K.; Saigo, K.; Kawamura, A.; Fukui, Y.; Matsumoto, T.; Inutsuka, S.-i.; Machida, M.; Tomida, K.; Tachihara, K.
The Soul of Lupus with ALMA (SOLA) Project Overview 215 Saito, M.; de Gregorio, I.; Team SOLA
ALMA Observations of a Young Disc in Corona Australis 217 Lindberg, J. E.; Jørgensen, J. K.; Brinch, C.; Haugbolle, T.; Bergin, E. A.; Harsono, D.; Persson, M. V.; Visser, R.; Yamamoto, S.
Testing the Generation of Jets in Young Stars with ALMA 219 Bacciotti, F.; Podio, L.; Codella, C.; Coffey, D.
Submillimeter-Wave Observations toward the Low-Mass Protostar IRAS 15398–3359 at Subarcsecond Resolution 221 Oya, Y.; Sakai, N.; Watanabe, Y.; Yamamoto, S.; Sakai, T.; Hirota, T.; Lindberg, J. E.; Bisschop, S. E.; Jørgensen, J. K.; van Dishoeck, E. F.
Constraining the Abundances of Complex Organics in the Inner Regions of Solar-Type Protostars 223 López-Sepulcre, A.; Taquet, V.; Ceccarelli, C.; Neri, R.; Kahane, C.; Charnley, S. B.
Detection of a Hot Molecular Disk Around a Massive Protostar Candidate Orion KL Source I 225 Hirota, T.; Kim, M.; Kurono, Y.; Honma, M.
ALMA Observations of the Massive Molecular Outflow G331.512-0.103: Physical Properties, Kinematics and Geometry Modelling 229 Hervías, C.; Bronfman, L.; Merello, M.; Ake-Nyman, L.; Lo, N.; Garay, G.
A Quest for Rotating Disks in High-Mass Star Forming Regions 233 Sánchez-Monge, Á; Beltrán, M.; Cesaroni, R.
Mapping the Innermost Regions of Massive Stars in Formation through Millimeter Recombination Lines 235 Galván-Madrid, R.; Liu, H. B.; Hernández-Gómez, A.; Carrasco-González, C.
The Emergent Low-Mass Cluster B59: How to Beat Magnetic Fields 237 Alves, F.; Franco, G.; Girart, J. M.; Frau, P.; Wiesemeyer, H.
Cluster Formation Triggered by Filament Collisions in Serpens South 239 Nakamura, F.; Tanaka, T.; Awazu, Y.; Shimajiri, Y.; Sugitani, K.; Kawabe, R.; Nishitani, H.; Dobashi, K.; Shimoikura, T.; Yonekura, Y.; Mizuno, I.; Kimura, K.; Tokuda, K.; Kozu, M.; Okada, N.; Hasegawa, Y.; Ogawa, H.; Kameno, S.; Shinnaga, H.; Momose, M.; Nakajima, T.; Onishi, T.; Maezawa, H.; Hirota, T.; Takano, S.; Iono, D.; Kuno, N.; Yamamoto, S.
ALMA's High-Resolution View of the Protostellar Cluster Serpens South: Outflow Activity and Continuum Sources 241 Plunkett, A. L.; Gallardo, J.; Arce, H. G.; Corder, S. A.; Dunham, M. M.; Fernández-López, M.; Mardones, D.
Studying the Outflow-Core Interaction with ALMA Cycle 1 Observations of the HH46/47 Molecular Outflow 243 Zhang, Y.; Arce, H. G.; Mardones, D.; Dunham, M. M.; Garay, G.; Noriega-Crespo, A.; Corder, S.; Offner, S.
A Massive, Prestellar Clump Hosting no High-Mass Cores 245 Sanhueza, P.; Jackson, J. M.; Zhang, Q.; Foster, J.; Guzmán, A.
High Mass Star Formation in the Vicinity of a Young Massive Protocluster IRAS 04073+5102 (SH 209) 247 Chibueze, J. O.; Pillai, T.; Kauffmann, J.; Baobab, H.-L.
Cloud-Cloud Collision in the Galactic Center 50 km s-1 Molecular Cloud 249 Tsuboi, M.; Miyazaki, A.; Uehara, K.
Candidate Filament Collision in the SMC; Energy Distribution within the SFR N66/NGC346 251 Muller; E.; Kempen; T.; Mizuno; N.; Kawamura; A.; Minamidani; T.
ALMA Reveals Internal Structure of Molecular Clouds in the LMC 253 Sawada, T.; Hasegawa, T.; Koda, J.
Dense Molecular Clumps Associated with the LMC Supergiant Shell LMC 4 & LMC 5 255 Fujii, K.; Minamidani, T.; Mizuno, N.; Onishi, T.; Kawamura, A.; Muller, E.; Dawson, J.; Fukui, Y.
Revealing the Large-Scale Structures of Interstellar Gas Associated with the Magellanic SNR N132D 257 Sano, H.; Fukui, Y.; Yoshiike, S.; Fukuda, T.; Tachihara, K.; Inutsuka, S.; Kawamura, A.; Fujii, K.; Mizuno, N.; Inoue, T.; Onishi, T.; Acero, F.; Vink, J.
Part IV. Circumstellar Disks, Exoplanets, and the Solar System   
Planet Formation in the GG Tau A System? 261 Dutrey, A.
ALMA View of the Inner Debris Structure in the Fomalhaut Planetary System 265 Su, K. Y. L.; Lai, S.-P.; Wang, K.-S.; Lee, C.-F.; Wilner, D. J.; Rieke, G. H.; Wang, J. H.
Highlighting the Dynamical Interaction Between Planets and Planetesimal Belts with ALMA 269 Ricci, L.; Carpenter, J.; Fu, B.; Hughes, M.; Corder, S.; Isella, A.
Spiral Arms in the Disk of HD 142527 273 Christiaens, V.; Casassus, S.; Pérez, S.; van der Plas, G.; Ménard, F.
Gas and Dust Structures of the Protoplanetary Disk around HD 142527 277 Momose, M.; Muto, T.; Hanawa, T.; Fukagawa, M.; Tsukagoshi, T.; Saigo, K.; Kataoka, A.; Nomura, H.; Takeuchi, T.; Akiyama, E.; Ohashi, N.; Fujiwara, H.; Shibai, H.; Kitamura, Y.; Inutsuka, S.; Kobayashi, H.; Honda, M.; Aso, Y.; Takahashi, S. Z.
Expected Polarization at Sub-mm Wavelengths from Lopsided Protoplanetary Disks 279 Kataoka, A.; Muto, T.; Momose, M.; Tsukagoshi, T.; Fukagawa, M.; Shibai, H.; Hanawa, T.; Murakawa, K.
Quantifying the Gas Inside Dust Cavities in Transitional Disks: Implications for Young Planets 281 van Dishoeck, E. F.; van der Marel, N.; Bruderer, S.; Pinilla, P.
Keplerian and Infall Motions Around the Late-Phase Protostar TMC-1A 285 Aso, Y.; Ohashi, N.; Saigo, K.; Takakuwa, S.; Yen, H.-W.; Koyamatsu, S.; Aikawa, Y.; Machida, M. N.; Saito, M.; Tomida, K.; Tomida, K.
Spiral Arms and Mass Accretion in the Circumbinary Disk around the Protostellar Binary System L1551 NE Revealed with ALMA 287 Takakuwa, S.; Saito, M.; Saigo, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Lim, J.; Hanawa, T.; Ho, P. T. P
Chemical Reactions in Protoplanetary Disks and Possibility of Detecting H2O Snowline Using Spectroscopic Observations with ALMA 289 Notsu, S.; Nomura, H.; Ishimoto, D.; Walsh, C.; Honda, M.; Millar, T. J.
The Radial Distribution of the Surface Density of a Protoplanetary Disk Around HD 163296: Evidence for the Viscous Evolution of the Disk 291 Akiyama, E.; Chapillion, E.; Espada, D.; Takahashi, S.; Kitamura, Y.; de Gregorio-Monsalvo, I.; Klaassen, P.; Rawlings, M.; Mathews, G.; Hales, A.; Saito, M.
Optical and NIR Polarimetry of a Core L328 with Proto-Brown Dwarf 293 Soam; A.; Kwon, J.; Maheswar, G.; Tamura, M.; Lee, C. W.
Exploring the Solar System with ALMA 295 Moullet, A.
Titan's Complex Atmospheric Chemistry Revealed by ALMA 303 Cordiner, M. A.; Nixon, C. A.; Palmer, M. Y.; Charnley, S. B.; Serigano, J.; Mumma, M. J.; Milam, S. N.; Teanby, N. A.; Irwin, P. G. J.; Kisiel, Z.; Remijan, A. J.; Kuan, Y.-J.; Chuang, Y.-L.; Lis, D. C.
Organic Molecules in Comet C/2012 F6 (Lemmon) 305 Chuang, Y.-L.; Kuan, Y.-J.; Cordiner, M. A.; Charnley, S. B.
Measuring the Distribution and Excitation of Cometary Volatiles Using ALMA 307 Charnley, S. B.; Cordiner, M. A.; Remijan, A. J.; Boissier, J.; Milam, S. N.; Mumma, M. J.; Villanueva, G.; Paganini, L.; Bockelée-Morvan, D.; Biver, N.; Kuan, Y.-J.; Chuang, Y.-L.; Lis, D. C.; Crovisier, J.; Coulson, I.; Minniti, D.
Part V. Stellar Evolution and the Sun   
First ALMA Observations of Evolved Stars 311 Bujarrabal, V.
An ALMA View of the Complex Circumstellar Environment of the Post-AGB Object HD 101584 319 Olofsson, H.; Vlemmings, W.; Maercker, M.; Humphreys, E.; Lindqvist, M.; Nyman, L.; Ramstedt, S.
ALMA Observations of Supernova 1987A 323 Matsuura, M.; Indebetouw, R.; Kamenetzky, J.; McCray, R.; Zanardo, G.; Barlow, M.J.; Dwek, E.
The Coldest Object in the Universe: Probing the Mass Distribution of the Ultra-Cold Outflow and Dusty Disk in the Boomerang Nebula 327 Sahai, R.; Vlemmings, W.; Nyman, L.
The Outflows of Binary AGB Stars 331 Ramstedt, S.; Vlemmings, W. H. T.; Mohamed, S.
ALMA Observations of Anisotropic Dust Mass Loss around VY CMa 335 O'Gorman, E.; Vlemmings, W.; Richards, A. M. S.; Baudry, A.; De Beck, E.; Decin, L.; Harper, G. M.; Humphreys, E. M.; Kervella, P.; Khouri, T.; Muller, S.
ALMA Reveals VY CMa's Sub-mm H2O Maser and Dust Distribution 337 Richards, A.M.S.; Impellizzeri, C.M.V.; Humphreys, E.M.; Vlahakis, C.; Vlemmings, W.; Baudry, A.
Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows with ALMA 339 Urata, Y.; Huang, K.; Takahashi, S.
Solar Simulations for the Atacama Large Millimeter Observatory Network 341 Wedemeyer, S.; Bastian, T.; Brajša, R.; Barta, M.; Shimojo, M.
ALMA's High-Cadence Imaging Capabilities for Solar Observations 343 Wedemeyer, S.; Parmer, A.
Solar ALMA Observations – A New View of Our Host Star 345 Wedemeyer, S.; Bastian, T.; Brajša, R.; Barta, M.; Shimojo, M.; Hales, A.; Yagoubov, P.; Hudson, H.
Fast Single-Dish Scans of the Sun Using ALMA 347 Phillips, N.; Hills, R.; Bastian, T.; Hudson, H.; Marson, R.; Wedemeyer, S.
Probing the Sun with ALMA: Observations and Simulations 349 Loukitcheva, M.; Solanki, S. K.; White, S. M.; Carlsson, M.
Solar ALMA: Observation-Based Simulations of the mm and sub-mm Emissions from Active Regions 351 Fleishman, G.; Loukitcheva, M.; Nita, G.
Part VI. Frontiers of ALMA Capabilities   
ALMA Pipeline: Current Status 355 Shinnaga, H.; Humphreys, L.; Indebetouw, R.; Villard, E.; Kern, J.; Davis, L.; Miura, R. E.; Nakazato, T.; Sugimoto, K.; Kosugi, G.; Akiyama, E.; Muders, D.; Wyrowski, F.; Williams, S.; Lightfoot, J.; Kent, B.; Momjian, E.; Hunter, T.; ALMA Pipeline Team
ALMA Polarization Science Verification: 3C 286 357 Nagai, H.; Nakanishi, K.; Paladino, R.; Moellenbrock, G.; Fomalont, E.; Amigano, A.; Vlahakis, C.; Remijan, A.; ALMA Polarization Team
ALMA Polarization: Current Status and Extension of Capability 359 Nakanishi, K.; Nagai, H.; Fomalont, E.; Cortes, P.; Remijan, A.; Vlahakis, C.; Corder, S.; Moellenbrock, G.; Tang, Y.-W.; Hills, R.; ALMA science team
ALMA High Frequency Techniques 361 Meyer, J. D.; Mason, B.; Impellizzeri, V.; Kameno, S.; Fomalont, E.; Chibueze, J.; Takahashi, S.; Remijan, A.; Wilson, C.; ALMA Science Team
Radio Astronomy Tools in Python: Spectral-cube, pvextractor, and more 363 Ginsburg, A.; Robitaille, T.; Beaumont, C.; Rosolowsky, E.; Leroy, A.; Brogan, C.; Hunter, T.; Teuben, P.; Brisbin, D.
Back Matter   
Back Matter 365 Iono, D.; Tatematsu, K.; Wootten, A.; Testi, L.