Title: Ensuring STEM Literacy: A National Conference on STEM Education and Public Outreach
Volume: 483 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Manning, J. G.; Hemenway, M. K.; Jensen, J. B.; Gibbs, M. G.

San Jose, California, USA
July 20–24, 2013

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), in partnership with local host San Jose State University and a number of co-sponsors, hosted a national education and public outreach (EPO) symposium in conjunction with its every-third-year "Cosmos in the Classroom" symposium for college introductory astronomy instructors. This combined conference was the 125th annual meeting of the ASP, founded in 1889, and which today continues to advance science literacy through astronomy.

The conference provided a forum for those engaged in various aspects of astronomy, earth and space science EPO, college astronomy instruction, and other forms of formal and informal science education and communication, as well as science and education research, to gather and share experience, expertise, and perspectives on "Ensuring STEM Literacy," which formed the organizing theme for the conference. The conference included, among its participants, scientists, NASA and NSF funded EPO professionals, K-12 teachers, college and university educators, informal science educators from a variety of venues, communicators, and other professionals.

The ASP regularly publishes both scholarly and educational materials, conducts professional development programs for formal and informal educators, and holds conferences, symposia, and workshops for astronomers and educators specializing in education and public outreach. The ASP's education programs are funded by corporations, private foundations, the National Science Foundation, NASA, private donors, and its members. More information about the Society, its products and services, and how to become a member of the Society and support its work may be obtained at its web site:
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Book Cover
Front Matter 1 Manning, J. G.; Hemenway, M. K.; Jensen, J. B.; Gibbs, M. G.
Conference Photos 2 Manning, J. G.; Hemenway, M. K.; Jensen, J. B.; Gibbs, M. G.
Part I. Plenary Sessions   
A Planet for Goldilocks 3 Batalha, N.
How Do We Save Astronomy in STEM Education? 5 Manning, J.; Fienberg, R.
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Free Learning for All, or the End of Higher Education as We Know It? 7 Hufnagel, B.; Adair, D.; Greenstein, G.; Sliva-Spitzer, J.
Science and Science Education Go Hand-in-Hand: The Impact of the NASA Science Mission Directorate Education and Public Outreach Program 9 Smith, D. A.; Peticolas, L.; Schwerin, T.; Shipp, S.; Manning, J. G.
Science for All Citizens: Many Ways to Make a Difference 29 Gurton, S.; Baldridge, A.; Walker, C.; Whyte, L.
Science Literacy's Neglected Twin: Numeracy 31 Follette, K.; McCarthy, D.
Implications of the Next Generation Science Standards for K–12, EPO, and Higher Education 45 Schultz, G.; Barber, J.; Pomeroy, R.; Reagan, G.
Learning and the Net Generation 47 Duncan, D. K.; Rudolph, A. L.; Bruning, D.
Assessing Meaningful Impact: Moving Beyond the Numbers 53 Buxner, S.; Bass, K.; Castori, P.; Wenger, M.
Part II.Workshops and Special Sessions   
Teaching Your First Astro 101 Course: What They Don't Tell You 57 Bruning, D.
Rubric Sorting Astronomy Essays 65 Len, P. M.
Hands-on-Science: Using Education Research to Construct Learner-Centered Classes 71 Ludwig, R. R.; Chimonidou, A.; Kopp, S.
Writing and Assessing Student Learning Objectives: Tips, Techniques, and What Our Community Needs 83 Fraknoi, A.; Hufnagel, B.; Craig, M.
What We Need: The 2012 NASA EPO Forum Survey on Two-Year College STEM Teaching 89 Low, R.; CoBabe-Ammann, E.; Schultz, G.
Introducing Recent NASA Discoveries into the Astro 101 Classroom with Modular Slide Sets 101 Meinke, B.; Schultz, G.; Bianchi, L.; Blair, W. P.; Len, P. M.
Writing Effective Online Homework Questions for Astro 101 107 Urban, A.
Teaching Astronomy Really Dynamically Involving Sci-Fi, or the Other TARDISTeaching Astronomy Really Dynamically Involving Sci-Fi, or the Other TARDIS 115 Larsen, K.
SkyGlowNet: Multi-Disciplinary Independent Student Research in Environmental Light at Night Monitoring 123 Craine, B. L.; Craine, E. R.; Culver, R. B.; DeBenedetti, J. C.; Flurchick, K. M.
Native Skywatchers and the Makoc̣e Wic̣aŋḣpi Wowapi—D(L)akota Star Map—Building Community Around Native Star Knowledge 133 Lee, A. S.; Rock, J.
Scientists not Sponges: STEM Interest and Inquiry in Early Childhood 149 Jipson, J. L.; Callanan, M. A.; Schultz, G.; Hurst, A.
Reflecting and Strategizing about Measuring EPO Impact 157 Bartolone, L.; Nichols-Yehling, M.; Peticolas, L.; Schultz, G.; Smith, D.; Schwerin, T.; Shipp, S.
Defining and Measuring Impact for Ourselves 163 Davis, H.; Scalice, D.
Edible Earth and Space Science Activities 173 Lubowich, D.; Shupla, C.
NASA's Role in Addressing Misconceptions: Scale of Our Solar System and Other Planetary Systems 187 Lebofsky, L. A.; McCarthy, D. W.; Higgins, M. L.; Lebofsky, N. R.
Noshing on Numbers: Using and Interpreting Data in Activities 195 Shupla, C. B.
Reading Strategy Guides to Assist Middle School Educators of Students with Dyslexia 197 Nichols-Yehling, M.; Strohl, C.
Gearing Up for the Next 125 Years: Where Should Astronomy EPO and the ASP be Heading? 205 Manning, J.
Part III. Oral Contributions   
Teaching to the Misconception: Critical Thinking and Pre-Service Elementary Teachers 211 Larsen, K.
Introductory Astronomy Student-Centered Active Learning at the George Washington University 217 Cobb, B. E.
Student-Created Content in WorldWide Telescope 223 Roberts, M. J.
North Carolina Statewide Star Party: 45 Sites Offer Skywatching and Citizen Science the Same Night 227 Sayle, A. E.; Sorrell, M. J.; Frederick, J.; Young, D. L.
Evaluation of a Virtual Citizen Science Facility: A Comprehensive Mixed-Methods Approach 233 Bracey, G.
Citizen Science with CosmoQuest: Science and Strategies 237 Gugliucci, N.; Gay, P.; Bracey, G.; Antonenko, I.; Robbins, S.; Schmidt, B. E.; Scully, J. E. C.; Lehan, C.; Moore, J.
What and How Are We Evaluating? Meta-Evaluation of Climate Education Projects Funded by NASA 241 Martin, A. M.; Chambers, L. H.; Pippin, M. R.
Here, There, and Everywhere: A Case Study of Science through Analogy, Near and Far 249 Watzke, M.; Arcand, K.
Encouraging a Culture of Outreach in Astronomy Clubs 253 Manning, J.; Berendsen, M.; Schultz, G.; Gurton, S.; Santascoy, J.; White, V.; Frank, K.; Jones, E.; Yocco, V.; John, M. S.; Castori, P.
Journey Through the Universe: Tenth Anniversary in 2014! 257 Harvey, J.
Innovation in NASA's Astrophysics Education and Public Outreach 267 Hasan, H.; Smith, D.
The Hubble Education and Public Outreach Program: Two Decades of Discovery 273 Smith, D.; Eisenhamer, B.; Jirdeh, H.; Knisely, L.; McCallister, D.; Ryer, H.
Summative Evaluation Findings from the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) Education and Public Outreach Program 279 Bartolone, L.; Nichols-Yehling, M.; Davis, H. B.; Davey, B.
Part IV. Poster Contributions   
Student Engagement and Success in the Large Astronomy 101 Classroom 287 Jensen, J. B.
On Adopting Educational Materials: A Cautionary Tale 291 Stewart, S.; Brown, D.; Dotger, S.
Visualizing Moon Phases with WorldWide Telescope 297 Udomprasert, P.; Goodman, A.; Sunbury, S.; Zhang, Z. H.; Sadler, P.; Dussault, M.; Block, S.; Lotridge, E.; Jackson, J.; Constantin, A.
Magnetic Mystery Planets 303 Fillingim, M.; Brain, D.; Peticolas, L.; Yan, D.; Fricke, K.; Thrall, L.
“Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey-Stuff:” Teaching with a Time Lord 309 Larsen, K.
Assessment of Communicating Science 2013: A Workshop for Graduate Students 313 Kohler, S.; Morey, S.; Sanders, N.; ComSciCon 2013 Organizing Committee
Imaging the Moon II: Webcam CCD Observations and Analysis (a Two-Week Lab for Non-Majors) 319 Sato, T.
Gaia Live in School 325 Walton, N. A.; Barnes, R.; Soubiran, C.; Vogt, S.
Albion College Celebrates 130 Years with an Alvan Clark Telescope 331 Smeltekop, N. G.; Zellner, N. E. B.
The Astronomical Roots of Sapling Learning: Building a Comprehensive Online Homework System for Astro 101 339 Urban, A.
The General Education Astronomy Source (GEAS) Project: Extending the Reach of Astronomy Education 343 Vogt, N. P.; Muise, A. S.
An Attempt to Improve Student Engagement with Class Content via a Student-produced Wiki 349 Cobb, B. E.
Debunking the End of the World: It's not Just for 2012 Anymore 353 Larsen, K.
Earth Camp: Exploring Earth Change through the Use of Satellite Images and Scientific Practices 357 Baldridge, A.; Buxner, S.; Crown, D. A.; Colodner, D.; Orchard, A.; King, B.; Schwartz, K.; Prescott, A.; Prietto, J.; Titcomb, A.
The Impact of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Education and Public Outreach Programs 361 Buxner, S.; Canipe, M.; Wenger, M.; Hsu, B.; Jones, A.; Hessen, K.
The Hubble Education and Public Outreach Program: Best Practices and Lessons Learned 365 Eisenhamer, B.; Jirdeh, H.; Knisely, L.; McCallister, D.; Ryer, H.; Smith, D.
The Results of an Era of Teacher Professional Development at McDonald Observatory 369 Finkelstein, K. D.; Hemenway, M. K.; Preston, S.; Wetzel, M.; Meyer, J.; Rood, M.
Mission and Research Scientists in NASA EPO and STEM Education: The Results of 15 Years of EPO 375 Lebofsky, L. A.; McCarthy, D. W.; Higgins, M. L.; Mueller, B.; Lebofsky, N. R.
Evaluation of Music And Astronomy Under The Stars: Bringing Science To New Audiences At Music Events 379 Lubowich, D.; Torff, B.
The Impact of and Lessons Learned from NITARP, the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program 385 Rebull, L. M.; NITARP Team
Impacts of Chandra X-ray Observatory Education and Public Outreach 391 Lestition, K.; Arcand, K.; Watzke, M.
Development of the Astronomy-Themed Interdisciplinary Curriculum At Taipei First Girls' High School 395 Yang, S.-C.; Jin, R.; Lai, S.-P.; Kong, A.; Chang, H.-K.; Wu, P.-H.
NASA Astrophysics Educator Ambassador Program 401 McLin, K. M.; Cominsky, L. R.
Integrating Planetarium and Classroom Instruction to Engage Children in the Practices of Science 407 Plummer, J. D.; Small, K. J.
STEMdex: CliffsNotes for Education and Public Outreach 411 Bartolone, L.; Nichols-Yehling, M.; Brinkworth, C.; Hurt, R. L.; Llamas, J.; Squires, G. K.; Wenger, M.; Martin, A.
Training Young Astronomers in EPO: An Update on the AAS Astronomy Ambassadors Program 415 Fraknoi, A.; Fienberg, R. T.; Gurton, S.; Schmitt, A. H.; Schatz, D.; Prather, E. E.
Bringing Astronomy Directly to New Audiences (50,000 People) at Outdoor Concerts and Music Festivals 423 Lubowich, D.
NASA Science4Girls: Engaging Girls in STEM at Their Local Library 429 Meinke, B.; Smith, D.; Bleacher, L.; Hauck, K.; Soeffing, C.; NASA SMD EPO Community
Heliophysics Concept Maps for Education and Public Outreach 433 Nichols-Yehling, M.; Ali, N. A.; Paglierani, R.; Mendez, B. J.
Citizen Science Motivations as Discovered with CosmoQuest 437 Gugliucci, N.; Gay, P.; Bracey, G.
EarthSpace: Resources for Undergraduate Teaching 441 Buxner, S.; Dalton, H.; Shipp, S.; Frappier, R.; CoBabe-Ammann, E. A.
Beyond the International Year of Astronomy: The Universe Discovery Guides 443 Lawton, B.; Berendsen, M.; Gurton, S.; Smith, D.; NASA SMD Astrophysics EPO Community
Panel Discussion   
Inspiration is "Mission Critical" 449 McCarthy, D. W.; DeVore, E.; Lebofsky, L.
Back Matter   
Author Index 459 Manning, J. G.; Hemenway, M. K.; Jensen, J. B.; Gibbs, M. G.
Back Matter 462