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Paper: Introducing Recent NASA Discoveries into the Astro 101 Classroom with Modular Slide Sets
Volume: 483, Ensuring STEM Literacy: A National Conference on STEM Education and Public Outreach
Page: 101
Authors: Meinke, B.; Schultz, G.; Bianchi, L.; Blair, W. P.; Len, P. M.
Abstract: This paper summarizes the special interest group discussion about slides sets for use by Astronomy 101 instructors. The NASA Science Mission Directorate Astrophysics Education and Public Outreach Forum is coordinating the development of a pilot series of slide sets to help Astronomy 101 instructors incorporate new discoveries in their classrooms. The “Astro 101 slide sets” are presentations of 5–7 slides on a new development or discovery from a NASA Astrophysics mission relevant to topics in introductory astronomy courses. We intend for these slide sets to help Astronomy 101 instructors include new developments (discoveries not yet in their textbooks) into the broader context of the course. With their modular design and non-technical language, the slide sets may also serve audiences beyond Astronomy 101 instruction and are adaptable to different needs. An example on exoplanets was highlighted in this session. In this paper, we outline the community feedback, which falls into the broad categories of content, format, uses, relevant topics, and future adaptations.
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