Title: Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM2012)
Volume: 474 Year: 2013 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Nikolai V. Pogorelov, Edouard Audit, and Gary P. Zank
7th Annual International Conference

Big Island, Hawaii, U.S.A.
25–29 June 2012

This Volume contains the Proceedings of ASTRONUM-2012 — the seventh in a series of international conferences organized by the Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Maison de la Simulation at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). The subjects of the conference include such topics as turbulence and cosmic ray transport, astrophysical and space plasma flows, kinetic and hybrid simulations, numerical methods, algorithms, and frameworks, and data handling and visualization. All of these topics are of great importance for scientists investigating solar structure, the heliosphere, the Sun-Earth connection, and various other astrophysical phenomena.

The problems discussed at the conference are characterized by different temporal and spatial scales, regions, or particle populations, for which different sets of defining equations or concepts are necessary to understand the physical systems in their entirety. This book will be of interest to specialists in applied mathematics, astrophysics, space physics, and computer science working on the application of novel numerical algorithms to contemporary problems arising in these fields. It will also be useful to graduate students who want to get acquainted with the fundamental approaches to solving fluid dynamics and kinetic equations governing space plasma flows.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Book Cover
Front Matter 1 Pogorelov, N. V.; Audit, E.; Zank, G. P.
Part I. Turbulence and Cosmic Ray Transport   
The Physics of Kinetic-Alfvén Turbulence 3 Boldyrev, S.; Perez, J. C.
On the Use of Velocity Anisotropy as a Measure of the Interstellar Magnetic Field: Confluence of Observations and Numerics 9 Burkhart, B.; Lazarian, A.; Leão, I.; de Medeiros, J. R.
Reconnection Diffusion, Star Formation, and Numerical Simulations 15 Lazarian, A.
Universality and Intermittency in Relativistic Turbulent Flows of a Hot Gas 25 Radice, D.; Rezzolla, L.
Part II. Astrophysical Flows   
Interpreting Observations of GRBs with Numerical Simulations 33 Aloy, M. A.; Cuesta-Martínez, C.; Mimica, P.; Obergaulinger, M.; Thöne, C. C.; Ugarte Postigo, A.; Fryer, C.; Page, K. L.; Gorosabel, J.; Perley, D. A.; Kouveliotou, C.; Janka, H. T.; Racusin, J. L.; Christmas burts collaboration
Three-dimensional Gas Dynamic Simulations of the Interaction Between the Stellar Wind and Non-magnetized Exoplanets 41 Bisikalo, D. V.; Kaygorodov, P. V.; Ionov, D. E.
Magnetorotational Explosions of Core-collapse Supernovae 47 Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G. S.; Moiseenko, S. G.; Ardeljan, N. V.
Three-dimensional Continuum Radiative Transfer Simulations of Dusty Systems 53 Camps, P.; Baes, M.; De Geyter, G.; Saftly, W.; De Looze, I.
MRI-Driven Turbulence: From Local to Global 59 Hawley, J. F.; Krolik, J. H.
3D Spectral Radiative Transfer with IRIS: Application to the Simulation of Laboratory Models of Accretion Shocks in Young Stellar Objects 66 Ibgui, L.; Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T.; Stehlé, C.; González, M.; Chièze, J. P.
Interaction of Shocks with Interstellar Clouds as a Pre-stage to Star Formation 72 Johansson, E. P. G.; Ziegler, U.
Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Barred Galaxies 78 Kim, W.-T.
Magnetized Binary Neutron Star Merger Simulations 84 Kiuchi, K.; Kyutoku, K.; Hotokezaka, K.; Sekiguchi, Y.; Shibata, M.
The Coupled Effects of Protostellar Outflows, Radiation Feedback, and Magnetic Fields on the Formation of Massive Stars 90 Klein, R. I.
Molecular Physical Dissipation in Flow Dynamics 98 Lanzafame, G.
Verification of Proto-Planet Runaway Migration in a Massive Disk 104 Li, S.; Li, H.
Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Protostellar Core Formation 110 Tomida, K.
Formation of Globules, Pillars, and Dense Condensations Around H II Regions 116 Tremblin, P.; Audit, E.
Kiloparsec-Scale Simulations of Magnetised Molecular Clouds in Disk Galaxies 122 Van Loo, S.; Butler, M. J.; Tan, J. C.; Falle, S. A. E. G.
Part III. Space Plasma Flows   
GPU Computing in Space Weather Modeling 131 Feng, X.; Zhong, D.; Xiang, C.; Zhang, Y.
Modeling of the Interstellar Pickup Protons, Alfvénic Turbulence, and Solar Wind in the Outer Heliosphere 140 Gamayunov, K.; Zhang, M.; Pogorelov, N.; Heerikhuisen, J.; Rassoul, H.
Simulations of the Dynamics of the Magnetic Rayleigh–Taylor Instability in Solar Prominences 147 Hillier, A.; Berger, T.; Shibata, K.; Isobe, H.
An Anisotropic-Alfvénic-turbulence-based Solar Wind Model with Proton Temperature Anisotropy 153 Li, B.; Habbal, S. R.
Current Sheet Statistics in Three-Dimensional Simulations of Coronal Heating 159 Lin, L.; Ng, C. S.; Bhattacharjee, A.
Modeling Solar Wind Flow with the Multi-Scale Fluid-Kinetic Simulation Suite 165 Pogorelov, N. V.; Borovikov, S. N.; Bedford, M. C.; Heerikhuisen, J.; Kim, T. K.; Kryukov, I. A.; Zank, G. P.
Modeling Source Surface Plasma and Magnetic Field Based on Expansion Factor fS and Angular Distance θb Between the Foot Points 172 Shen, F.; Feng, X.; Xiang, C.; Wu, S. T.
The North-South Asymmetry of the Heliospheric Current Sheet: Results of an MHD Simulation 179 Usmanov, A. V.; Goldstein, M. L.
Evidence of the Correspondence of EIT Waves and Coronal Mass Ejections Induced Waves Using a Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation 185 Wu, S. T.; Wu, C.-C.; Liou, K.
Part IV. Kinetic, Particle, and Hybrid Simulations   
Simulating the Heliosphere with Kinetic Hydrogen and Dynamic MHD Source Terms 195 Heerikhuisen, J.; Pogorelov, N.; Zank, G.
Handling Vacuum Regions in a Hybrid Plasma Solver 202 Holmström, M.
Different Choices of the Form Factor in Particle-in-Cell Simulations 208 Kilian, P.; Ganse, U.; Spanier, F.
Part V. Numerical Methods, Algorithms, and Frameworks   
Hybrid Parallelization of Adaptive MHD-Kinetic Module in Multi-Scale Fluid-Kinetic Simulation Suite 219 Borovikov, S. N.; Heerikhuisen, J.; Pogorelov, N. V.
Polarized Radiative Transfer Equation with Refraction in Curvilinear Coordinate Systems 226 Freimanis, J.
Reconstruction Method for M1 Equations of Radiative Transfer 233 Hanawa, T.; Kanno, Y.; Harada, T.
Hyperbolic Divergence Cleaning Method for Godunov Smoothed Particle Magnetohydrodynamics 239 Iwasaki, K.; Inutsuka, S.-I.
On Spurious Numerics in Solving Reactive Equations 245 Kotov, D. V.; Yee, H. C.; Wang, W.; Shu, C.-W.
Modeling Colliding Wind Binaries with RAMSES: Extension to Special Relativity 252 Lamberts, A.; Fromang, S.; Dubus, G.; Lesur, G.
An Upwind-Biased Constrained Transport Scheme for Magnetohydrodynamics 259 Lee, D.
Adaptive, Lagrangian, Meshless Magnetohydrodynamics with Phurbas 265 McNally, C. P.; Maron, J. L.; Mac Low, M.-M.
Adaptive Implicit Non-Equilibrium Radiation Diffusion 271 Philip, B.; Wang, Z.; Berrill, M.; Rodriguez, M.; Pernice, M.
A Two-moment Radiation Hydrodynamics Module in ATHENA Using a Godunov Method 277 Skinner, M. A.; Ostriker, E. C.
Part VI. Data Handling and Visualization   
Volume Rendering of AMR Simulations 287 Labadens, M.; Pomarède, D.; Chapon, D.; Teyssier, R.; Bournaud, F.; Renaud, F.; Grandjouan, N.
Recent Advances in VisIt: Parallel Crack-free Isosurface Extraction 293 Weber, G. H.; Childs, H.; Meredith, J. S.
Back Matter   
Author Index 299 Pogorelov, N. V.; Audit, E.; Zank, G. P.
Back Matter 301