Title: Progress in Solar/Stellar Physics with Helio- and Asteroseismology
Volume: 462 Year: 2012 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Hiromoto Shibahashi
Hakone, Japan
13–17 March 2011
These are the proceedings of the 61st Fujihara Seminar “Progress in Solar / Stellar Physics with Helio- and Asteroseismology.” The proceedings consist of 72 contributions, including the papers of those who registered but could not attend the meeting due to the enormous earthquake that occurred in Japan just before the conference.
In 1989, an international conference “Progress of Seismology of the Sun and Stars” was held as the “Oji Seminar” at Hakone in Japan. Since then, helioseismology has achieved many outstanding successes with great impact on various aspects of astrophysics. Asteroseismology, a seismological approach to stars in general, is now a new frontier of astrophysics and is expected to develop rapidly following the success of helioseismology and the nearly continuous monitoring of variable stars from space.
March 2011 was deemed a good time to organize another similar international conference on helio- and asteroseismology at Hakone as the 61st Fujihara Seminar. The prime purpose of this conference was to bring together active researchers in helio- and asteroseismology and related fields to share their latest results, to discuss future approaches, and to exchange ideas on the following important questions: How do helio- and asteroseismology help the investigation of physical processes in stars? What is the role of magnetic fields? How useful are helio- and asteroseismology at unraveling unsolved problems in solar and stellar physics? What new physics has been deduced from helio- and asteroseismology? What is expected in the future?
These proceedings present an overview of recent progress in the fields of of helio- and asteroseismology. This book is of interest not only for specialists working in the fields of helio- and asteroseismology but also for researchers in solar and stellar astrophysics in general.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter Shibahashi, H.
Conference Photo 1 Shibahashi, H.
I. Prologue   
An Early History of Research on Nonradial Oscillations of Stars in Tokyo: A Personal Recollection 3 Osaki, Y.
II. Physical Causes and Excitation Mechanisms of Oscillations in Various Types of Stars   
Excitation of Stellar Pulsations 7 Houdek, G.
A First Diagnostic Attempt from Stochastically Excited Oscillations in Hot Stars 19 Baudin, F.; Belkacem, K.
Theoretical Instability Domains of Massive Stars 27 Godart, M.; Dupret, M.-A.; Noels, A.; Montalbán, J.; Ventura, P.
Vibrational Instability of Metal Poor Stars due to Ɛ-Mechanism 32 Sonoi, T.; Shibahashi, H.
III. Abundance Determination and Seismic Investigation of Chemical Stratification in the Sun and Stars   
The New Solar Chemical Composition — from Z = 0.02 to Z = 0.013 41 Grevesse, N.; Asplund, M.; Sauval, A. J.; Scott, P.
The Pulsating Helium-rich Subluminous B Star LS IV-14°116 47 Jeffery, C. S.
Iron and Nickel Diffusion in Subdwarf B Stars 54 Hu, H.
Seismic Investigation of Chemical Stratification in Stars 60 Théado, S.
Asteroseismology of Exoplanet-host Stars: The Helium Problem and Other Associated Effects 74 Vauclair, S.
Stratification of Elements in Main-sequence CP Stars and Their Observational Effects 80 Alecian, G.
Multiplicity of Late-type B Stars with HgMn Peculiarity 87 Schöller, M.; Correia, S.; Hubrig, S.; Ageorges, N.
Multiplicity of Rapidly Oscillating Ap Stars 91 Schöller, M.; Correia, S.; Hubrig, S.; Kurtz, D. W.
Radiative Properties of Stellar Plasma 95 Turck-Chièze, S.; Loisel, G.; Gilles, D.; Ducret, J. E.; Piau, L.; Blenski, T.; Poirier, M.; Thais, F.; Bastiani, S.; Blancard, C.; Busquet, M.; Caillaud, T.; Cossé, P.; Delahaye, F.; Faussurier, G.; Gilleron, F.; Guzik, J. A.; Harris, J. W.; Kilcrease, D. P.; Magee, N. H.; Pain, J. C.; Porcherot, Q.; Reverdin, C.; Silvert, V.; Villette, B.; Zeippen, C.
IV. New Observational Findings and Other Enigmatic Phenomena   
On the Seismic Modelling of Rotating B-type Pulsators in the Traditional Approximation 103 Aerts, C.; Dupret, M.-A.
Hybrid Pulsators among A/F-type Stars 111 Handler, G.
New Insights into γ Doradus Pulsation from Kepler Data 118 Balona, L. A.
The First Evidence for Multiple Pulsation Axes: A New roAp Star in the Kepler Field, KIC 10195926 125 Kurtz, D. W.; Cunha, M. S.; Saio, H.; Bigot, L.; Balona, L. A.; Elkin, V. G.; Shibahashi, H.; Brandão, I. M.; Uytterhoeven, K.: Frandsen, S.; Frimann, S.; Hatzes, A.; Lueftinger, T.; Gruberbauer, M.; Kjeldsen, H.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Kawaler, S. D.
Fast Rotating Solar-like Stars Using Asteroseismic Datasets 133 García, R. A.; Ceillier, T.; Campante, T. L.; Davies, G. R.; Mathur, S.; Suárez, J. C.; Ballot, J.; Benomar, O.; Bonanno, A.; Brun, A. S.; Chaplin, W. J.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Deheuvels, S.; Elsworth, Y.; Handberg, R.; Hekker, S.; Jiménez, A.; Karoff, C.; Kjeldsen, H.; Mathis, S.; Mosser, B.; Pallé, P. L.; Pinsonneault, M.; Régulo, C.; Salabert, D.; Silva Aguirre, V.; Stello, D.; Thompson, M. J.; Verner, G.; the PE11 team of Kepler WG#1
Ensemble Asteroseismology of Red-giant Stars 139 Hekker, S.; Gilliland, R. L.; Basu, S.; Ridder, J. t.; Chaplin, W. J.; Elsworth, Y.
Detailed Study of the Internal Structure of a Red-giant Star Observed with Kepler 146 Di Mauro, M. P.; Ventura, R.; Cardini, D.; Catanzaro, G.; Barban, C.; Bedding, T. R.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; De Ridder, J.; Hekker, S.; Huber, D.; Kallinger, T.; Kinemuchi, K.; Kjeldsen, H.; Miglio, A.; Montalbán, J.; Mosser, B.; Mullally, F.; Stello, D.; Still, M.; Uytterhoeven, K.
ε Ophiuchi: Revisiting a Red Giant 156 Kallinger, T.; Matthews, J. M.; Guenther, D. B.; Gruberbauer, M.; Kuschnig, R.; Weiss, W. W.; the MOST Team
Period and Amplitude Changes in the GW Vir Variable Star PG 0122+200: Evidence for Resonant Coupling 160 Vauclair, G.; Fu, J.-N.; Solheim, J.-E.; Kim, S.-L.; Dolez, N.; Chevreton, M.; Li, C.; Wood, M.; Silver, I.; Bognár, Z.; Paparó, M.; Córsico, A. H.
Asteroseismology of Rich Pulsating White Dwarfs 164 Bischoff-Kim, A.; Metcalfe, T. S.
UV Time-series Spectroscopy of GD 358 171 Nitta, A.; Koester, D.; Chu, D.; Thompson, S. E.; Kepler, S. O.; Kleinman, S. J.; Winget, D. E.; Provencal, J. L.; Castanheira, B. G.
The Internal Rotation of the GW Vir Star PG 0112+200 through the Eyes of Asteroseismology 176 Córsico, A. H.; Althaus, L. G.; Kawaler, S. D.; Miller Bertolami, M. M.; García-Berro, E.
Seismic Analysis of Four Solar-like Stars Observed during More Than Eight Months by Kepler 180 Mathur, S.; Campante, T. L.; Handberg, R.; García, R. A.; Appourchaux, T.; Bedding, T. R.; Mosser, B.; Chaplin, W. J.; Ballot, J.; Benomar, O.; Bonanno, A.; Corsaro, E.; Gaulme, P.; Hekker, S.; Régulo, C.; Salabert, D.; Verner, G.; White, T. R.; Brandão, I. M.; Creevey, O. L.; Dogan, G.; Bazot, M.; Cunha, M. S.; Elsworth, Y.; Huber, D.; Hale, S. J.; Houdek, G.; Karoff, C.; Lundkvist, M.; Metcalfe, T. S.; Molenda-Zakowicz, J.; Monteiro, M. J. P. F. G.; Thompson, M. J.; Stello, D.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Gilliland, R. L.; Kawaler, S. D.; Kjeldsen, H.; Clarke, B. D.; Girouard, F. R.; Hall, J. R.; Quintana, E. V.; Sanderfer, D. T.; Seader, S. E.
Several Epochs of Nonlinear Light-curve Fits of G29-38 184 Montgomery, M. H.; Kleinman, S. J.
A Determination of High-degree Mode Parameters Based on MDI Observations 189 Korzennik, S. G.; Rabello-Soares, M. C.; Schou, J.; Larson, T. P.
V. Techniques in Asteroseismology: Echelle Diagrams   
Replicated Échelle Diagrams in Asteroseismology: A Tool for Studying Mixed Modes and Avoided Crossings 195 Bedding, T. R.
Nonradial Modes in Cool Stars 200 Stello, D.
VI. Observational Challenges   
First Results from the Asteroseismic Modeling Portal 213 Metcalfe, T. S.; Mathur, S.; Doğan, G.; Woitaszek, M.
Borderline between Asteroseismology and Stellar Activity 215 Paparó, M.; CoRoT RR Lyrae Working Group
Okayama Project: Solar-like Oscillations in Sub-giants and Giants 220 Ando, H.; Kambe, E.; Sato, B.
Mt. Suhora Survey: Searching for M dwarf Pulsators 224 Baran, A. S.; Krzesiński, J.; Kawaler, S. D.
First Results of the Konkoly Blazhko Survey II 228 Sódor, Á.; Jurcsik, J.; Molnár, L.; Szeidl, B.; Hurta, Zs.; Bakos, G. Á.; Hartman, J.; Béky, B.; Noyes, R. W.; Sasselov, D.; Mazeh, T.; Bartus, J.; Belucz, B.; Hajdu, G.; Kővári, Zs.; Kun, E.; Nagy, I.; Posztobányi, K.; Smitola, P.; Vida, K.
Pulsational Mode Identification Based on Chromatic Amplitude Behaviour: Recent Results for Rapidly Oscillating Subdwarf B Stars 232 Randall, S. K.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Silvotti, R.; Van Grootel, V.; Charpinet, S.; Dhillon, V. S.; Marsh, T. R.
Pulsating White Dwarfs in Globular Clusters 236 Kanaan, A.; Zabot, A.; Fraga, L.
Solar Global Oscillations of Low-Degree modes (GOLD): The Status of the Multi-channel Resonance Spectrometer GOLF-NG 240 Turck-Chièze, S.; Carton, P.-H.; Barrière, J.-C.; Pallé, P. L.; Robillot, J.-M.; Ballot, J.; Chenus, A.-C.; Daniel-Thomas, P.; Delbart, A.; García, R. A.; Granelli, R.; Lahonde-Hamdoun, C.; Loiseau, D.; Mathur, S.; Piret, Y.; Salabert, D.; Simoniello, R.; Davies, G. R.
VII. The Solar Dynamo and Solar Activity Viewed from Helioseismology   
Helioseismology, Dynamo, and Magnetic Helicity 247 Sakurai, T.
How Different Was the Last Solar Minimum? 261 Basu, S.; Chaplin, W. J.; Elsworth, Y.; Broomhall, A.; Jarvis, E.
The Solar Rotation and Its Evolution during Cycle 23 267 Korzennik, S. G.; Eff-Darwich, A.
Interaction of Helioseismic Waves with Sunspots: Observations and Numerical MHD Simulations 277 Zhao, J.; Parchevsky, K. V.; Kosovichev, A. G.
Helioseismic Detection of Emerging Magnetic Flux 283 Ilonidis, S.; Zhao, J.; Kosovichev, A. G.
VIII. Magnetic Fields and Stellar Activity across the Hertzsprung-Russel Diagram   
Magnetic Fields across the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram 295 Mathys, G.
First Magnetic Field Models for Recently Discovered Magnetic β Cephei and Slowly Pulsating B Stars 307 Hubrig, S.; Schöller, M.; Ilyin, I.; Briquet, M.; Morel, T.; De Cat, P.
Detecting the Magnetic Field in the Fast Rotating Pulsator ζ Ophiuchi 314 Hubrig, S.; Oskinova, L. M.; Schöller, M.
The roAp Star with the Strongest Magnetic Field: Characterizing HD 154708 318 Hubrig, S.; Kurtz, D. W.; Schöller, M.; Wolff, B.; Elkin, V. G.; Mathys, G.
White Dwarf Stars: Pulsations and Magnetism 322 Kepler, S. O.
Investigating Stellar Activity with CoRoT Observations 326 Mathur, S.; Salabert, D.; García, R. A.; Régulo, C.; Ballot, J.; Metcalfe, T. S.
IX. Solar and Stellar Hydrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics   
New Era in 3-D Modeling of Convection and Magnetic Dynamos in Stellar Envelopes and Cores 331 Toomre, J.; Augustson, K. C.; Brown, B. P.; Browning, M. K.; Brun, A. S.; Featherstone, N. A.; Miesch, M. S.
Helioseismic Data from Emerging Flux Simulations 345 Stein, R. F.; Lagerfjärd, A.; Nordlund, Å.; Georgobiani, D.
Helioseismic Measurements of the Torsional Oscillation 352 Schou, J.; Howe, R.; Larson, T. P.
Could Torsional Oscillations Excite Rossby Waves in the Photosphere over a Sunspot? A Toy Model… 358 Couvidat, S.
The Long-term Dynamics of the Solar Radiative Zone: New Results from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SoHO) and Young Solar Analogs 366 Turck-Chièze, S.; Couvidat, S.; Eff-Darwich, A.; Duez, V.; García, R. A.; Mathis, S.; Mathur, S.; Piau, L.; Salabert, D.
Investigating the Properties of Granulation in the Red Giants Observed by Kepler 375 Mathur, S.; Hekker, S.; Trampedach, R.; Ballot, J.; Kallinger, T.; Buzasi, D.; García. R. A.; Huber, D.; Jiménez, A.; Mosser, B.; Bedding, T. R.; Elsworth, Y.; Régulo, C.; Stello, D.; Chaplin, W. J.; De Ridder, J.; Hale, S. J.; Kinemuchi, K.; Kjeldsen, H.; Mullally, F.; Thompson, S. E.
Radiation Hydrodynamics Simulations of Turbulent Convection for Kepler Target Stars 378 Kitiashvili, I. N.; Guzik, J. A.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Mansour, N. N.; Saio, H.; Shibahashi, H.; Wray, A. A.
Self-organization of the Solar Turbulent Convection in Magnetic Field 382 Kitiashvili, I. N.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Mansour, N. N.; Wray, A. A.
X. Advances in Theory of Oscillations of Stars   
2D Computations of g-modes in Fast Rotating Stars 389 Ballot, J.; Lignières, F.; Prat, V.; Reese, D. R.; Rieutord, M.
A Comparison of Oscillation Frequencies of Rotating Stars Obtained by One and Two-dimensional Calculations 398 Saio, H.; Deupree, R. G.
Pulsations of an Evolved Self-consistently Distorted Star 402 Ouazzani, R.-M.; Dupret, M.-A.; Roxburgh, I. W.; Goupil, M.-J.
Weakly Non-linear Coupling between Low-frequency Modes in Rotating Stars 406 Lee, U.
An Approach to the Exact Classification of Adiabatic Eigenmodes of Stars 412 Takata, M.
XI. Implications for Astrophysics   
Heliophysics Gleaned from Seismology 429 Gough, D. O.
Physics of Stars Understood/Expected from Asteroseismology 455 Saio, H.
Ages of Exoplanet Host-stars from Asteroseismology: HD 17156, a Case Study 469 Lebreton, Y.
The Physics of Pulsating White Dwarf Stars 477 Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Charpinet, S.; Dufour, P.; Quirion, P.-O.; Randall, S. K.; Van Grootel, V.
CoRoT: A Few Highlights and Their Impacts on Understanding Internal Stellar Structure 492 Baglin, A.; Michel, E.; the CoRoT Team
Kepler Asteroseismology of Red-giant Stars 503 Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.
Future Prospects for Inference on Solar-type Stars 525 Chaplin, W. J.
Constraining the Axion Mass through the Asteroseismology of the ZZ Ceti Star G117-B15A 533 Córsico, A. H.; Althaus, L. G.; Romero, A. D.; Miller Bertolami, M. M.; García-Berro, E.; Isern, J.
Dark Matter and Its Effects on Helioseismology 537 Hamerly, R.; Kosovichev, A. G.
Author Index 543 Shibahashi, H.
Back Matter   
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