Title: Cosmology Across Cultures
Volume: 409 Year: 2009 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Rubiño-Martín, José Alberto; Belmonte, Juan Antonio; Prada, Francisco; Alberdi, Anxton
These are the proceedings of "Cosmology Across Cultures: An International Conference on the Impact of the Study of the Universe in Human Thinking" organized by the Spanish Institutes of Astrophysics of the Canaries and Andalucía under the patronage of the European Society for Astronomy in Culture (SEAC). The conference hosted in the multicultural historical city of Granada more than 80 participants from all the continents.

This conference joined specialists of cultural astronomy studies and modern cosmology in a single forum where ideas about the comprehension of the Universe across time, space, and cultures were interchanged, analyzed, revised, and challenged. An experiment, excellently represented by this book, it worked out in a most satisfactory ambience, permitting both modern cosmologists to receive an insight of how people in the past perceived the cosmos and cultural astronomers to understand the great advances of cosmology in the last few decades and consequently the exact and modest position occupied by humankind in an expanding universe dominated by dark matter and dark energy.

The volume is chronologically organized, beginning with modern cosmological studies, followed by historical documentation, and ending with information from archaeological remains. Each section of the book can be studied independently, although a general inspection of the complete volume is recommended to get a correct insight of the spirit of the conference.

This book is of interest to any scholar or student wishing to understand the evolution of the human comprehension of the universe.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 409 Cover Rubiño-Martín, José Alberto; Belmonte, Juan Antonio; Prada, Francisco; Alberdi, Anxton
Front Matter   
Volume 409 Front Matter 1 Rubiño-Martín, José Alberto; Belmonte, Juan Antonio; Prada, Francisco; Alberdi, Anxton
Conference Photo   
Volume 409 Conference Photograph 2 Rubiño-Martín, José Alberto; Belmonte, Juan Antonio; Prada, Francisco; Alberdi, Anxton
Part 1. Cosmology for an Evolving World   
Views from the Center of the Universe 3 Abrams, N.E.; Primack, J.R.
Many Worlds in One 14 Vilenkin, A.
Past, Present and Future of Cosmic Microwave Background Observations: Implications for Cosmology 19 Rubiño-Martín, J.A.
The Properties of Nearby Galaxy Structures 29 Biernacka, M.; Flin, P.; Juszczyk T.; Panko E.
N-body Simulations of Galaxy Formation: Elliptical Galaxies 34 González-García, A.C.
Supernovae and Dark Energy 42 Domínguez, I.; Bravo, E.; Piersanti, L.; Straniero O.; Tornambé, A.
Cosmologists in the Dark 47 Martínez, V.J.; Trimble V.
A Conceptual and Cultural History of Gravitational Lensing 57 Valls–Gabaud, D.
Sociology of Modern Cosmology 66 López-Corredoira, M.
Some New Reflections on Mr. Palomar 74 Bertolami, O.
Seeing the Universe: On the Cusp of Technology 82 Impey, C.
A Timeline of Astronomers and Cosmologists 87 Hockey, T.
Part 2. Drilling the Past   
The Cosmology of William Herschel 91 Hoskin, M.
Did I Say Cosmology? On Modern Cosmologies and Ancient World-views 100 Iwaniszewski, S.
Constructing Worlds: Cosmovisions as Integral Parts of Human Ecosystems 107 Rappenglück, M.A.
The Egyptian Civil Calendar: a Masterpiece to Organize the Cosmos 116 Belmonte, J.A.
Locating True North in Ancient China 128 Pankenier, D.W.
African Cosmology 138 Holbrook, J.C.
Heavenly Messengers: The Role of Birds in the Cosmographies and the Cosmovisions of Ancient Cultures 145 Rappenglück, M.A.
The Primeval Zodiac: Its Social, Religious, and Mythological Background 151 Verderame, L.
Arcturus and the Bears 157 Antonello, E.
The Antikythera Mechanism: An Archaeoastronomical Artefact in its Literary and Religious Context 160 Campion, N.
A New Test of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by Ancient Solar Eclipses 166 Henriksson, G.
The Astral Curved Disc of Chevroches (France) 172 Devevey, F.; Rousseau, A.
Finding the Sacred Direction: Medieval Books on the Qibla 177 Rius, M.
El libro del Relogio del Palacio de las Horas 183 Morales, J.D.
Astronomy of Maimonides and Its Arabic Sources 188 Belenkiy, A.
Bianchini’s Patron: “El Rei D. João V de Portugal” 203 da Silva, C.M.
Astronomical Orientations of Sacred Architecture during the Medieval Period in Slovenia 209 Caval, S.
The Hall of the Months of the Palace Schifanoia (Ferrara 1469-70) 220 Incerti, M.
Astronomies and Cosmologies in the Latin West 228 McCluskey, S.C.
The Milky Way through the Ages: An Iconographic Journey 237 Bertola, F.
How Galileo and Kepler Countered Aristotle’s Cosmological Errors 242 Gingerich, O.
Part 3. American Dreams   
Mesoamerican Cosmology: Recent Finds 253 Galindo Trejo, J.
Animating the Inanimate: Camay and Astronomical Huacas of Peru 261 Malville, J.M.
Lunar Standstill Markers at Preceramic Temples at the Buena Vista Site in Perú 267 Adkins, L.R.; Benfer, R.A. Jr.
Archaeoastronomy in the Muisca Territory 272 Morales, J.D.
A Comparison of Two Independent Models of the Solar System: Bode’s Law and the 260 Day Mesoamerican Calendar 277 Zito, R.R.
A Single Mention of a Fourth Cosmological System in Mesoamerica 283 Lebeuf, A.
Pueblo Folklore, Landscape Phenomenology and the Visual Poetics of Fajada Butte 289 Carey, C.
A Remarkable Comet and Other Astronomical Objects in the Brazilian Art Rock 297 de F. Mourã o, R.R.
Astronomical and Cosmological Aspects of Maya Architecture and Urbanism 303 Sprajc, I.
Part 4. Stones and Stars   
Orientation and Distribution of Various Dry Stone Monuments of the Sahara 317 Gauthier, Y.
Gran Canaria Re-visited 331 Gil, J.C.; Belmonte, J.A.
The Chiemgau Impact: An Extraordinary Case Study for the Question of Holocene Meteorite Impacts and their Cultural Implication 338 Rappenglück, B.; Ernstson, K.; Mayer, W.; Neumair,A.; Rappenglück, M.A.; Sudhaus, D.; Zeller, K.W.
Observations of Far-Southerly Moonrise from Hagar Qim, Ta’Hagrat, and Ggantija Temples from May 2005 to June 2007 344 Cox, J.
Interdisciplinary Approach to Megalithic Tombs in Northern Iberia 349 Gil-Merino, R.; Moreno M.A.; Gallo, Delibes de Castro, G.; González-García, A.C.
Statistical Analysis of Iberian Peninsula Megaliths Orientations 354 González-García, A.C.
The Sky and the Landscape of Rock Art in the Ceira and Alva Basins 359 Pimenta, F.; Ribeiro, N.; Smith, A.; Tirapicos, L.
The Moon in the Perception and Measurement of Social and Ritual Time. Comments on the Pre-historic Record 364 Oliveira, C.
The Megalithic Complex of the “Preta ´ru Mulacchio” on the Monte della Stella 370 Polcaro, V.F.; Ienna, D.
The “Madonna di Loreto” Bronze Age Sanctuary and its Stone Calendar 375 Tunzi, A.; Zupone, M.L.; Antonello, E.; Polcaro, V.F.; Ruggieri, F.
Beyond the Cosmological: Numerical Scenarios underneath Ancient Annular Architectural Structures 380 Ranieri, M
First Solar and Stellar Paintings in the Epipaleolithic and Neolithic Rock Art of the Iberian Peninsula (II): new Shelters and Ceramic Pieces decorated with Astral Paintings 387 Fernández Quintano, J.
Archaeoastronomical Information in the Study of Cremation Necropolis: Preliminary Study 391 Mejuto, J.; Cerdeño M.L.; Rodríguez, C.
Review of Topo-astronomical Methods for the Precise Orientation in Archaeological Sites 396 Rodríguez-Caderot, G.; Folgueira, M.; Mejuto, J.; Pascual, E.
Archaeo-astronomical and Visibility Analysis of the “Acropolis” on the Cesi Hill, Umbria 400 Magli, G.; Schiavottiello, N.
Astronomical Orientation in Ancient Dacian Sanctuaries of Piatra Carivii, Romania. Preliminary Results 408 Stanescu, F.
Prime Astroarchaeological Researches near Mountain Monastyri in the Western Altai 413 Marsadolov, L.; Dmitrieva, N.
Material Culture As Cosmological Marker 422 Dimitriades, G.
Solar Orientations of Bronze Age Shrines in Gournia, Crete 430 Henriksson, G.; Blomberg, M.
Were there Astronomical Rituals at the Minoan Peak Sanctuaries on Crete? 436 Blomberg, P.E.
At the Dawn of Greek Astronomy: The Temple of Zagora on Andros 442 Coucouzeli, A.; Avghouli, O.
Cosmological Interpretation of Ethnological Artifacts – A Study of the Igbo People of Nigeria 450 Chukwuezi, B.
Part 5. Methodologies   
Prehistoric Cosmology. A Methodological Framework for an Attempt to Reconstruct Bronze Age Cosmologic Ideas in the Carpathian Basin 457 Pásztor, E.
From Survey to Education: How Augmented Reality Can Contribute to the Study and Dissemination of Archaeo-astronomy 464 Schiavottiello, N.
The General Technique of the Research of Historical Sites in the Astronomical Coordinates 469 Polyakov, O.
Cosmic Symbolism in Cultures of the Epoch of Bronze 475 Emchenko, D.; Polyakova, O.
Human Cognition in the Light of Astronomical Categories 481 Matsyna, A.; Polyakova, O.
One Day Every 216 Years, Three Days Each Decan. Rebirth Cycle of Pythagoras, Phoenix, Hazon Gabriel, and Christian Dogma of Resurrection Can Be Explained by the Metonic Cycle 487 Rothwangl, S.
The Collaborations between the Italian Society for Archaeoastronomy and the Archaeological Superintendences 494 Antonello, E.
Back Matter   
Back Matter Volume 409 499 Rubiño-Martín, José Alberto; Belmonte, Juan Antonio; Prada, Francisco; Alberdi, Anxton