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Paper: The Chiemgau Impact: An Extraordinary Case Study for the Question of Holocene Meteorite Impacts and their Cultural Implication
Volume: 409, Cosmology Across Cultures
Page: 338
Authors: Rappenglück, B.; Ernstson, K.; Mayer, W.; Neumair,A.; Rappenglück, M.A.; Sudhaus, D.; Zeller, K.W.
Abstract: Did in the Holocene meteorite impacts of a size capable to affect human cultures happen at all and – if the answer is “yes” – which cultural implications did they have? Since a few years this question is fiercely and con- troversially discussed. The Chiemgau meteorite impact event may provide an important contribution to the discussion. This event stroke south-east Germany very probably in the 1st millennium BC and left a field of about 80 craters. In comparison to other Holocene impacts it provides extraordinary data by the extension of its crater field, the size of the biggest crater, the variety of secondary effects, the direct embedding of the impact layer in an archaeological stratigraphy, and the comparably good dating. The recently known data are introduced and discussed with regard to the question of cultural effects of Holocene impacts.
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